Encyclopedia Brown Gets His Man

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Press:Penguin USA Puffin Books (September 6, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-9
Author Name:Donald J. Sobol


Leroy Brown, aka Encyclopedia Brown, is Idaville neighborhood’s ten-year-old star detective. 
With an uncanny knack for trivia, he solves mysteries for the neighborhood kids through his own detective agency.
But his dad also happens to be the chief of the Idaville police department, and every night around the dinner table, Encyclopedia helps him solve his most baffling crimes.
And with ten confounding mysteries in each book, not only does Encyclopedia have a chance to solve them, but the reader is given all the clues as well.
Interactive and chock full of interesting bits of information—it’s classic Encyclopedia Brown!“I loved Encyclopedia Brown as a kid.”—Junot Diaz, Pulitzer Prize-winning author of The Brief Wondrous Life of Oscar Wao


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  •     I loved the book because it has mystery and detective work.I absolutely love the book!!!From, An Awesome Girl Who Loves This Awesome Book :D
  •     My son is reading these in order from the very beginning and he is LOVING it. These are books he can read completely alone in 3rd grade and stories he can cruise through. He loves trying to figure out the clues with Encyclopedia!
  •     Everyone child loves reading Encyclopedia Brown books! my children always get excited when we order a new to read together! Teaches them to pay close attention to details and use logic too!
  •     I love it when he said that it wasn't even there. But the only thing I didn't like was that the book was in black and white.
  •     Thank you very much. my kid likes this book so much.
  •     Dads friends dad rote
  •     good
  •     Great series, good book.
  •     I enjoyed these books as a kid and now my son is enjoying them. Fun mystery series.
  •     I remember when I was in school that I loved reading "Encyclopedia Brown" books. It has been about 35-40 years since I read one of these. Still it was a very exciting with many cases and the conclusions in the back of the book. I was able to borrow this on my Kindle through our main library's web page.
  •     bought for my grandson. He loves these books
  •     My grandson loved it
  •     The Encyclopedia Brown series is great. This book is obviously written a few years back since two of the stories in the book talk about kids smoking, but the storyline still keeps them reading. My daughter and I read this book together this morning and we enjoyed seeing who could figure out how he solved the cases. Each story has a mystery to solve and then at the back of the book it shows why Encyclopedia Brown came to the conclusion he did. We had a great time reading them all together.I would recommend this series to anyone who has children 2nd-5th grade level. It is also a great learning time if you read them together, like the boy who was smoking etc... Different times we live in, but the stories are great none-the-less!By Kerri J. BusteedAuthor of Will's First HuntWill's First Hunt
  •     I really love the Encyclopedia Brown Books. I really enjoy seeing them on the Kindle and they are fun little puzzler stories to read to my kids and see if they can solve them. Can't say enough how enjoyable the logic that some of the thinking that goes on with these stories is great teaching tool for my kids as well.So why the two star listing? Well the formatting sucks and sucks harder than a brand new Hoover vacuum on a shag carpet. There is no link between the solution and the story nor the next story in the series. So you have either have to create a link to the solutions individually for each of the or create a link to the solutions chapter and then flip back to the stories. This is an issue that nearly all of the Penguin Ebook editions published today have had. It is annoying and aggravating since this should have been something easily created when the book was originally ported over to an ebook standard. I mean I have seen self-published books in similar genres that have hot links going back and forth between solutions or maps or appendices over to the main text. So that is why the two star listing.
  •     Another fantastic Encyclopedia Brown book. It follows the same format of mystery & then the answer in the back. My 9yr old can't get enough of these books and reads the entire book without stopping. He loves trying to figure out how Encyclopedia solves the mystery. Great book for 1st-4th grade boys.
  •     The entire Encyclopedia Brown series is a favorite for both boys and girls!
  •     My son loves all of that books. we bought kindle version of them. very recommended for kids 8-9 years old

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