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Press:Grand Central Pub Forever (June 1, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-6
Author Name:Halliday, Candy


Every Saturday night, best friends and neighbors Zada, Jen, Tish, and Alicia heat up their quaint little cul-de-sac with the infamous Housewives Fantasy Club. 
Everyone has a secret fantasy to share.
Some have better ones to hide.Imagine! Retired baseball star Jake "The Rake" Sims living here--in the flesh! Well, he won't find Alicia Greene an easy conquest (she does not do bad boys).
So what if his chiseled pecs and grand slam physique--displayed nightly in sexy underwear commercials--once made him her "most valuable" fantasy lover.
His wild lifestyle squelched that dream.
Now Jake swears he's reformed, Alicia's not buying it, and their matchmaking neighbors are doing their best to foil the couple's "good" intentions.
They may be on to something.
After one fabulous dinner, Jake takes Alicia in his arms and discovers how forbidden passion--more tempting and sweeter than dessert--can fulfill all her secret fantasies.

About the Author

Born on April Fool's Day, Candy Halliday says it isn'tany wonder that she's always preferred a little laughterwith her happily ever after. 
Candy found her own Mr.Right on a blind date to a Halloween party.
Candy--dressed as a KISS punk-rocker with her face paintedGene Simmons-style.
The man brave enough to marryher--dressed more conservatively as a cowboy.
Blendinglove and laughter in the stories she writes is a dreamcome true for Candy.


Romance,Sports,Contemporary,Literature & Fiction,United States

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  •     Alicia Greene lives in the sub-burbs of Chicago looks like Pamela Anderson and owns her a Real estate company and had a huge teenage rush on ex-Chicago cub player Jake Sims.
  •     This was one of the funniest books I've read in a while. It kept me entertained. I read it in a day I liked it so much. I never read the first book, Your bed or Mine? or whatever it's called, but I'm planning on buying it immediately.seriously, Wonderful. Buy It!! Read it!! Love it!!!Now I can't wait for another one of her books in the series, I hope she keeps going!
  •     Alicia Greene lives on a quiet cul-de-sac in a Chicago suburb and has a great little neighborhood full of women who consider themselves the "Housewives Fantasy Club".
  •     I loved these characters! They're funny, caring, loving and hot!From her confession to his asking her to "look at me" in the tub (wink wink to those that have read...
  •     Alicia lives in her dream house, but life isn't so dreamy after her husband betrays her with someone else. After the divorce she keeps the house, on a nice cul-de-sac with the other members of the Housewives Fantasy Club. Every Saturday Alicia, Jen, Tish and Zada get together. On some of these Saturdays the talk gets racy as the women describe the fantasies they've had about men. Alicia's fantasy man from years past is now moving directly across the street from her aforementioned dream house. Things start heating up in the neighborhood.Jake Sims is a retired baseball star who now does underwear commercials on television. He has a reputation as a ladies man, a bad boy. Alicia doesn't do bad boys, and is determined to stay away from him, even though he tells her he's reformed. Yet the allure is strong. Her friends try some matchmaking with the two of them that turns out badly. When Jake brings home his daughter from a previous marriage, and her dog, Alicia assures her twin brother this is the kiss of death. Neither children nor animals have ever liked her. There will be no relationship with Mr. Fantasy.A one night stand--no holds barred, play out all your fantasies, never speak of it again--sounds like the sexual oasis both Alicia and Jake can deal with. When the oasis turns into a mirage they are both in for some romantic awakenings.Danielle, Jake's daughter, likes Alicia, as does her dog. She thinks of Alicia as her friend and confidante. Dani knows nothing about her father's attraction to her new friend. Or that Alicia is just as attracted to Jake. After all, fantasy relationships are much easier, less messy, to handle than real life ones. No reason Dani needs to know about late night phone calls. Nothing is going to come from them, is it?A fun, racy romp with characters you feel you know.Armchair Interviews says: A great vacation read.
  •     In Woodbury Park, the four friends (Zada Clark, Jen Marshall, Tish Jones, and Alicia Greene) make up the Housewives Fantasy Club though realtor Alicia is not married.
  •     I loved this book so much!! It's just as good as your bed or mine, what a great series you'll fall in love with the characters. I have my fingers crossed for a 3rd
  •     ...tell an amazing story!Alicia, a member of the Housewives Fantasy Club, has sworn off men. When her friends try to set her up with Jake Sims she wants nothing to do with it. Will she change her mind?Candy Halliday can sure pen a story that keeps you laughing, all the while it deals with real life issues like betrayal and child custody. Candy sure can tell an amazing story!!
  •     What would you do if your celebrity crush suddenly moved into the neighborhood and was still as enticing as ever? Alicia is a divorcee who's sworn off men since discovering her wealthy husband with the pool boy. At first treated like a pariah by her suburban Chicago neighbors, she's now their friend and a fixture in their Housewives Fantasy Club. When retired Cubs star Jake Sims moves in across the street, the ladies are trying to set them up, but Alicia wants nothing to do with a bad boy. Jake just wants to prove he can raise his estranged daughter now that he has been granted temporary custody, despite his evil former mother-in-law's machinations. A romance wouldn't be prudent. Of course, one glance at Alicia, and the two decide that a one night stand before his daughter arrives will get each other out of their systems. Funny how things don't turn out like you plan...Daughter Dani just wants to get her trip to Chicago over with so she can return to LA. As she attempts to annoy Jake at every turn, she keeps getting surprised when he isn't flustered. He also doesn't seem like the ogre granny Natta made him out to be, but fears that once he gets a girlfriend, she'll be a distant second in his life. When she befriends Alicia, she treats her as a confidante, happy to have a friend of her own. No one is more surprised than Alicia since kids and pets don't like her, but Dani and her goofy dog Kiwi certainly do. Alicia and Jake are secretly having their own fantasy club which quickly becomes reality. Will Dani be able to share her new friend with her father?Halliday's romantic comedy streak continues with "Dinner First, Me Later?" revisiting the not so desperate housewives of Owl's Roost Road. Witty bantering, sizzling chemistry, and characters that remain consistent from novel to novel make Halliday a stand out.
  •     I admit I had passed by the book's predecessor, Your Bed or Mine, over and over again due to the title. I thought it would have too much sex in it and the title of this one turned me off as well, but due to the reviews- I decided to give it a try. It was WONDERFUL! It was all about relationships between friends, and a father reconnecting with his daughter. It was just perfect- not too mushy, not too sexy, just funny and perfect. I am online right now to order Your Bed or Mine and the other two older books by Candy Halliday. These sort of surprises makes me wonder what other excellent reads I have passed up. I know better than to judge a book by its cover, yet I almost did it again! Enjoy!!

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