The Mystery on Observatory Hill

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Press:Transition Vendor Clerisy Press, Emmis Books (July 1, 2005)
Author Name:Rosellini, Eleanor


On a summer trip to Germany, ace junior detectives Elizabeth and Jonathan Pollack uncover their biggest case ever. 
When their family moves into a guesthouse on Observatory Hill, a research park for astronomers in Munich, they can’t resist investigating the story of a lost treasure — a scientific treasure, that is.
Elizabeth and Jonathan are fascinated by the legend of the eccentric Professor Vollrath, who hid his valuable astronomy journals.
After he died in the 1919 Spanish Influenza epidemic, his scientific notebooks were never found.
The sister-and-brother team discover a string of hidden clues with help from their new German friend, Peter.
As the three sleuths hunt for the long-missing notes, they stumble onto a deeper mystery that will take them on the adventure of their lives.


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  •     My 8 year old daughter and I loved this story set around a grand old observatory in Hamburg, Germany. Following the children Elizabeth, Jonathan, and Peter as they tried to locate the missing notebooks of long deceased Professor Vollrath was great fun. Over a period of about a week, this was my daughter's bedtime story and she was eager to go to bed to hear it. We both found ourselves trying to figure out the meaning of the mysterious three dots clue left by the professor, and the significance of the strange goings-on at the Observatory at night. The backdrop of astronomers doing their work on the "Big Refractor", and of the old castle nearby, made a great setting for a mystery. After we finished the story, my daughter declared it was her favorite book. We highly recommend this book to young people who enjoy a good mystery, especially when such youthful sleuths are involved!
  •     This, the third instalment in the Hidden Treasure series, finds my favorite sister and brother ace detectives in Hamburg, Germany, with their parents. They dust off their German, make themselves comfortable and encounter not only a new "hystery" to be solved but meet a new partner, Peter, a slightly over the top German version of themselves. Their enthusiasm and determination is contagious; these kids would rather get to the bottom of a puzzle developing right in front of them than watch TV. The action is ratcheted up a notch and for the first time I felt that their investigation put them close to a criminal if not evil element. But where scientific minds and professional investigators gave up and ran out of ideas, this young crew solves a real puzzle that matters to many people. Bravo Eleanor Rosellini!
  •     Mrs. Rosellini has written two other great books in this series (The Puzzle in the Portrait and Mystery of the Ancient Coins), but in my opinion this is her best one yet. Kids can read these books by themselves or with an adult. The two main characters, Elizabeth and Jonathon Pollack, travel to Germany in this book and find a mystery involving long lost scientific notes, some interesting characters, a spooky abandoned observatory, and an old stone castle. Elizabeth and Jonathon meet a new friend in this book, a German boy named Peter, who is a little bossy but very funny. Together the three of them solve the case and become good friends along the way.Mrs. Rosellini's books are all very good because they are filled with lots of details based on true events in her family's lives, and because you never know what is going to happen next. Her books also teach kids about keeping histories of their own families. I give all of her books two thumbs up and recommend them to any kid with a sense of imagination and adventure. I liked these books so much that I gave copies to my friends for Christmas gifts, and I also gave copies to my teacher and to the school library. I hope you'll pick Mrs. Rosellini's books to enjoy and share with your family and friends, too.

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