Night Bites (Mackenzie Vampires, Book 2)

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Press:Leisure Books Love Spell (March 1, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-3
Author Name:Bangs, Nina


Cindy Harper has an ice-cream flavor for every emotion. 
Vanilla caramel fudge eases the stress of dealing with her weird and wacky guests at the Woo Woo Inn.
But no sweet treat from her freezer is smooth, creamy, or tempting enough to cool down her dark fantasies about Thrain Davis.
Thrain is a man to be enjoyed on a strictly primitive level.
Every woman who’s ever seen him smile wonders about the pleasure his mouth could give her and recognizes the secrets in his hard blue gaze.
Too late Cindy realizes the danger of inviting an ancient vampire into her inn.
The concept of fanged creatures of the night scares her witless.
Besides, he forces her to examine her past when she’s just fine with her present.
He does have an upside, though.
Who needs ice cream when you have a hot and yummy immortal in your bed?

About the Author

The author of more than 12 novels to date, Nina Bangs has published with Dorchester and NAL. 
Nominated for four Romantic Times Reviewer's Choice Awards, she finally won in 2009 for Best Shapeshifter Romance (Eternal Craving).



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  •     This was my second purchase of Nina Bangs books. And like the first book, I loved them both. Excellent read.
  •     Thrain has tracked down Cindy Harper, the daughter of Darach. His wish is to tell Cindy of her heritage and reunite father with daughter and go on with his life. Telling Cindy he is over 700 years old himself (rather than a vampire) Thrain finds himself drawn to her, which wasn't part of the plan.Cindy is proud of her hotel that caters to the people who want to be more than just human. Being over 700 years old herself, she doesn't believe in the paranormal (she thinks she is a genetic fluke). Used to the unusual, why would she believe her life is going to change when two cosmic troublemakers and the sexiest man she has ever seen check into her hotel?When the humans start to get scared by the supernatural, Thrain helps her. When a real werewolf and werecat get into a fight on her front lawn its only natural that Thrain help her work things out to slowly introduce Cindy to a world of supernatural...a world that contains Cindy's greatest fear.NIGHT BITES continues the story from THE MASTER OF EXTASY two hundred and something years you can read NIGHT BITES first, but there are a lot of my opinion anyway. While I think NIGHT BITES moves at a faster pace than MASTER and I enjoyed the story more overall; I can't give the story 5 stars because I wasn't as interested in our leading couple as I was the secondary characters!I'm greatly enjoying the series that Nina Bangs has started but I really get the impression that Sparkle and Ganymede are more prominent characters than the average secondary characters and for me there is a very fine line between rooting for the hero/heroine and rooting for secondary characters. Sparkle Stardust and Ganymede are a hoot and I love Ganymede in the role of a cat but I really feel I should want to read the story to see what is going on between Thrain and Cindy. Instead, I find myself more interested in reading the story to find out what havoc our cosmic troublemakers are contemplating next.Something else, according to the cover, Cindy seems to be really into ice cream, so I really thought there would be more inclusion of her eating the treat, however, it seems Ganymede is addicted to the stuff. I just thought it odd how ice cream was played up on the cover, but not have it as something Cindy herself fell back on.Regardless, NIGHT BITES has me laughing my head off. I'm hooked on the series, so I am really looking forward to the next book, but I still wish I was more into Cindy and Thrains' part of the story.
  •     If there is one thing that Nina Bangs does best, its make you laugh and sigh in the same chapter! I have read several books by this author and my husband almost always asks me...
  •     very sexy story.... I love how nina bangs mixes humor and romance so well... she's very talented...definitally a must read !!!
  •     I have read a couple of Bangs' other works but they did not disappoint me as much as this one. I will admit that I like fluffy romance and I love paranormal romance especially.
  •     I've been very eager to read Nina Bangs after reading some reviews of her books. Though I really didn't find this book as hot and steamy as it's made out to be (After reading all...
  •     I love everything Nina Bangs has done. When I read this one I did it in one day. Most of her books I can't put down. Romance, vampires, sex, danger, they were all there.
  •     NIGHT BITES by Nina Bangs was a fun, quirky paranormal romance. The sequel to MASTER OF ECSTASY, NIGHT BITES is about a vampire named Thrain who has tracked down the missing daughter of his best friend and now faces the daunting task of convincing her to go home. This is daunting because 1) Thrain wants Cindy more than anything and 2) Cindy will freak out when she finds out her father's a vampire.I enjoyed this book immensely. For one, Cindy owns an inn that caters to people who want to believe in the supernatural - without ever realizing that real werewolves, vampires, wizards, and witches stay at her inn as guests. The chaos that these guests cause is pretty cute. For another, two of the guests are cosmic troublemakers. One's a fat kitty with super powers; another is a sexy lady on a mission to cause sexual mayhem. Of course, she fully intends to make sure Cindy and Thrain hook up.With its nutty characters and "spirited" setting, NIGHT BITES makes for an entertaining read. I think Thrain and Cindy are a hot couple with good chemistry and repartee. I also like Thrain's ability to implant memories in people - his space alien cow memory was hysterical.If you like whimsical supernatural romances, NIGHT BITES is the book for you! Make sure you read it's prequel, MASTER OF ECSTASY, first so that you know who Cindy's father is and why Thrain is so devoted to him. Both are cute books. Highly recommended.***Also look for WICKED NIGHTS, NIGHT GAMES, and THE PLEASURE MASTER by Nina Bangs.***
  •     Ok, just to let you know, Nina Bangs writes quite possibly the most hilarious sensual romance books you will ever read. This one was no exception.
  •     I loved this book!!! If you love paranormal romance stories, anything by Nina Bangs, you can't go wrong.
  •     Again Nina Bangs writes a great story. my daughter and I have read most of her books and sure enjoy them.
  •     I really loved this book. It made me laugh out loud as well as shed a few tears. Cindy was a terrific, funny and sensitive heroine and Thrain was luscious and very likeable. I enjoyed seeing characters from previous books. Ganemede, Sparkle, Darach, Blythe. What a great idea to use Cosmic Troublemakers to move the story along and the vampire adventures are also great. Each character had a wicked sense of humor and great sex appeal. The sex scenes were HOT and fun!!! You might enjoy this book even more if you read Darach's story first in Master of Ecstasy. Then you will know all about Thrain, why he is looking for Cindy and what happened to him and Darach that almost destroyed them. The role Ganemede and Sparkle played in that book will help you understand them better and what their goals are. Ms. Bangs goes to great lengths to bring the reader up to date in this book and assumes you have not read the previous one, but it is so much more fun to read it all in story form. Buy both books. You won't be sorry.
  •     I love when minor characters from another book become main characters and I also love when main characters u fall in love with in previous books appear In later books even when...

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