Punisher MAX Vol. 1: In the Beginning

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Press:Marvel Comics Marvel (November 1, 2006)
Publication Date:2004-10-15
Author Name:Garth Ennis,Lewis Larosa


Prepare to be punished! For the first time ever, Marvel's one-man-army takes center stage in a no-holds-barred Mature Readers series! Writer Garth Ennis and artist Lewis LaRosa take Punisher to the MAX - literally - as the hunter becomes the hunted! Frank Castle's old associate Micro is back, and he's after Frank. 
But first, he's got an offer for Frank that he'd better not refuse.
Get ready for blazing bullets, bloodbaths, and bold beginnings! Collects Punisher MAX #1-6.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Wow! This book will blow your head off - figuratively speaking (No, I am not a criminal, Frank, and in no need of being punished). It is an AWESOME collection of two Punisher tales that forced me to read it in one sitting, neglecting my lunch, dinner, and loved ones. Essentially it combines the first two Marvel Punisher MAX trade paperbacks into one. The first story arc "In the Beginning" is my favorite, but the twist at the end of "Kitchen Irish" is so good that I tend to revise my opinion whenever I re-read this book. In the first few issues we are introduced to new villain Nicky Cavella, a twisted mobster with even more twisted henchmen, Ink and Putsy, to match. After multiple horrid deaths, and the general blood and destruction that is inevitable once you pair the Punisher with writer Garth Ennis, I came to realise that it was actually the stories that sold me on the book, and not the overall gore content and explicit over-the-top scenarios I usually like about Ennis' writing. Frank Castle's final farewell to his old partner Micro is also one of the best scenes in the series, as well as a bloody shootout on the deck of the Intrepid. One of the most gruesome explosions ever to be drawn in comics occur in these pages, and the resultant carnage that follows as the Punisher hunts down those responsible allows the reader to almost identify with the character. This collection is a must for any fan of Ennis, and for those who are hardcore Punisher fans, prepare to be BLOWN AWAY.
  •     as advertised and exactly what I wanted
  •     Garth Ennis' Marvel Knights Punisher run had it's share of up's and down's; mostly due to the fact that Ennis didn't have the kind of freedom he had on titles like Preacher and Hellblazer which allowed his insanely dark humor-ish yet gritty storytelling to shine, but with the newly launched Punisher title under Marvel's MAX line (meaning, for mature audiences only), this is indeed the Punisher at his best. Beginning with a bloody flashback to the murder of Frank Castle's family and followed by an even bloodier assault on the mob, Frank finds himself hounded to become the CIA's own personal hitman, and none other than Frank's long thought dead partner Micro is here trying to convince Frank to do it. This is Garth Ennis at his best, giving the Punisher a dark, gritty, crime story feel that more than suits the book. The only problem with this book is the art from Lewis Larosa. While he does a fine job drawing the brutal ensuing blood baths and gore, his character models aren't the best around. Ennis' old Preacher partner Steve Dillon would have been an excellent choice to do the art, but as great as this is, that's only a minor withdrawal. All in all, Punisher fans who have been waiting for an excellent gritty and adult story that takes the character back to his roots should definitely pick this up. And if you think this is good, just wait until the next storyarc, called Kitchen Irish, comes out in TPB form, because that's even better.
  •     This is a top-notch Punisher story. Micro, Castle's assistant from many years ago, has shown up with an unnamed group that is looking to take the Punisher down. At the same time, a crew from the Boston-by-way-of-NYC-exile mobsters are also trying to hunt Frank down. Castle is a 55 year old Vietnam Vet (they have stayed true to the 1976 murder, rather than retcon him to being a Gulf War Vet) who is still fast, strong, angry and incredibly focused.Garth Ennis does a bang up job on the writing - plot, pacing, dialogue, tone, humor, the whole damn thing. The artwork by Larosa and Palmer is fantastic, particularly the upclose shots of Castle.You will be pleased.
  •     I just cant get enough of the Punisher
  •     Awesome
  •     Great comic, The Punisher is best at his darkest. Great for a quick read.
  •     Good read for fun.
  •     Great first volume for the Ennis series. In this new Punisher series by Ennis The Punisher is more brutal and violent than ever! This is the Punisher at his best.
  •     Loves it and can't wait to read it.
  •     good
  •     I honestly loved this. It was my first attempt at reading any of the punisher comics, and it got me hooked.
  •     In 2004, not long before the release of the Punisher film with Tom Jane in the title role, Marvel re-launched the Punisher series under it's mature audiences imprint MAX, and Preacher creator Garth Ennis was once again at the helm of Marvel's most infamous vigilante. This handsome hardcover collects the first twelve issues (two storyarc's) of Ennis' bloody run, as well as his fantastic one-shot, Punisher: The End. The first storyarc, appropriately titled "In the Beginning", re-tells the tragic massacre of Frank Castle's family as he sets his sights on the mob. Soon enough, Frank is captured and finds his long thought dead partner Micro trying to convince him to be a sanctioned assassin for the government, all the while the mob and others are closing in for the kill. The art in this arc by Lewis Larosa is brutal and bloody, and the story by Ennis will keep you on the edge of your seat until the final page. The second arc, entitled "Kitchen Irish", finds Frank in Hell's Kitchen (but don't look for any appearances from Daredevil) as one Irish mobster's legacy causes rival gangs to make their moves, and Frank is smack in the middle of it all. The art is solid here as well, but its Ennis' story that packs a punch with enough Irish political intrigue and twists that keep the story more than enjoyable. As great as both arcs are, it's the one shot included here that's the real gem. Punisher: The End, featuring some great art from the legendary Richard Corben, finds an old Frank in a dead world in the future, and he has only one thing to do: kill. All in all, the MAX re-launch of the Punisher has been a long time coming, and it's the way the character was always meant to be. If you missed the single issues or the one shot, definitely consider picking this hardcover up, because it's the beginning of the best Punisher stories ever told.
  •     This is truly what the Punisher series should have been from the beginning; dark, realistic, and violent.Many see the Punisher MAX series as the true story and universe of the Punisher. Its focus on realism is what separates it from other Punisher series. Punisher has no super powers and there are no super villains in this book. It's all about Frank Castle fighting against the evil that still exist in our society; murderers, rapists, kidnappers, etc...Definitely a recommended read if you're looking for something that has cool artwork with a story that focuses on realism rather than characters with super powers.
  •     Great
  •     The cover was a bit more beat up than I thought it would be
  •     The comic is fantastic. I am new to Punisher, because the movies consistently made the character's plight and methods laughable.

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