Ultimate "CSI": Crime Scene Investigation

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Press:Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd Dorling Kindersley Publishers Ltd (October 26, 2006)
Author Name:Corinne Marrinan; Steve Parker


This is a guide to all six series of this criminally good show. 
We've stalked, photographed, printed, tagged and bagged to bring you the inside story on the CSI Las Vegas graveyard shift.
Get closer to the team you love, from Gil Grissom, Catherine Willows, Warrick Brown, Nick Stokes, Sara Sidle, Greg Sanders, to Dr Albert Robbins and Captain Jim Brass.
Sneak a look at them working, with original close-ups straight from the show and learn what makes this extraordinary cast tick, their areas of expertise and the shocking cases that have got under their skin.
Follow forensic procedures and see how evidence is collected and processed, murderers are caught and impossible mysteries solved.
Brace yourself for a killer read.


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  •     I thought the book was nice - great graphics, extras, etc. However, the book is small for the price.
  •     This is an excellent companion to the CSI universe. It provides profiles of all the main characters and a wealth of information from case studies to forensics. As with all DK books, this one concentrates on pictures with supporting text, and there are lots of great shots of the crime scenes and corpses and equipment that make CSI so interesting to watch. I particularly enjoyed examining the pictures of autopsies. Also Marg Helgenberger. Hey, something for everyone.
  •     This is a must have for fans of the CSI series. Has a nice layout and the pictures alone are worth the price of the book.
  •     I loved this book, it covers all six seasons and then some. Gives some very good insight into the show and the forensics as well as the characters. I am so glad I bought it. I recommend it.
  •     If you love CSI, this is the book for you. Loads of full color pictures and glossery terms explaining what all the terms those CSIs throw around really mean. Individually write ups on all the characters and just a really fun read. I highly recommend.
  •     Like millions of viewers each week, people turn into CBS' CSI Las Vegas series and watch a show that paved the way for many more crime dramas.
  •     Very stylish, good quality photographs with detailed explanations concerning the varios aspects of CSI, Las Vegas.
  •     This book is grate to read it show you what each CSI dose in the Lab and out at a Crime Scene and so much more this book has grate information in it.
  •     This book is ideal for any fan of the show. It's so well done and choc full of great photos and interesting background information. It is part of the DK range of books, so you can imaging it's very involved with a lot of interesting stuff and will keep you reading for a long time.There are photos of some of your favourite episodes and characters and even some background information on some of the supporting characters such as Ecklie and Detective Vartan and Vega. You get to see in depth Grisolms office and Brass' office. There is a segment devoted to one of Grisolms biggest challenge, Paul Millander. They talk about blood spatter and how evidence is broken down and how it tells them all about the case. When they talk about Audio/Visual Analysis, they talk about different episodes where this technology is used. I could go on and on about all the interesting topics that are in here, but there is so much, it's better to grab a copy and read it all for yourself. I especially love the background info on the characters because that's more in depth than you ever see on screen. Page 52 is where they talk about my personal favourite; Nick. As with all the characters it gives you info about them growing up and how they came to be CSI's and talks about some of the places where they've shined or come into their own.Again, this book is truly worth while if you are a fan and I can't speak highly enough of it. It's very good and you have to buy a copy too. You'll love it.
  •     Good for reading once, then just takes up space. Pretty pictures of the cast, talks about the characters as though they were real people.

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