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Press: Humanoids (September 27, 2016)
Publication Date:2016-8-27
Author Name:Christophe Bec,Eric Henninot,Milan Jovanovic


The megalodon, the prehistoric ancestor of the great white shark was the most ferocious predator of the seas, an 80 foot killing machine extinct for millions of years… But when divers drilling in an underwater cave are attacked by this living fossil, oceanographer Kim Melville discovers that this creature may not only have survived, but thrived, and is reclaiming its place at the top of the food chain.

About the Author

Christophe Bec is a writer and artist. 
Born in France, he spent the first few months of his life in Morocco due to his parent’s work.
Attracted to comics from an early age, he began his career by producing fanzines, one of which earned a Best Fanzine nomination at Angoulême Comics Festival.
He joined the Comics School of Angoulême the next year.
Known for the art behind “Absolute Zero”, “Sanctum” and “Prometheus”, he is also the author of “Pandemonium”, “Shadows of Salamanca” and “Carthago”.
“Sanctum” earned him nominations for Best Comic Album at both the Cognac Detective Film Festival and the Jules Vernes Film Festival.
He also won the Uderzo Prize for his series “Lent”.


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Comment List (Total:3)

  •     I have only recently discovered the Humanoids line of books, mostly European imports that have been translated and reprinted for the English-language market. I bought Carthago blind, not really knowing anything much about it or its author. I must say that I really enjoyed it. The artwork is incredible and perhaps its only drawback is that this volume does not have the oversized pages commonly associated with European comics.The page dimensions have been shrunk a bit to the same height as the usual American comic (though the width is greater). As for the writing, one might accuse the story of being slightly meandering - the author is happy to throw in a lot of different elements, some of them not particularly related to the main storyline - and several of the characters remain vague and ill-defined. However the characters are only the vessels to tell a grand narrative and all the disparate elements that appear help to flesh out the bigger picture of a world that is suddenly transforming before our eyes as all the mysteries that lay buried in uncertainly and ignorance start to surface and come in to the light. Some may find it too contrived. I loved every page of it.
  •     THIS is the comic/movie/book I've always wanted.I have a huge soft spot for cryptozoology (Loch Ness Monster, Bigfoot etc). But the world of fiction in all mediums has rarely taken it seriously. It's generally low budget horror, aimed at children or when it has been taken seriously its been D-Grade poor quality. There are some standouts such as the film Exists by Eduardo Sánchez.But in the world of comics even the only one that comes to mind is Proof by Alex Grecian which is a fun premise and a great series, but a Bigfoot wearing a suit solving mysteries isn't exactly taking it seriously.Yes it might seem silly to actually believe in these creatures but they are so ripe for storytelling. It has always amazes me that there aren't any genuinely clever, well written, directed stories regarding this subject.Now I only bought this because it was about a giant shark. My favourite film is Jaws. But I had no clue it would tackle things I've wanted to read my whole life.Humanoids and pretty much any French graphic novel are at worst good. So this was a given. Then I read it. This is the most well paced out, suspenseful, mysterious, incredible BOOKS I've ever read, let alone comics. The way it handles fact, mythology and fiction and weaves it together to the point that many, MANY times while reading it I hopped online to see if the people/places/stories mentioned were true (or true to the extent that the claims were actually made but never proven) and most of the stories in this book are. So it is not only entertaining but thoroughly researched.I wont say any more without giving away spoilers.I can't even compare this book to a movie or comic that exists, it is that original. There's hints of Jaws, The Abyss, Alien. But it is all worth the price. I will buy anything by this creative team from here on out. And I cannot wait until Carthago Adventures comes out next year.
  •     Carthago begins with some familiar science fiction concepts and themes - a long-lost prehistoric monster, a powerful and corrupt corporation, an ambitious scientist, a billionaire hunter/hobbyist, the balance between man and nature - then takes them in largely interesting and unexpected directions. I was hooked from the beginning by the initial discovery of a long-lost Megalodon, but was expecting some of the characters to be typical sci-fi hero and villain cliches. I was, however, pleasantly surprised to find out that all of the main characters, their relationships, and their motivations are intrinsically complicated, and that what begins as a quest to find a prehistoric shark leads to discoveries of a much larger, much more earth-shaking scale. Cristophe Bec establishes and maintains a continuous web of mystery concerning the characters and their pasts throughout the narrative, and the ending of this first five-volume collection leaves the reader pining for more. The art, meanwhile, is beautifully done, with absolutely immersive and detailed panels of numerous environments, characters, and monsters, both above and below the sea. A recommendable read for anyone with even a passing interest in the science fiction or monster-on-the-loose genres.

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