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Press: Berkley Trade (November 6, 2007)
Author Name:Sharon Shinn; Rebecca York; Carol Berg


Four all-new stories of romance, fantasy, and natural enchantment. 
From wizards to weathermen, many know the powers of the four elements-natural forces that can direct the fates, change destiny, and unite lovers in the most unexpected ways.
Now, those magical elements-air, fire, water, and earth-come together in perfect balance, and a perfectly unique romance anthology, from four charmed authors.
In Air find romance in a breathless retelling of the Cinderella fable from award-winning Sharon Shinn, "an amazing writing talent"(Best Reviews).
In Fire blazes adventure in a parallel dimension of werewolves and love-slaves from USA Today bestselling Rebecca York, "a true master" (Rave Reviews).
In Water resides fantasy and a remarkable universe of magic, demons, and dangerous passion from "thoroughly original" (Starburst) award-winner Carol Berg.
And in Earth discover the ultimate in profound pleasure from Jean Johnson, "a fresh new voice in fantasy romance" (Robin D.

About the Author

Sharon Shinn is a journalist who works for a trade magazine. 
Her first novel, The Shapechanger's Wife, was selected by  Locus as the best first fantasy novel of 1995.
She has won the William C.
Crawford Award for Outstanding New Fantasy Writer, and was twice nominated for the John W.
Campbell Award for Best New Writer.
A graduate of Northwestern University, she has lived in the Midwest most of her life.
Ruth Glick has written more than seventy novels, most of them under the pseudonym Rebecca York.
She and her husband live in Columbia, Maryland.
Though Colorado is home, Carol Berg's roots are in Texas, in a family of teachers, musicians, and railroad men.
She has degrees in mathematics from Rice University and computer science from the University of Colorado, but managed to squeeze in minors in English and art history along the way.
She has combined a career as a software engineer with her writing, while also raising three sons.
She lives with her husband at the foot of the Colorado mountains.The best part about being a writer is the joy of entertaining others.
Whether it’s sad or scary, silly or sexy, I love knowing that one of my stories has given someone a good time.
I hope this is one of those stories for you, too.
Currently I live in the Pacific Northwest.
Feel free to drop by my website for a chat.



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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     Loved Carol Berg's work in this book!
  •     Four stars for Sharon Shinn's story, but I couldn't finish any of the others.
  •     I just finished reading this collection and here are my thoughts.1) Bargain With the Wind - Sharon Shinn: I picked up this book for the Shinn story, and it does not disappoint. The storytelling is a fine example of Shinn's relaxed but concise style, with secondary characters that shine as brightly as the main cast. The pacing is perfect and the plot kept me guessing until the end as to how it would all turn out. I could have asked for a happier ending, but I still think it was a great story.2) Birthright - Jean Johnson: An overall decent tale of love, family, and betrayal. I found the romance to be rushed. Instead of an unnecessary sex scene, I would have liked to have seen admiration between the two characters build. I definitely feel that the story could have benefited from portraying more about the other sister's personality and motivations, as well.3) Unmasking - Carol Berg: A nice little gem of a tale, though a bit lacking on the nature of the antagonist and how it was predicted that he would behave the way he did. I enjoyed the gradual shift in dynamic between the romantic leads and the personal growth of the heroine.4) Huntress Moon - Rebecca York: As several reviewers have already mentioned, this story does not belong here. Not only is it poorly written and insulting to both its "heroine" and its readers, it is also ridiculously gratuitous in sexual content. I am embarrassed that with 100 pages to work with, the best that York can come up with is this nasty little tale of abuse, betrayal, and Stockholm Syndrome. On its own, this would simply be an amateurish little story that leaves a bad taste in the mouth. Having it preceded by the other three contributions to this collection really spotlights how repulsive this story really is.
  •     Great storytelling and inventive worlds allowed me to travel to places I never imagined. Which is precious to me, laid up with spine problems and a kid that vexed me no end,...
  •     Sharon Shinn is one of my favorite authors so I was excited to see this in my local bookstore. Should have saved my money.
  •     I like Shinn and Berg and thought I'd like to read two new authors in this collection of 4 short story-novellas.
  •     The four stories in this anthology were somewhat all over the place for me.Sharon Shinn's story was not what I was expecting when I read "a retelling of the Cinderalla...
  •     I bought this book because I really enjoy Sharon Shinn's work and have been able to find great new authors through anthologies she's been in, but this book was a real let down. I really wish I'd read the reviews first because I'm definitely not going to keep it.I mostly agree with the two star reviews, though I give only one star. I liked two of the stories, any other product that's 50% trash would not get two stars."Bargain with the Wind" (Shinn) Pretty interesting, though not up to her usual quality of story telling. Worth reading, but not wonderful."Birthright" (Johnson) The premise had potential, but delivery was poor. The storytelling was on a little kid level, but the content was adult, but totally unsophisticated to the point of being inane. I actually got so disgusted with it I gave up halfway through. The plot was implausible Arasa:"Oh, I have to go on a quest. It is going to be a very long. It is going to be very dangerous.(for vague, unsatisfactory reasons) It must include a barefoot pilgrimage through a dangerous desert inhabited by unlikely sand demons. This will mystically reveal if I was 'supposed to' be born born before my twin, since we were delivered by surgery" Elrik: "I am a mage. I think you are very beautiful. I will help you on your quest. Guess what? It's not as long as you thought. Oooh, your barefoot pilgrimage may still be uncomfortable. If the rules allow it, maybe I can put magical protection on your feet"The "romance" was not very well developed or plausible, either."Unmasking" (Berg) Probably the best story in the collection. I'll be looking up more of her books."Huntress Moon" (Johnson) Basically a bodice ripper. The fantasy was peripheral. It had a few interesting ideas, but the plot was not believable and unless you derive some satisfaction from explicit descriptions of sex forced on a slave, the story was not very satisfying.
  •     This compilation of short stories written by Sharon Shinn, Carol Berg, Rebecca York and Jean Johnson are each based about one of the four elements: fire, earth, air, water.
  •     I came into this anthology mainly for the Shinn, but also out of curiosity about the Berg because I'm fans of both. I thought the other two might be bonuses. They were not.
  •     Sharon Shinn was good as always but you can tell when the authors change and the way they write. Sharon should have written the whole thing
  •     I was torn between giving this book 3 stars or 4 so I guess 3 1/2 is what it should be. Better than average but not as good as I had hoped it would be.I bought this book mostly for Sharon Shinn's story "Bargain with the Wind" since I have always enjoyed her books. While this was an entertaining story I didn't feel it was as good as her other books. The characters were not as engrossing and sympathetic. It is a romance but a great stretch to call it a Cinderella story. That is misleading. It's a story about truth and falsehood and how that can lead you down a wrong path.Of the other stories I enjoyed Carol Berg's "Unmasking" the best. It was an unusual sort of story about psychic power and using it to thwart a spy. It isn't strictly a love story. The main characters fall in like with each other not love but it does have an interesting resolution, learning about people in ways we might not otherwise expect and about ourselves.Jean Johnson's "Birthright" was nice enough, twin sisters trying to find which one was first born and thus inheritor of the throne and someone who was trying to prejudice the outcome. I thought it was a bit predictable but a nice story nontheless.I didn't care for Rebecca York's "Huntress Moon" at all. I found the sudden and all encompassing changes of heart a bit too much of a stretch. It made the story unbelieveable.Roseann
  •     The only author I've found in this genre so far that I really enjoy is Sharon Shinn. I've read all of her books. I thought by reading a short story book that she contributed to, I might find other authors in this genre that I might enjoy. I discovered a possibility or two, but the jury is still out.

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