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Press:Houghton Mifflin HMH Books for Young Readers; SECOND PRINTING edition (September 22, 2003)
Author Name:Jacobson, Jennifer Richard/ Geis, Alissa Imre (ILT)


It’s oV to camp for Winnie: sunny days of rock climbing, cascading down slippery falls, Xoating in a cool lake—and meeting a fascinating new friend. 
Winnie can’t remember ever having more fun.
But in the midst of the excitement, Winnie discovers how complicated life can get too as she watches one fib tumble mysteriously and rapidly to the next not-so-little lie.
Readers will once again find a friend in Winifred Fletcher in this early chapter book, written with authenticity and illustrated with charming line drawings.

From Booklist

In this sequel to Winnie (Dancing) on Her Own (2001), motherless Winnie goes to summer camp with her two best friends.
She has lots of fun--rock climbing, swimming, going to art class, making a new friend--but things become uncomfortable after she tells a lie and then can't stop lying.
Not only does she say her mother is alive, she also claims Mom is a famous artist.
As in the first book, the resolution is a little too easy.
There's no rejection or jeering from her friends or anger from Dad when she's found out.
But young readers will find a lot to talk about; they'll recognize that Winnie's lie is also a wish, and that camp is the kind of place where a kid can try to reinvent herself and become someone new for a while.
Is lying the same as not telling? Geis' occasional, small pencil drawings show the girls and counselors enjoying the camp rituals and making friends.
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“Written with a light touch and illustrated with winsome line drawings, this is a series for young readers to write home about.”  Kirkus Reviews"This satisfying, quick-moving story portrays the fun and challenge of camp life and making new friends." School Library Journal

About the Author

Jennifer Richard Jacobson's favorite camp memory is of canoeing to a river island, where she and her paddling friends built a campfire and slept out under the stars until dawn. 
Jennifer lives with her husband and two children in Cumberland, Maine, where they like to sing silly camp songs.

From AudioFile

This gentle chapter book highlights the challenges and delights of summer camp, where, as Winnie discovers, "you can be someone else for a while." Laura Hamilton's low-key narration explores the consequences of reinventing oneself. 
For example, Winnie capriciously decides to have her deceased mother become a famous--living--artist.
Hamilton has a knack for creating a large and appealing cast of characters that includes kids and grown-ups alike.
She invites listeners of all ages to consider whether "not telling" is the same as lying.
Imbuing the production with a genuine summer camp ambiance, Hamilton shares chants, camp songs, and counselor names (like Spunky, Dolphin, and Picasso) that ring true to the ear.
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  •     Jennifer Jacobson has done it again with her second Winnie book. Here's a real girl character - a loyal friend, a feisty personality, and, at times, a girl painfully unsure of herself - who young readers can relate to. In this book, Winnie goes off to camp and gets herself into a real mess. Even as Winnie tell lies upon lie, we're always on her side, just waiting to see how she figures out how to do the right thing and tell the truth.
  •     "Winner!" That's Winnie's Dad's nickname for Winnie, and that surely describes this book. My kids and I adored the first Winnie book (WINNIE DANCING ON HER OWN) and now we've loved this second in the series. Winnie is so BELIEVABLE, so engaging, so accessible. My kids kept stopping me during our group reading to say, "The same thing happened to me." That's Winnie, a character every kid can relate to. If you haven't read the first Winnie book, go read it. Then you'll be in great shape to enjoy this book. My kids and I have our fingers crossed that there'll be a third Winnie book before too long!
  •     Perfect for the 8-11 year old crew to help prep for camp.
  •     This engaging emotionally resonant book is the perfect present for any child getting ready to go to camp!! The second book in Jacobson's fabulous Winnie series takes Winnie and her best friends from home away to summer camp, where they meet the challenges of balancing new friendships with old beautifully. Winnie struggles with how to define herself and how to reveal the things that make her different from other kids. In other words she learns to be herself- Truly Winnie. Jacobson weaves these important emotional themes so perfectly into a fun story line involving all the sparkle and splash of summer. The relaxed charm of Geis' illustrations match the story perfectly. The reader is swept along rooting for Winnie who learns and grows from every experience. I can't wait to see where Jacobson takes Winnie next!
  •     This charming sequel to Jacobson's WINNIE DANCING ON HER OWN explores Winnie's personality--and longings--even more deeply. When Winnie, Zoe, and Vanessa take the End of the Alphabet Club on the road to summer camp, Winnie must confront her need to belong while allowing herself to expand her circle. Caught in a lie of her own making, Winnie tackles her ethics along with her expanded definition of self.Perfect for read-alones, read-alouds, and second, third, and fourth grade classrooms! Teachers and parents take note.

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