The Boardman Tasker Omnibus: Savage Arena, the Shining Mountain, Sacred Summits, Everest the Cruel Way

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Press:Mountaineers Books Mountaineers Books; Second edition (May 1995)
Publication Date:1995-5
Author Name:Boardman, Peter (EDT)/ Tasker, Joe/ Boardman, Peter/ Tasker, Joe (EDT)


Book by Joe Tasker, Peter Boardman


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     The writing is clear and engaging and the expeditions are covered thoroughly. The last book of the Omnibus about a Tasker Omnibus is not as good as the rest. Book is partly a credit to the writing ability of the two authors and partly due to the nature of small expeditions documented where the story is intimate and human, rather than the unholy literary messes encountered in books about large expeditions.
  •     I'm afraid I can't agree about the quality of the writing. I am very fond of the subject area, but the writing (of both) was tedious and trivial on my opinion. I forced myself to finish Savage Arena and read the next title four thirty so pages before putting it on the shelf for good. Agreed, you can't expect climbers to necessarily have elegant prose, but this was more like a third person diary than a literary work.
  •     Boardman is a better writer than Tasker... and Joe Tasker's self doubt really stand out... but setting that aside, this was a great book to understand how they became such successful climber in the 70's and 80's.
  •     Four books in one, and two views of each climb, from companion climbers. Gives one the inner feelings of two men that were opposites in temperment but good climbing pals.
  •     This book delivers one of the most comprehensive perspective on climbing in the Himalayas. With vivid descriptions of successful (and unsuccessful) climbs of a variety of peaks...
  •     Having read inumerable books on mountaineering, I wasn't prepared for the impact of this one. I've read "Fragile Edge" by Maria Coffey, (it is excellent, she was...
  •     I have read literally dozens of climbing books. Without a doubt, Boardman's "Shining Mountain" is the best climbing book ever written.
  •     This was an excellent book about multiple Himalayan expeditions by Peter Boardman and Joe Tasker. Very good reading and I liked the smaller expeditions they conducted with less support. They were a very well matched pair and climbed with many famous climbers of our era. Very well written adventures in my opinion. Very sorry they are no longer with us.
  •     This is the gold standard of empathetic mountain literature by which all others are compared.Want to know what it really feels like where the air is cold and thin,...
  •     The stories are very touching and good, just it is a huge book andthere are too many of them and inherently they are quite similar.
  •     The four books contained in this omnibus are long out of print and expensive if you even find them used. I wanted to read The Shining Mountain by Peter Boardman and the omnibus copy I found was inexpensive lucky for me! Haven't read any of the other books in it yet, but the Boardman one was incredible!
  •     This is a great collection of mountaineering books by two climbers who are such good writers that a mountaineering writing award was named after them following their tragically early deaths together on Everest. I suspect the original volumes were harder to find before this omnibus was released, so it is a service to readers for sure.Boardman and Tasker climbed together multiple times under some extremely difficult conditions, and you can tell they were a good match as climbing partners, for when you read their separate versions of the same climbs in these books, it is obvious that they trusted each other, not just with their life at times, but enough so that they could be honest with each other with criticism while knowing it wouldn't affect that trust.Many top notch climbers have perished seeking greater and greater challengers in more and more extreme circumstances, but in this case, we lost not just skilled mountaineers but skilled writers as well. The only negative I can inject about this volume is that the pictures could perhaps have been organized better so that you see the pictures closer to where you read about their topics, but that is a minor point.
  •     Great read. I highly recommend this book and enjoyed the different perspectives of Tasker and Bordman's writing. Really end enjoyed reading about how gear was changing during the period of their climbs.

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