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Press:Stackpole Books Stackpole Books; 1st edition (December 1, 1993)
Publication Date:1993-12
Author Name:Goddard, Dale/ Neumann, Udo


Handbook for experienced climbers covers all the physical and psychological aspects of climbing training.


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  •     If you want to learn about exercise physiology this is the best non-academic book I have found
  •     Simple, clear text, enjoyable to read, gives you a brief understanding of sports physiology as it applies to climbing. Plus, the 1980s style cover is delightful.
  •     A great book about training, for climbing specifically, or for any activity that calls for 10k hours/mastery.The cartoons are a nice touch.
  •     If you buy only one rock climbing book, this should be it!! Great overview of training techniques and what you can do on and off rock to improve your overall conditioning and climbing. Explains physiology in easy to understand terms so that each person can customize workouts to their own needs and to fit their goals.
  •     I bought this book about five years ago and have used it extensively. If you are looking for a book on how to climb, this is not the book.
  •     This book will not tell you how to hold onto a tiny crimpy hold with one finger while your feet hunt for somewhere to stand.
  •     I thoroughly enjoyed the blend of pure science and application to on rock performance.The authors are world renowned climbers with a clear enthusiasm for the sport and...
  •     Although it has been written 15 years ago it's anything but antiquated (apart from the cover maybe). Easy to read and very descriptive.
  •     Improving one's ability in any endeavor can be difficult once one has practiced for a few years. One might think that there's not all that much technique involved in rock climbing, since the climber has but two arms and two legs. But it's not that simple. Performance Rock Climbing breaks climbing down into a number of aspects, then teaches how to optimize each and combine the parts into a whole.When this book hit the shelves, I had stagnated for a few years, unable to improve. Within 6 months, my onsight leading level had jumped nearly a whole grade. I'd learned to channel my energy for climbing in a more efficient way, and to reduce climbing related injuries. Rather than just exercising the climbing muscles, I learned to better exercise my mind - perhaps the most critical muscle of all for a climber.
  •     Don't let the publication date fool you - this is the BEST book - don't train without it! It discusses things that the "new" books overlook - important things you will want to...
  •     This book is awesome and it was sent in excellent condition. Would definitely do business with again, thanks!
  •     The book has many useful tips on technique and training. The text and illustrations are clear and helpful.
  •     This is a great book that will teach you how to train yourself versus just following pre-made training routines that may not be what you need. In a world where we're constantly being taught that we need to follow pre-set proven routines this book shines. The great part about it is that is doesn't only cover the strength aspect or training. It covers technique, stretching, strategy, and the mental side of training.The only difficult thing about the book is that you won't come away knowing exactly what routine you will follow. That's alright! You'll need to put in the effort to figure out a training plan that work for you.
  •     Cool psychology about training your brain and body to move efficiently through diverse moves. Moral of the story: practice consciously
  •     Imagine a pursuit that requires bloody fingers to excel at, a life or death commitment to succed in almost any areas of, and then take a look at this book.

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