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Press:Mountaineers Books Mountaineers Books; 2 edition (September 30, 2000)
Publication Date:2000-10
Author Name:Lopez, Tom


* The most-referenced guidebook for Idaho climbers* Includes the trails, approaches, and access information for Idaho's peaksWhether it's a technical ascent of the great west wall of Elephants Perch or a scramble to the summit of 12,662-foot Mount Borah, here's your key to high adventure in Idaho. 
At each new printing, Tom Lopez has updated and expanded his encyclopedic guide to more than 800 summits.
All the features that made the first edition so popular are here -- detailed route descriptions, difficulty ratings, summit heights, access information to hundreds of roads and trails, extensive sections on history and geology, and much, much more.
You won't find a more thorough guide anywhere!Learn more about climbing in Idaho by visiting the author's website:


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  •     We took this on our trip to the Sawtooth Mts. near Stanley, ID, and also used to expore the near-by Cloud Mts.
  •     We have used Tom Lopez's book extensively for exploring hundreds of Idaho's many wilderness peaks and it is required reading for anyone interested in peak bagging. Exploring is the operative word here; you will not find a blow-by-blow description. Rather, key information is provided.For example:1. How to access the mountains (used in conjunction with topographic maps, US Forest Service maps, BLM maps, and a back-road gazette, we have always found public-use access points and have never gotten lost or trespassed). This is invaluable information and very time-consuming to get otherwise.2. Approaches and general routes (for example, which drainage, face or ridge to follow). The details are just enough to point you towards a route that works, leaving you with a sense of accomplishment and adventure as you work out the details on-the-spot. This is a huge time-saver for weekend warriors like us.3. YDS ratings to let you decide what level of technical difficulty you want to tackle. Tom and his contributors are veteran climbers and scramblers and that experience is invaluable in appropriate route rating.4. Background information about geology and early explorers, perfect for rainy days or armchair travels.Idaho's wilderness is vast and although hundreds and hundreds of peaks are described, not every summit is included. Some folks say that this is part of the charm of Idaho's wilderness, which is true. Other folks say that a new edition is long overdue, and that is also true (Mountaineers Books, are you listening???). But by the time you have tackled many of the routes described, you may find your sense of adventure sharpened to the point that you feel comfortable and eager to explore undescribed areas on your own.Like us, by using this book you will likely grow to truly appreciate the solitude of Idaho's backcountry.
  •     Very good climbing guide book
  •     This book is more of a collection of the main summits in Idaho than a hiking book. I enjoyed the historical and geaolical information to understand a little bit more on the area I'm living but otherwise it just list the main summits (there is a lot of them thought) in Idaho. You can't just use it for planning purpose but it is a nice addition and collection of information for planning.
  •     This is the only published source of climbing Idaho's mountains, alpine climbs, and rock climbs on peaks. This is a much revised and improved version over the first. While the book doesn't contain climbing topos or get into extreme route detail, it gives enough to get you interested, inspired, and up most peaks. My only critique would be on the Approach section- which can be a bit cumbersome to reference and the fact that it covers the whole state and can seem "thin" on info at times- Idaho is a huge state with so many mountains. The photographs and sketches are excellent and so is the brief history. Many mountains have more than 1 route described and the Sawtooth section is so much better than last edition. Great job and I can't wait for the next version.
  •     Tom Lopez can be commended for attempting to fit a whole state worth of mountains into one book. However, as one would expect with such bredth, it suffers greatly in depth.
  •     I just spent 3 weeks in Idaho climbing peaks and this book was my bible. A great guide covering so many peaks! The route descriptions are short, and tough to plan a climb with just this, but considering how many peaks are in the state (and covered in the guide) it would be impossible to go into too much detail. Having lat/longs for the peaks would be nice.
  •     Tom Lopez knows Idaho mountains better than nearly anyone in the state. This book covers nearly every mountain range and nearly all main peaks in Idaho. It gives class ratings and very good directions for access to the peaks and hikes. His book helped my dad and I climb the 9 peaks in Idaho over 12,000 feet. We wouldn't have been able to do it without this book. If you want to climb Idaho mountains, you need this book.
  •     I have been using Tom's book for years now. I have used it to successfully lead me to the top of hundreds of Idaho peaks. The book doesn't have every route on every peak, so you will have to put some time into studying the topo map on some of the lesser known peaks (that is one of the fun aspects of hiking/mountaineering anyway). However, the number of peaks the book contains is impressive.If you want to get to the top of Idaho's peaks, there is no better book than this one!

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