New Avengers Vol. 4: The Collective (v. 4)

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Press:Diamond Comic Distributors Marvel (September 27, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-9-27
Author Name:Brian Michael Bendis,Steve McNiven,Mike Deodato


House of M changed the planet and now a new, major threat has emerged. 
Nothing can stop it!!! Nothing! The New Avengers are about to be put to the test in a way they never have before.
Debuting the bombastic pencils of fan-favorite Mike Deodato.
Guest-starring Ms.
Marvel! Collects New Avengers #16-20.


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  •     Good.
  •     The Collective, the fourth collected volume in Brian Michael Bendis' run on New Avengers, bridges the fallout to come from the conclusion of House of M, with the catastrophic events to come in Civil War. Strange and bad things are happening across the globe, and the New Avengers are dispatched to try to fix everything. As far as the story goes, that's about it. It's sad to say that the longer the run goes for, the worse that this book has gotten. Bendis is an incredibly talented writer who has crafted masterful runs on Alias and Daredevil, but with the New Avengers, he's been quick to nearly drop the ball on many occasions. Not to mention that once again, the Sentry, who is basically the Marvel version of Superman and the most interesting character on the New Avengers roster, is basically ignored here. Bendis set up so much promise with the second collected volume which focused on the Sentry, and here it just flounders. Mike Deodato's excellent artwork saves the Collective from being a complete turkey though, and although every volume has been released in hardcover form, if there was ever a story that didn't deserve it, this may not be at the top of the lost, but it's pretty close though. There are a few hinting elements at what's to come in Civil War, so for completists this may be worth a look, but you won't regret passing it up all together.
  •     Collects New Avengers #16-20Understanding the events in this book heavily rely on having complete knowledge of the "House of M" event.
  •     In a small town called the North Pole located in Alaska, the population is viciously attacked by an unknown being.
  •     I wanted Avengers, Volume 4 hardcover; not New Avengers. :/ If I could exchange the two similarly-titled books that would be GREAT!
  •     I don't usually go for tie-ins to bit Marvel events (the X-Men installment of Civil War just ruined the idea for me), but this one had some really great elements to it.
  •     The artwork was excellent, but as another reviewer pointed out, much of the story line is missing from this collection.
  •     Good.
  •     Definitely the weakest volume of the otherwise terrific New Avengers series (pre-Civil War at least). The story essentially acts as an epilogue to House of M with the combined energies of the de-powered mutants channeling into a single man in Alaska who is overcome by all his newfound power. The New Avengers have to try to stop the man's rampage. Decent action with only a little bit of character development. Mainly just feels like Bendis felt it was necessary to quickly wrap up the cliffhanger of House of M before moving on to Civil War.
  •     Mr. Bendis and Mssrs. McNiven and Deodata present an inventive, complex, and interesting story arc in "The Collective.
  •     Great series excellent read! Very interesting! Loved it!
  •     Wish this Avengers team stuck around a bit longer. The chemistry between the characters was amazing, Dr. Strange really shines here. Same with Luke Cage.
  •     As with other volumes of the Bendis-led "New Avengers," this is something of a return to the days of good, old-fashioned superhero stories with straight-ahead action and reasonably witty dialogue. In this volume, reprinting issues #16-20, the Avengers face an unknown super-baddie from outerspace, a being so superpowerful that he basically takes the team apart until they use their brains to figure things out. The menace is so super-duper that most of the team's members are sidelined -- Luke Cage, Spider-Woman and Wolverine pretty much do nothing except tag along behind Iron Man (who is the most active member confronting the bad guy; The Sentry is later brought in as muscle). Captain America and Spider-Man lock horns with the new director of SHIELD, but they, too, basically contribute little to the action.I thought this story was okay -- it didn't blow my mind, but then again I don't think that every comicbook needs to do that... sometimes it's fun just to watch heroes hit things and blow stuff up. Still, five issues is a long time to have most of the team act like hangers-on. Hopefully once the (yawn) "Civil War" story arc and the (geez, another mega-epic?) "Secret Invasion" plot get resolved, the editors can take things down a notch or two and give the "regular" members of the team something to do. Especially Luke Cage: he's one of the main reasons I'm checking the book out, and he's been more or less MIA so far. (Joe Sixpack, ReadThatAgain book reviews)
  •     If you've read any of my other reviews of the AVENGERS VS. X-MEN books (the main event and a few of the crossovers), you'll find that not only did I hate the actual event, but really liked the crossover books, primarily because these were the only books that actually focused on character rather than just moving the main event forward. Brian Michael Bendis and Mike Deodato Jr's work on NEW AVENGERS is no exception to that rule.This collected volume of this book has a few issues that, frankly, don't work so well. That's mostly due to Bendis developing the backstory of the first time that The Phoenix Force came to Earth and was met by the mystical martial artists of K'un-L'un. It seems to look to inhabit yet another red-haired girl the ancient city brings in, and a good deal of this volume spends a lot of time in this past, and it's not partucularly riveting or informative. It's very talky and very quiet, which is not something I mind at all, but it's just not terribly dramatic. The real saving grace to this, though, is Deodato's art, which is gorgeous as always. There is also another issue that deals with Wolverine (because it's Wolverine and he's the only one who's both an Avenger AND an X-Man), and the choice of which side to take in this conflict. It's a little repetitive since Jason Aaron's WOLVERINE AND THE X-MEN also had an issue similar to this.However, this volume REALLY starts jumping off the page with two particular issues; the first of which deals with the fabled Illuminati of the Marvel Universe which consisted of Reed Richards, T'Challa, Professor Xavier, Namor, Dr. Strange and Tony Stark. At this point of the event, Namor has been corrupted by The Phoenix Force and Captain America, always ready to believe in his friends, looks to call a temporary cease-fire by inviting Namor to The Illuminati's meeting place. There are some absolutely great and emotionally devastating moments in this issue, particularly from Professor X, who is quietly being blamed by those around him for his "failure" regarding Cyclops and the rest of the "Phoenix Five", and then from Cap when he finally does get the visit he wanted, but not in the way he thought he would. Despite the fact that this is another very talky issue without any action to speak of, Deodato still brings the emotional action of this issue to very vivid life and Bendis does some brilliant character work.The next issue is one of my favorites of this incarnation of NEW AVENGERS which focuses on Hawkeye, Spider-Woman and Luke Cage, who have all been captured by The X-Men and taken to Utopia to be held as prisoners of war. It focuses on a desperate escape attempt by the three of them, and this incredibly suspenseful and powerful issue ends with a climax that is so heartbreaking that it was almost hard to read. It's an issue of continued excellent character work by Bendis combined with some fantastically dynamic art by Deodato.While this volume of NEW AVENGERS starts off pretty slow, it ramps up the tension, suspense and stakes for the characters involved without getting too mired in the actual events of the bomb that the main AvX title was.

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