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Press:Penguin USA Dutton Juvenile (June 1, 1968)
Author Name:Sobol, Donald J.


A collection of ten new brain-teasing cases keep Encyclopedia  Brown busy as he attempts to solve the cases using such clues as a  wrestling hold, a muscle maker, loud hair dryers, a wounded dog, a  clanking suit, and others. 


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  •     Good job!!
  •     Everyone child loves reading Encyclopedia Brown books! my children always get excited when we order a new to read together! Teaches them to pay close attention to details and use logic too!
  •     Gave as gift
  •     Several of my grand kids are ADHD. My daughter loved these...gotta admit, so do I. I plan to give all of them to the kids. The chapters are short and interesting mysteries...and you find out how he guessed in the back..giving you a few minutes to think of a reason yourself.
  •     Always great for kids.
  •     My daughter really likes this book.
  •     My kids 6 & 9 both love these stories
  •     Cute book.....my daughter loved it.
  •     I liked this book and it was really good but I wish it was infinite because it was so good!!!
  •     My 9 year old son is smart which includes being head-strong; and loves to read nonfiction. These series of books has caught his attention (after I bribed him to read the first chapter, he was hooked after that). He will read the entire book in an evening and then ask to get the next one. I will quiz him on the content of what he read and he is able to pick up the details of the events as well as why/how Encyclopedia Brown solved the case. Overall: these books keep my son reading!
  •     Gift. Love this series!
  •     Grew up on them, my kid will too. Great books.
  •     I grew up reading this series. Was very happy to find it some 20 years later to share with my kids. My son is 8 now and just getting into reading. He seemed to really enjoy this series and asked that I purchase him some more. Good series for getting kids excited about reading and starting to develop more analytical skills.
  •     I really love the Encyclopedia Brown Books. I really enjoy seeing them on the Kindle and they are fun little puzzler stories to read to my kids and see if they can solve them. Can't say enough how enjoyable the logic that some of the thinking that goes on with these stories is great teaching tool for my kids as well.So why the two star listing? Well the formatting sucks and sucks harder than a brand new Hoover vacuum on a shag carpet. There is no link between the solution and the story nor the next story in the series. So you have either have to create a link to the solutions individually for each of the or create a link to the solutions chapter and then flip back to the stories. This is an issue that nearly all of the Penguin Ebook editions published today have had. It is annoying and aggravating since this should have been something easily created when the book was originally ported over to an ebook standard. I mean I have seen self-published books in similar genres that have hot links going back and forth between solutions or maps or appendices over to the main text. So that is why the two star listing.
  •     Great books to read with your children. My nine-year-old son and I read these all the time. We love solving the mysterys
  •     Good as always. The good old mysteries I grew up with, now I get to share them with my children.

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