Batgirl Vol. 3: Death Wish

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Press:Dc Comics DC Comics; First Printing edition (August 1, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-8-1
Author Name:Puckett, Kelley/ Dixon, Chuck/ Scott, Damion


Can Batgirl, Cassandra Cain, a seventeen year old trained from childhood to be a lethal assassin, ever cast off her tainted past and take the place of former Batgirl, Barbara Gordon? Batgirl continues her training with Batman, but his young protege is starting to feel that she's on a very short leash indeed. 
Dealing with blackmail, bank robberies and burglary is one thing, but for Batgirl to step into the major leagues...a major menace is required! Guest-starring Robin and Batman, Batgirl: Death Wish continues the evolution of Gotham's newest, most offbeat defender.


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  •     This is the third comic in the new Batgirl series that has Cassandra Cain as Batgirl (this is the second Batgirl, after the first - Barbara Gordon). Cassandra's father is one of the greatest assassins of all time and she was trained from birth to be the best killer.After much time of being a loner, Cassandra runs into Barbara Gordon and ends up joining the Bat "team". (This is not part of this particular comic but is what leads up to this episode).In this issue, Batgirl is faced up against the great killer, Lady Shiva who (in an earlier issue) gave back Batgirl's power to predict what her enemies next move is. In return for this favor, Shiva made Cassandra promise to duel to the death with her in exactly one year.This comic book contains the great battle and is only the third book of an excellent series.Happy Reading and I hope that you enjoy!
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  •     Cassandra Cain was an interesting character when she first showed up in Batman: No Man's Land. Her character had a ton of possibilities but as with most DC characters she was made too powerful. We witness that here as she finally has her showdown with Shiva. I do like the budding friendship with Spoiler as I think it works much better than with Barbara. The art is at times almost indecipherable. I understand that its stylized but during certain scenes its hard to tell what's going on. Overall this is an average book that could have been much better!
  •     Great bat Girl story. thank you for the fast service.
  •     Okay, so for starters, this is the 3rd TPB of the ongoing Batgirl series. It follows the 'A KNIGHT ALONE' and 'SILENT RUNNING' collections that previously determined where the new Batgirl came from and how she came in league with our dark hero, Batman.Well, for newcomers, the new Batgirl is Cassandra Cain. She is the "daughter" of a well-known Bat villain/assassin called David Cain, and she came into the spotlight during the 'No Man's Land' saga where Gotham City was reduced to rubble after a 7.6 temblor.Anyway, the "Death Wish" collection tells the story of Batgirl's rematch with Lady Shiva (since after losing her killer prowess to some psychic guy, Cassandra went to Shiva to help bring it back, in exchange for a future duel to the death as befits warriors). Though this is a standalone tale, you can get the full impact of the story when you read its predecessors mentioned above.There are so many high points in this book that once you start reading, you just can't put it down. Three favorite parts of mine include Batgirl's meet with the current Robin (Tim Drake) and how an "air of jealousy" is making the boy wonder and Cass lose their focus; Batgirl's promise that for one particular evening nobody will die, and that means nobody; and, finally, the rematch with Lady Shiva wherein we get the front seat blow-by-blow action sequence between two Bat-icons who are out to prove who is the baddest of the bad! Pretty grim and heavy stuff with a conclusion that will startle you!This collection solidifies the character of the young Bat heroine as it gives readers an insight as to what she faces every night in Gotham City. The story is filled with drama and pathos that readers can easily relate to, providing them a stark picturesque depiction of Gotham City at night through the eyes of a teenager, who just happens to wear a Bat costume, with a heavy responsibility resting on her feeble shoulders.Kudos to Puckett, Dixon, Scott, and Campanella for providing fans a realistic and fresh approach on a classic DC Comics icon. Though the art is sometimes very stylized (with a heavy manga influence) and hard to follow, you can easily get the gist of every scene through the minimalist script.This TPB definitely warrants a 5-pointer in my book with me wanting more of similar collections such as these.One treasure of a collection Bat-fans shouldn't pass up.

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