Getting Old without Getting Anxious: A Book for Seniors, Loved Ones, and Caregivers

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Press:Putnam Pub Group Avery; 1 edition (March 16, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-3
Author Name:Rabins, Peter V./ Lauber, Lynn


Informative and full of hope, Getting Old Without GettingAnxious assists older people and their caregivers in overcoming one of the more crippling and misunderstood human afflictions: anxiety. 
Geriatric psychiatrist and bestselling author of The 36-Hour Day Dr.
Peter V.
Rabins explains how the many changes that occur as a person ages can trigger severe andlife-altering anxiety, often destroying lives.
This valuable guide will help readers to:- learn how late-life anxiety differs from anxiety in younger people;- identify the disorder a loved one may have and its causes; and- treat the affliction with the best remedy or combination of options available.Anxiety is often dismissed as simply a by-product of old age.
Yet Dr.
Rabins shows that experiencing life as an older person does not mean living in fear, and he provides the tools to help people break free from the debilitating grasp of their disorders.
Stories from patients will encourage and motivate both those suffering from mental illness and their caregivers.


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  •     I enjoyed reading this book. This book by Peter Rabins about the aging of America and how we as individuals can cope productively with it was a good read. As an older American I was interested in reading it and found a lot of good material in there that was helpful.J. Robert Ewbank author "John Wesley, Natural Man, and the 'Isms'"
  •     Came in excellent condition. School book but keeping to use as reference in field!
  •     Dr. Rabins' publication has been helpful in caring for my elderly in-laws and my father. His perspective on anxiety in the elderly truly transformed my relationships with all three of them. I think it would have been tremdously helpful to have had this insight 10 years ago, before my grandparents and my mother started to develop serious health issues. And I wish every health care provider was required to read this book as a part of their training. Many problems with geriatric patients get written off as 'just a part of getting old', when in fact a lot of the problems can be treated. Thanks again Dr. Rabins.Getting Old Without Getting Anxious

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