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Press:Random House Inc Random House; 1 edition (June 21, 1994)
Publication Date:1994-6
Author Name:Whitten, Phillip


Experts agree that swimming is the best and most complete form of excercise. 
Here is the most authoritative and comprehensive guide to the sport.


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  •     Why are swim book authors so lousy? This one is worse than the Total Immersion book. More pages are devoted to topics around swimming than swimming itself. There are chapters on health, diet, etc. etc. That's not necessarily bad, but I'd rather have a smaller, more focused book just about swim technique. In addition, the author gets carried away with love of his sport, asserting that swimming will lead to a better sex life, longevity, wealth, world peace. Well, many fitness regimes will improve your health. Buy it used and keep your expectations low.
  •     I really love this book. It's full of great motivational stories and excellently illustrated techniques. I have only two complaints. Whitten, like authors of most books on swimming that I've come across, doesn't address what to do when you've been out of the pool a long time and are struggling to get back. As someone who was very much afraid of the water until I took some excellent classes in my county, it's hard for me to get back into the pool after a long layoff. I really need to revisit basic breathing techniques and overcome some deep-seated fears. I also question some of the studies on body fat and swimming. Not that I question swimming's benefits, but all the studies Whitten quotes have been done on Master's swimmers, a sport that like cycling and running is somewhat self-selective. Most successful Master's swimmers are long, lean body types that move along quickly in the water. I wish someone would do body fat studies on the effects of swimming on the normal, non-athletic physique. Other than that, Whitten has written, in my opinion, an excellent book for most beginner and intermediate swimmers.
  •     a volume that preaches to the choir of masters (and would be) swimmers. discussions of benefits of swimming, weight loss, strokes, masters swimming & more. maybe the best starter book available for someone interested in getting started in swimming. not bed for those of us in it, but not as informative for stroke technique as other volumes. loses ponts on the one to ten scale due to lack of technical improvement information
  •     very helpful
  •     In reading some of the complaints about this book from other reviewers, I would like to add that not all swimming books are created equal. Some are clearly devoted to technique, drills, and fine-tuning every little aspect of your athletic performance, and there are plenty of these instruction-type manuals to choose from. I tend to seek out swim books that address ALL of the aspects of the sport, the way Dr. Whitten does in this book and also Harvey Weiner does in "Total Swimming." As a swimmer who has spent many years in the pool with large gaps in-between of not swimming, I know if I turn to a book like Dr. Whitten's, the motivation to jump back in will be easily available to me. Recently this has been the case; I returned to swimming after 10 years out of the pool, and the author's statement that his book will motivate you is certainly accurate.For those swimmers who want only to improve their performance, turn to the instruction-manual style swim books. And for all others, who don't mind some instruction/drills chapters but also like to explore the mind-body connection which occurs within the water experience, as well as learn about the health benefits research available to swimmers, there is Dr. Whitten's book. Enjoy!
  •     The first 86 pages do nothing but tell you why you should swim. If you didn't want to swim why would you have the book to begin with?
  •     As a regular runner, I have often thought of using swimming as a great cross-training exercise but always hesitated because I am a weak, inexperienced swimmer. This book was a wonderful find to give tips on improving each stroke and has a wonderful set of workouts in the back for beginners to improve their skill level. I am now swimming a couple of times every week and consult this book regularly for ideas to improve and inspire.
  •     I was 28 and did not know how to swim properly. I've gotten by with waving my arms and kicking.. you know, what you see in the olympics.Picked up this book on recommendation and it clearly illustrated the strokes and gives a short history of strokes, the most impactful one being the crawl stroke. After a few weeks of re-reading the chapter of swimming and going back and forth from the gym reviewing the diagrams with what i was doing in the pool... I got the basics down. Signed up for an advanced swimmers lesson and the instructor said that I was the only one in 20 that actually belonged in the class. So they gave me special one on one instruction regarding my swimming technique.Great start to learning to swim.
  •     This book is great for getting started. If your first thought is,"do I really wanna go all the way up to the pool, get in my swimming trunks and jump into the cold wet?", just open this book and you'll already be in the water. Dr. Whitten has so much enthusiasm for the sport, that he could probably even convince a cat to take up swimming. I bet there are better books for competitive swimmers, which have more complete work-outs or are more technical, but this book gives you a bit of everything and it also explains WHY you should take up swimming.

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