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Press:Andrews McMeel Pub Andrews McMeel Publishing; Wal edition (August 1, 2007)
Author Name:Davis, Jim


The world's foremost authority on felines (he's been a cat all of his life) explains cats and their quirks in Garfield The Truth About Cats. 
Outrageous, original, and one-of-a-kind, get ready to roar at this collection of never-before-seen Garfield cartoons.
Every perfectly awesome page offers an insider's look at cat behavior, including the link between brave cats and dog chains, why cats should'nt get cable, and what drives a cat to eat a carburetor.
It's 100% Garfield fun.
And that's the truth!


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  •     It was very interesting and very funny. I did enjoy reading it. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who likes Garfield.
  •     The 24th Garfield book features comic strips originally released in 1992, right in the middle of the period where I think Jim Davis produced some of his best work (late 80s - mid 90s). There is a certain edge to the humor in a lot of the comic strips in this book and for that reason I think it's one of the best and funniest of the series. I especially like the several comics strips where Jon and Garfield are in the diner interacting with Irma (Jon: Irma do you give free refills on coffee? Irma: Interesting question. No one's ever asked for a second cup).In summary, this book is a must-have if you're a Garfield fan.
  •     Son loves it - I loved these as a kid. They don't really have the same draw for me now - but that's not to the discredit of the book. I think many of these earlier Garfield strips are much more entertaining and interesting than some of the later ones when Garfield was a huge commercial success.Anyway it is a nice set and a great start for a Garfield fan or for someone new to Garfield.
  •     I've been a fan for over 30 years and always will be. The eBook versions are much easier to keep than the huge collection of books that cover my bookshelves!
  •     Cute calendar for the Garfield fan.
  •     This calendar hangs in my bathroom. It's good to see Garfield first thing in the morning. He's a good start to my day.
  •     In Sweden, we call him Gustaf. That's a male name, so I suppose Garfield *is* male! Weirdly, all other characters have retained their English names, like in the original strip,...
  •     My son loves this calendar! We have it hung on our Kitchen wall!
  •     Haha you eat at a friend's place for you and me a picture to the culling the baby shower then we have a nice time for kids are going well so you have an amazing and B there were...
  •     Our kids have loved these books. I think we have bought 6 volumes so far.
  •     I have great memories of reading these from when I was a kid, and wanted to pass on the love to my kids as well. They all love Garfield (as well as Calvin and Hobbes), these are great to have in the house.
  •     You would like this book! It is a great garfield book but i have seen better. Hope you like it!
  •     great.
  •     I bought this for my 9 yr. old comic book loving son. Since I enjoyed reading them as a child I didn't have to worry about the humor being inappropriate. My son loves Garfield so much he reads to his 7 yr. brother every night. We are up to volume four and they are all in tatters because of there repeat use. Because of my older son and Garfield, my younger son has been encouraged to read more on his own and for that I am eternally greatful.
  •     Oh My Dear Fat Sarcastic, Non-Empathic Garfield, How You do Make My Son and Me Guffaw with Laughter!I have been purchasing these wonderful FAT CAT 3-PACKS for quite some time. My son who is twelve now has been reading them since he was a Tot and now he's a Tween. For those who don't know, the book comes as one thick book, thus the "3-pack" although to be perfectly honest, that could seem to be a bit misleading. My first purchase many years ago had me thinking I was getting three books. I was very happy when I saw just how thick (a good inch or more) the big soft bound comic strip book was. so no complaints here.He had asked for Volume 1, but I couldn't understand why it was so expensive at some places and yet hard to find at others. Well, I found GARFIELD FAT CAT 3-PAK VOL 1 here and decided to buy it used. It arrived in about two weeks in almost perfect/new condition.
  •     When buying used books, I only buy the like new or very good. The book I got had bent pages, the first half was folded, and the pages are a dark grey color. Not even close to meeting either of those categories. The only reason it gets three stars is because this is one more book closer to completing the entire collection and its the original format. I've purchased other books from this seller and they were according to description. I'm hoping this was an exception and not the rule for their very good books.
  •     Love it!
  •     I bought this for my classroom and my students certainly enjoy it! I have a lot of Garfield 'wisdoms' around the room and this is another fun item for the collection!

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