Sew and Repair Your Outdoor Gear

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Press:Mountaineers Books Mountaineers Books (February 1989)
Publication Date:1989-2
Author Name:Sumner, Louise


For anyone looking to create and repair clothing and equipment. 
Illustrates tools and techniques.


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  •     Although I had never used a sewing machine and knew almost nothing about fabrics, this book got me started custom sewing for the out doors. It covers the basics of thread, needles, fabric types, seam construction, and zippers. Instructions for several basic projects are included.As I have sewn my way through a backpack, sleeping quilt, pants, coats, and a tent, I have constantly gone back to this book for advice on both design and technical details.
  •     I love this book. There is an education to be had in reading this book. Information only experienced experts in the textile industry can give you. This book is a desktop reference for anyone with interest in sewing or working with technical fabrics for extreme conditions and environments. This book is a must read if you want to work with technical fabrics for outdoor and extreme environments. Job very well done Ms Lindgren
  •     I just had this book out from the library and found that it is absolutely indespensible for sewing camping gear. It has saved me much of the learning curve for creating durable items. The tips presented in the book also enable you to go out and dream up new items and make them work. I just got back from camping in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness and am happy to report that all 3 items made with the help of the book passed the wilderness test.
  •     The edition I received was a good hardback edition from the Las Vegas Library system. While a little dated and the patterns are more suggestive than useful the overall tips and strategies are more than worth the purchase. The seam section is quite good; would have liked more customization ideas.
  •     Obviously, this is a little dated, but it is still quite good. The first piece of good advice that I took was to buy a "light industrial" sewing machine with really good basic stitches. I bought a 1950's era Pfaff from Germany that is often touted as good for sailmaking with heavy canvas. I was impressed with how beautifully straight the stitches were, compared to Singer and other more modern machines, and the great strength and simplicity of the mechanical design. I have altered some parkas to include pit zips and am ready to embark on more serious projects like tarps and tarp-tents and light packable vests and gaiters and lightweight windshirts for hiking the Appalachian Trail. For years I swore that I would never ever sew my own outdoor gear.
  •     Poor directions. The photos do not reflect the directions and neither reflect the pattern diagrams in the book.
  •     great book
  •     This book gives an excellent overview of the available material and techniques used to sew unusual fabrics for unusual projects, such as a backpack or tents. Repairs of outdoor gear are presented as well. Every chapter is devoted to a different theme and the book is simply but neatly written. She provides the reader with some projects and outlines the facts that not everybody needs the top of the line fabric to practise outdoor activities. So don't be afraid to try some of her projects, you won't be anxious to have spent a huge amount of money and be unsure of the results
  •     This is a good book that covers the topic well. About half of the book includes actual patterns and instructions on assemblying a variety of garments/equipment. Unfortunately, the black and white photos are rather dark, and it would have been better to have illustrations instead. Some of the projects are rather complex and there just aren't enough photos to provide enough detail in order to be useful. I'm able to pick up on some tips, but would never attempt most of the projects due to a lack of detail.Nonetheless, the front section of the book is filled with a lot of detail about sewing machines and construction method and materials, and is excellent.This book could be updated quite easily with either better photos or illustrations and would be perfect.
  •     This book did give me information about sewing that was helpful (i.e. the info on French-felled seams I had not seen elsewhere), but I found the author's approach limiting. For example she suggests that sewers purchase industrial sewing machines and sergers - not an option for me anyway. In general the approach is for sewing heavy-duty gear. If you want to sew to produce lightweight hiking gear, this is probably not the book for you.

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