The Original 365 Amazing Trivia Facts Page-A-Day Calendar 2008

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Press:Workman Pub Co Workman Publishing Company; Pag edition (June 30, 2007)
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Go ahead, take your best guess. 
The bestselling trivia calendar, 365 Trivia Facts feeds the buff's obsession with a challenging, surprising, and fascinating factoid every day.
The arts: What famous French artist's first job, at age 13, was decorating plates in a Limoges porcelain factory? Politics: How many African Americans served in the U.S.
Senate in the 19th century? How about the 20th century? And fun stuff: What were the first jack-o'-lanterns carved from?


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  •     I can't believe I purchased a 2008!!!!! I didn't double check the date........Why would I want a 2008??? Bad purchase on my part
  •     We love these yearly calendars with some amazing trivia knowledge! Throw out the sports ones, we are not interested or active in sports!! jwa
  •     Once again I am about to purchase the Trivia Fun Facts Page-a-day calendar as I have been doing for the past 10 years plus. Every day I tear off another page and at least 4 or more times per week I find will find interesting and fun facts. The really good ones,and there are many, I usually quiz family members to see if they can guess the answer.An example of one of my favorite trivia facts: Who was issued the first speeding ticket in NYC and when? The answer: In 1898 Cabbie Joseph________(forgot last name) was doing 12 mph and was stopped by a policeman ON A BIKE.
  •     Got it for my husband, who finally found questions he could not answer. It's interesting, fun and informative.

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