Wings of the Falcon

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Press:Harpercollins HarperTorch (August 30, 2005)
Publication Date:2005-8
Author Name:Barbara Michaels


The death of her English father left Francesca alone and unprotected, with nowhere to turn but to the noble Italian family of her late mother. 
Adrift in a strange land, surrounded by cold and suspicious relatives who had disowned her mother on her wedding day, Francesca is determined to make the best of a bad situation.
But nothing could have prepared her for the nest of dark secrets and oppressive cruelty she has been cast into.
And her fate now rests in the hands of a mysterious horseman known as the Falcon, whose appearance will speed her salvation ...
or hasten her doom.

About the Author

Elizabeth Peters (writing as Barbara Michaels) was born and brought up in Illinois and earned her Ph.D. 
in Egyptology from the University of Chicago's famed Oriental Institute.
Peters was named Grandmaster at the inaugural Anthony Awards in 1986, Grandmaster by the Mystery Writers of America at the Edgar® Awards in 1998, and given The Lifetime Achievement Award at Malice Domestic in 2003.
She lives in an historic farmhouse in western Maryland.


Romance,Gothic,Literature & Fiction,Genre Fiction,Romantic Suspense

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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     I ONLY WISH I HAD MORE THAN 5 STARS TO GIVE THIS BOOK!!!!!!!!!! But that is all that's given.But I can honestly say I've not enjoyed a book anymore than I have this one, and I HIGHLY recommend this book to everyone and anyone who loves to read. THIS WILL NOT BE THE ONLY BOOK I READ BY THIS AUTHOR, WANT TO READ THEM ALL!!
  •     Perhaps I cannot rate this correctly. I have been a dedicated reader of Elizabeth Peters' Amanda Peabody adventures mostly in Egypt in pursuit of archeological finds. I have enjoyed the organization, decisions, observations--and that wonderful sense of humor especially concerning Peabody's husband and family. That always buoys me up in my escape reading. This book, under her other pseudo name, I just tried out. I would rate as mildly interesting as to plot, and easy to follow, but I really could not get too interested in the characters. I would not pursue others like it. I was satisfied at being able to get a copy from another dealer suggested by Amazon.
  •     I l love Barbara Michaels and I have always loved romance and/or romantic suspense. Whether as Michaels or Elizabeth Peters or any other pseudonym, she does a great job and this book is no exception. I read it years ago and wanted to find it and read it again.
  •     A bit melodramatic a but held my interest.
  •     Good mixture of history and romance with accurate historical content. She is very prolific and wonderful in all her incarnations.
  •     good
  •     Not too bad in the history department but the rest of the story was pretty flat.
  •     Another of my all time favorite books. I loved the character development. I love how brilliantly Michaels manipulates the first person perspective to keep the suspense going.
  •     Wings of the Falcon wasn't the typical romantic suspense that I expect from Barbara Michaels. Instead it was a well-written historical novel with a scoop of romance. With an English main lady (and her practical traveling companion), the reader can discover the culture of Italy before its unification. It easily kept my attention and I rooted for the dashing Falcon to win the day. Light and fun, this book is perfect for vacation reading.
  •     One of the first romance novels I ever read, also one of the best. Read it several times.
  •     Great, adventurous read!
  •     I have loved this book since I was a teen. I couldn't remember exactly what happened and decided to read it again. I still love it as an adult. I am not usually someone who enjoys rereading books, but I was so glad I read this one. I love romance and a bit of mystery mixed together. Thanks for such a wonderful book!
  •     Wings of the Falcon is set in the time of the unification of Italy, and follows the adventures of a young woman named Francesca, recently orphaned, who goes to live with her noble Italian family. Italy is stirring with a new revolution, with the peasants rising up against oppression. In Francesca's province, a masked revolutionary leader known as the Falcon stirs up sympathy for the cause of the rebellion and leads his men in attacks and raids. Francesca begins to suspect that she knows who the Falcon is, and sympathizes with the revolutionary hero. Soon, she must use her wits to protect the him from government forces. But is she right about the Falcon's secret identity?One of the things I enjoyed about this novel was learning about a historical period I hadn't previously known about. The book presents the historical facts in an entertaining way, and the author specifies in her introduction which parts are historically accurate, and which are works of fiction.The novel moves along at a steady pace, with no long slow parts, climaxing towards the end. The writing style is first-person narrative, as the heroine looks back on these events after several years. The characterization and descriptions are very good, and you really can get a mental image of people and scenery.One note for parents: Though this is, as one reviewer has said, a clean book, there are several incidents in the early chapters that would not be appropriate for young children. In the beginning, it is very strongly implied that Francesca's father, a starving artist, gets the money he needs to send her to school by selling himself to wealthy women. Later, one of his clients, who is not a woman, but instead a rich upper-class male, comes to find him for more "services", and a verbal altercation ensues which the naïve Francesca does not understand. After her father dies, Francesca is approached by this man, who is now attracted to her, and nearly assaulted, but is saved by her cousin's timely intervention. All of this would probably go over most young children's heads, but some would probably figure out what's going on in these scenes. The parts are written very tastefully, with no explicit language or scenes, but children and young teenagers might be disturbed by the violence of these events.As regards the Kindle edition, it has relatively few typos and a working table of contents at the beginning of the book.Overall, a very enjoyable read, with some interesting historical background, and even some fight scenes. This is the first book that I have read by Elizabeth Peters/Barbara Michaels. She has a personal, conversational writing style that is very pleasant to read. I'm sure I will look into more of her novels in the future.
  •     This had much less of a supernatural theme than the Barbara Michaels books usually have (aka pretty much none at all). I did enjoy the last third of the book a lot more than the first two thirds, even though the main "plot twist" was really, really obvious. I didn't feel like any of the characters were particularly well-developed, and I think I would have enjoyed the book more if I'd cared more about the characters.
  •     This story really kept me on the edge of my seat trying to figure out the plot. I loved the ending. Read this it is worth your time.

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