The Amusement Park Guide, 5th (Amusement Park Guide: Coast to Coast Thrills)

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Press:Globe Pequot Press Globe Pequot; 5th edition (July 1, 2003)
Author Name:O'Brien, Tim


Amusement parks are everywhere, in most of the 50 United States as well as many Canadian provinces. 
This book includes them all.
However, this is more than just a list of the best rides around.
Tim O'Brien presents the inside scoop on special events and in-park entertainment.
The helpful information he lists includes admission prices, operating season, hours, and directions to the parks.
Also inside, readers will find his advice for making each amusement park trip a fantastic one.
These tips have been garnered by Tim over his many years as self-described "amusement park connoisseur."This new edition will include updated listings for all new parks, new photographs and trivia items, and sidebars with information on Tim's favorite parks, as well as the latest details about new rides at each park.

About the Author

Tim O'Brien works as a writer and photographer and is the author of Tennessee Off the Beaten Path and Fun with the Family in Tennessee (both from Globe Pequot). 
He lives in Nashville.


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  •     This is, truly, the bible of amusement park guides. I am always amazed at its thorough coverage of parks, both large and small, in the United States and Canada - is there an international edition in the works??? If so, put me on the list of buyers.It's difficult to think of a park that isn't listed here - from the mainstream parks such as Disneyworld and Universal, to the tiny, neighborhood parks such as Weona and Nelly Bly, they're all here, and beautifully documented. Signature rides are listed for each park - from the big, modern coasters, to the rarer flats. As a huge fan of Flying Scooters and Lusse Auto Skooters (you fellow park nuts will know what I'm talking about, here), I love that such rides are included. Park histories are here, as well, for all of us preservationists.Directions, websites, and further information are included for the parks, also, which greatly helps if one wishes to visit a park. Also, common-sense tips for park visitors are here, as well as little-known secrets that assist with getting around a park to the greatest efficiency.I was fortunate enough to find this book while visiting Knoebels Grove (the best park in America, as far as I'm concerned), and couldn't put it down during the entire ride home. It's addictive, informative, and, well, a must-have. What with the summer practically here, run, don't walk, and get your copy NOW.
  •     My cousin is a huge roller coast enthusiast. I got this for him one year for Christmas. It listed so many great places. I think at this point, he's alreday been to half of them
  •     History--(5 out of 5) I love how Tim gives a brief description of roller coaster history and the amusement industry. His insight is impeccable! I love how he inputs important dates in amusement park history, and a great description of carousels and their manufacturers.Relevance--(4 out of 5) This guide is mostly relevant, but some of the information is outdated since this was written in 2003. Whenever anyone writes about amusement parks in its current form, the information will be outdated as soon as it gets published because of newer developments. Pricing, websites, and hours certainly change; phone numbers may change as well. Plus, some parks sadly become defunct over time. This, of course, is not the author's fault at all. It would be great if Tim wrote an updated guide for reference for usage in the 2010s. However, the amount and depth of information that is provided in this guide is outstanding, and is quite useful for what it is!User-Friendliness--(5 out of 5) Because of the year that this book was published, it is highly recommended to call the parks ahead of time to obtain the most current, accurate, and relevant information, and Tim does an excellent job saying this. This guide can be used for many park trips, and is a wonderful user-friendly book! He even includes tips to help make enjoying the parks even more fun, including being with children if you have them!Depth--(5 out of 5) Before Tim lists each North American (US and Canada) amusement park, Tim describes his personal touch of favorite non-roller coaster rides, and the top parks. He also lists the oldest roller coasters and oldest parks. Then, state by state, Tim describes each park in about three paragraphs each for the smaller parks with some extra emphasis for the larger and unique parks. For the major parks, he also describes the operating season, hours, special events, admission policy, plan to stay (in hours), best way to avoid crowds, top rides, roller coasters, directions, and also throws in some extras. This depth of research is insurmountable, and incredibly amazing! For the minor parks, he provides a great description of the park, and may throw in directions as well. I love his "Tim's Trivia" tidbits that provide exquisite knowledge of the industry! The only very minor issue would be about having no border crossing information for Canada, and it would have been an excellent touch to include this information if one was to travel to Canada.Overall, I give this book an easy 4 out of 5 rating with the only small downside being the relevance. This is definitely an un-biased guide book that all could use, and reference when needed. One side note is that Tim drew a roller coaster on each page; by flipping the pages, the roller coaster is actually animated--a neat twist to the traditional books!
  •     this is a great book for people who are looking for new amusement parks to go to,it provides lots of good information and is easy to read and understand

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