Vocabulary Workshop: Level D

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Press:William H Sadlier William H Sadlier (September 6, 2002)
Author Name:Shostak, Jerome


Vocabulary Workshop: Level D


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  •     This vocabulary series helps thoroughly prepare students for the SAT. I have used several levels with various classes, and I have found them all to be highly satisfactory.
  •     ... who really push their students this book is a miracle. Even those in my class who were unmotivated went to college with a much higher vocublary than others. Sure the books are boring, repititous, and all you can think about while using them is tossing them into the nearest fire but, looking back, myself and most of the classmates I'm still in contact with, credit these deposits of evil as a great educational tool. We used them from fourth grade through twelfth grade and I wouldn't change one antagonizing moment of it. My friends I all get to laugh now because we have so much free time due to having had more homework in high school than we do now. Bottom line: yeah the book is tough but it will pay off in the end.
  •     I love the program that this book offers however it is difficult to get a teachers manual. I like this program because it covers vocabulary in 4+ ways: definition, antonym/synonyms, in story context and sentences. Plus the online activities are great to reinforces the meanings.
  •     Arrived on time. A GREAT resource for learning vocabulary!
  •     for daughters school
  •     As advertised.
  •     Just what I needed for my 10 graders...
  •     This really helped my son for the SAT. He said he had a teacher back in middle school that used it and it really made a difference.
  •     I love this series. I used it when I was in school and can remember making fun of some of the words with friends, but I still remember most of them. Now, I use them with my students. I didn't find it hard at all to find answer key, but it is because we order from the publisher. It also has no other supplemental materials, but if you're creative they really aren't needed. We work with the same words for two weeks. The first week, the students work the pages in the book and at the week's end we have a plain old regular spelling test (call out the words and the student writes the correct spelling). The next week we do flashcards with picture recognition, crosswords puzzles using the definitions as clues, and one word association (pick one (sometimes two) word(s) from the def. that sums up the meaning of the word). Then at the week's end we have a definition test where the def. are listed with a blank for the student to write the correct word (no word bank and must be spelled correctly). At the end of the unit we use the test from the test book (also from the publisher). This works really well with my students. Also this year on the sadlier website they have audio pronunciations of the words (plus other stuff). I highly recommend this book. We use it at our school from 2nd through 8th grade. I'm also excited to be using the new Grammar Workshop this year. Hope this helps someone!
  •     Good book. My daughter is using this for 8th grade.
  •     Good.
  •     I've been homeschooling my 2 kids for the last 9 years and each and every year, I buy a Vocab Workshop book. We started when the kids were in elementary school and now my oldest graduated with a very extensive Vocabulary and my youngest (who is starting 10th grade) will be using yet another Vocab Workshop book, but this time Level D. Every week we start a new unit, and each day he only does 1 small lesson in that unit. Most Units have 5 days worth so if followed perfectly the child starts on Monday and finishes the unit on Friday, which is perfect for us.
  •     My high school used these books. I also found them tedious, but I was in high school and I found everything tedious. The practice of applying myself to something that was less entertaining than I wished was valuable and necessary. I would never have gotten very far in life, and would certainly never have been successful in college unless I learned the skills that these books emphasized: vocabulary, standardized testing skills, and practice concentrating and memorizing.I do remember thinking back in high school that they actually worked. Each section uses the same week's vocabulary words in different sections that are used on the SAT, ACT, GRE and other standardized tests, such as synonyms, antonyms, and analogies (the hardest to me!) After each section, I actually remembered the meaning of every word because I'd used them in so many different ways.I would recommend these books to other students. I also have to say that any mother who encourages her child to give up on completing these books is doing both their child and herself a great disservice. She will realize it when her child returns home to live with her as an adult after having failed at other things that are "boring".
  •     As a test prep tutor who specializes in exams which test vocubulary knowledge - the SAT, SSAT, ISEE, SHSAT and others - I am always on the lookout for helpful vocabulary-building tools. This series, while not particularly exciting, is excellent; I use the full set. Students in lower grades can start from the lower levels and work their way up. Each word list is accompanied by a good variety of review and reinforcement drills: sentence completions, mix-n-match, passage readings, etc.Since this series is often used in schools, my luckier students get their test prep and school vocabulary homework done simultaneously!
  •     Book was not as described. It was in very poor and very used condition. Torn cover and heaving writing on.
  •     nice book. few pages were written on or ripped

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