Lost Civilizations - The Etruscans

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Press:Lucent Books Lucent Books; 1 edition (October 29, 2004)
Author Name:Nardo, Don


The Etruscans were a culturally advanced people who lived in what is now Tuscany, north of Rome. 
Though a great many of their buildings, tombs, and artifacts have been excavated and studied, they remain in many ways a mysterious people.
A widely published scholar of the ancient world here provides a sweeping overview of Etruscan civilization.


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  •     I've read many of Nardo's other books about ancient civilizations and enjoyed and learned from them all. For some reason this one eluded me for a long time, although I've long had a strong interest in the Etruscans, those colorful predecesors of the Romans in Italy. This treatment of the topic is excellent. It gives young people a valuable introduction to the Etruscans and their culture, but does not cater to the lowest common denominator, as so many books about history for young adults do. Instead, Nardo presents the material as he would for an adult audience, with plenty of primary source quotes and detailed descriptions and plenty of footnotes and appropriate documentation, but he also skillfully uses shorter and less complex sentences and somewhat scaled down vocabulary in order to ensure it is age appropriate. That way the book appeals to both younger and older readers. Covered are the theories for where the Etruscans came from, the growth of their cities, their religious beliefs, social customs, and arts, how they culturally influenced the Romans, how the Romans eventually conquered and absorbed the Etruscan city-states, and the fulsome legacy of the Etruscans. I heartily recomend this wonderful small but highly informative volume.

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