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Press:Microsoft Press Microsoft Press; 2nd edition (May 22, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-5-3
Author Name:Dan Holme,Orin Thomas
Edition:2nd Edition


Announcing an all-new MCSA/MCSE Training Kit designed to help maximize your performance on Exam 70-290, a core exam for the new Windows Server 2003 certification. 
This kit packs the tools and features that exam candidates want most—including in-depth, self-paced training based on final exam content; rigorous, objective-by-objective review; exam tips from expert, exam-certified authors; and a robust testing suite.
It also provides real-world scenarios, case study examples, and troubleshooting labs for skills and expertise that you can apply to the job.
Focusing on account and resource management in a Windows Server 2003 environment, this official study guide covers topics such as managing physical and logical devices; users, computers, and groups; access and permissions; the server environment; and disaster recovery services.
Ace your exam preparation and ramp up quickly on Windows Server 2003 by working at your own pace through the lessons, hands-on exercises, and practice tests.
The flexible, best-of-class test engine on CD features 300 practice questions and pre-assessment and post-assessment capabilities.
Choose timed or untimed testing mode, generate random tests, or focus on discrete objectives or chapters, and get detailed explanations for right and wrong answers—including pointers back to the book for further study.
You also get a 120-day evaluation version of Windows Server 2003 and a 15 percent exam discount voucher—making this kit an exceptional value and a great career investment.
A Note Regarding the CD or DVD Assess your skills with practice tests.
You can work through hundreds of questions using multiple testing modes to meet your specific learning needs.
You get detailed explanations for right and wrong answers—including a customized learning path that describes how and where to focus your studies.

About the Author

Dan Holme, MVP, has 17 years? experience as a consultant and trainer focused on Windows and Microsoft SharePoint technologies. 
He is author of MCTS Self-Paced Training Kit (Exam 70-667): Configuring Microsoft SharePoint 2010.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     The book was 2nd hand all the same there was no indication it has been drawn in or that the CD software was missing.This was the most disappointing purchase I have had from Amazon and a long way short of their normal standards.
  •     I felt that this book was written very well and I enjoyed reading it. This book touches on everything that Windows Server 2003 has to offer. However, I would strongly advise using this in conjuction with other study materials if you are planning on taking the 70-290 exam. The practice questions in this book (and on the CD) are very good for real life situations that you will encounter as an administrator, but they are nothing like what you will encounter on the actual exam. I would suggest reading this book cover to cover doing all of the practice labs & questions, and then doing as many free practice questions as you can find online from a reputable source.
  •     First: Thank you Amazon for the excellent service and quality shipping.This book is an excellent study guide in my opinion. I am the type of person who reads books like this two or three times then takes practice exams before taking the actual exam itself. I highly recommend this book to everyone looking to pass the 70-290 exam. Good luck!
  •     Perfect study guides for my certification exams. Would recommend to anyone who needed to get certification if it is still offered.
  •     Very well written story. Would recommend this to everyone. I've enjoyed this author for many years. You will have a great adventure with this story.
  •     The Windows Server 2003 Environment Training Kit is what I needed. It allowed me to set up a server on a spare drive and work thru all of the exercises in the book.
  •     very good status dor a used book. i am really surprise. original CD with no scratch. I am very happy for buying it
  •     It is nice to get a book and it is exactly what it say it is. A training kit. you have all that you need at your finger tip to learn.
  •     First of all I am not highly technical. I am a CRM Project Manager and I wanted to take and pass this exam to become and MCP and a MCBSM Profession for Microsoft Dynamics CRM. I do not do any of the outlined Windows Server tasks on a regular basis and had very little knowledge of them before I read this book.I also found the certification exam to be very challenging and confusing at times; even more than some of the other Microsoft Certifications Exams the I have taken. That being said I believe this book did a very good job preparing me for the exam.I found it to be bearable, which is actually pretty good considering my interest in the topics was limited. I spend roughly 30 hours reading the text and doing the examples from the book and another 15 hours taking the practice tests. In my opinion each of these three components are equally important.Overall I don't think I retained much of the content and I would not recommend reading this book if you don't plan to taking the certification exam or using the content on a daily basis. However, if you are planning on taking the exam this probably the best resource because of the content, examples, and practice test cd.
  •     No comment
  •     i bought this as a gift and the person i gave this to was very pleased with the item. happy with it
  •     I am very disappointed with this book. The book will lead you through a step by step example and tell you that you need to set something up first in order for the example to work, but it wont tell you how to set it up properly, instead, it assumes you already know. I suppose this is great, provided you already know how to do it, but then what is the point in buying the book?? This was a waste of $40. I will no longer buy books from MS Press for cert studying!!
  •     I took about 3 months reading and studying this book cover-to-cover. There is a lot of information in the book, but it is rather poorly organized, with multiple mistakes/typos, and missing information. This is a "Training Kit" yet the authors/editors seem to believe the reader should have prior knowledge of certain concepts or terms. I have been working with Windows servers since 1996, having taken the NT 4.0 certification classes, and I found there were many concepts and 'proprietary terms' that were not addressed. I spent a lot of extra time Googling these.Further frustrating were the multiple references to many, many external sources for the in-depth information needed to attain the level of proficiency required for the exam on certain topics.After finishing the instruction part of the book, I randomly opened to the self-testing part of the book. The very first question referenced a topic not covered in the text; I know because I did a thorough search of the included PDF of the text and the answer was not in the search results.Over-all, a typical Microsoft experience, lots of over-sell with little follow-through. Final grade: FAIL.
  •     But don't limit yourself to one book. I've been in the field for some years now and working with Server 2003/AD for about 2 yrs now. I combined my studies with the Sybex book and ExamCram series, all available at excellent prices here on Amazon (I usually get all my new tech books here because of lower costs). I'd highly recommend anyone wanting to pursue this MCSA certification to use all 3 books, it all balances out in the end and you get different perspectives on the same subject matter, some explained in a more layman way than technical. I used a combination of this one and MOAC 70-290 ([...])for my studies (as well as those listed above), actually had to read thru the book twice since it had so much to deal with. Can't stress enough to do the labs, do them all, do the reviews. I'm not fond of the testing materials MS uses on the CD but I used Transcender on a professors recommendation and it was as close to the real thing as you can get. Passed my test no problem, dedicate yourself to closing off the world you know for an hour or two in the evenings and maybe a few hours on the weekend until you get it all down pat, the investment you make in yourself doing this will be well worth seeing that "CONGRATULATIONS!" screen when you take your test.
  •     I have used these books to pass four exams so far. They get pretty detailed sometimes maybe to detailed if there is such a thing.

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