The Hollywood Standard: The Complete and Authoritative Guide to Script Format and Style (Hollywood Standard: The Complete & Authoritative Guide to)

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Press:Ingram Pub Services Michael Wiese Productions (March 1, 2005)
Author Name:Riley, Christopher


Finally a script format guide that is accurate, complete, authoritative and easy to use, written by Hollywood's foremost authority on industry standard script formats.

About the Author

Riley is a professional screenwriter working in Hollywood with his wife and writing partner, Kathleen Riley.


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  •     I am constantly referring to this book as I write my screenplays. (This andThe Screenwriter's Bible, 6th Edition: A Complete Guide to Writing, Formatting, and Selling Your Script (Expanded & Updated)This is not a thick book (like Trottier's) so it gets straight to the point and almost any situation you run into with screenwriting, you can find an answer in here.Note: I said AN answer, and not THE answer. I say this because some screenplay formatting books differ on what you should and shouldn't do. Some say don't use BEAT or VOCE SOTTO .... others say do.
  •     This book is all about properly formatting scripts but the kindle version does not use the proper fonts and therfore the formatting is not correct. It has great information but it's almost useless as a visual aid unless you buy the physical copy.
  •     A singularly useful book. I had a great story idea, but no idea how to communicate it. Now, whenever I'm stuck, I consult The Hollywood Standard. A much underlined, highlighted and post-it note tagged reference, problem solved. Not only do I have a kick-ass story idea, I have a way to communicate it clearly. Hooray for Hollywood!
  •     I found this a great resource with lots of detailed information about formatting scripts. It isn't going to teach you how to write a script (at all), but only how to format it. It won't tell you whether or not you're "supposed" to do something, only how to do it if you choose to. It's like a grammar reference for people who already know how to speak English -- and it's great for that purpose. Like all good grammar books, it's super picky. In my opinion, this was the best buy that I've made to prepare myself for next year's schooling. Teachers are notoriously picky.
  •     Easy read. Well put! Short. Simple. Sweet. And a lot of useful information. I do recommend taking notes one page at a time (for sure).
  •     Must have for any screenwriter. Plenty of the basics -easy to find in a pinch.
  •     Good
  •     Helpful, but far from a complete guide. It's a good start for the price.
  •     I have screenwriting class and this book helps me a lot.
  •     This book covers the standard conventions (note the plural) used in formatting screenplays. It's advice can be confusing to those new to screenwriting. For instance it often provides two or sometimes more accepted conventions for a particular format issue (e.g. do you quote or capitalize lyrics sung by a character?). If a particular format is more favored that is usually called out, but as the author makes clear early on, there is no actual standard in Hollywood. Some conventions are much more accepted than others and that is what he puts emphasis on.When a problem or question regarding formatting comes up I find I seldom use this book. Instead I usually relay on eitherElements of Style for Screenwriters: The Essential Manual for Writers of Screenplaysor elseDr. Format Answers Your Questions, Revised Edition. The former is preferred because of its alphabetical listing and excellent cross references, the latter when dealing with seldom used formatting. The latter does not contain either a table of contents or an index, so it's not very quick to use but covers some real tricky issues.As noted by several other reviewers, over half this book deals with production mode formatting. That is things like camera angles, revisions, scene numbering conventions, etc. If you are writing a spec script, as I imagine 90% of the people who buy this book are, at least half the book will be wasted or worse. If you are involved in revising and formatting production scripts (e.g. script supervisor) then this book will either be a blessing or old news.
  •     Excellent book! I keep this on my desk for easy reach. The best book on formatting that I have gotten my hands on so far.
  •     I know the writer; he's a good man with a wealth of experience. :-)
  •     Within the first five pages, I knew that The Hollywood Standard was a great investment. The details on script writing for Hollywood have been invaluable in helping me clean up scripts I have already been working on. I knew immediately that I need to change some things within my script.It's clearly written, with a bevy of easy-to-understand examples. It details every question I had on how to properly write a Hollywood-worthy script. With the help of this terrific book, I was able to bring my script to a professional level.If you are interested in writing professional scripts, this book will help make it happen. So you probably shouldn't buy it. I don't need any more competition!
  •     A book for "serous screenwriters" (pg xxi), I'd recommend a wait until the next edition comes out. This is that book that has the glaring typo in the same paragraph as the admonition to spell-check. This is a large-format paperback intended to reflect optical-accurate conventions. The Kindle version jettisons all of this including the Courier font. Skip. Skip. Skip.Riley can take notes and a lucky 3rd edition should be rushed into print. What this book does it does well. A good example of why physical books still have value AND why proof-reading still matters.
  •     This review is for the Kindle version only!!! Do not purchase the Kindle version until the publisher has fixed the formatting issues that plague the book. These issues will cause you, if you are unaware, to format your script incorrectly.The paper version of this book may be a wonderful resource, but I cannot verify that. I can verify that I returned the Kindle version because of the above issues. If you do purchase the Kindle version, please be aware that you will need to find formatting examples from another source.
  •     This is my rating for the e-Book. The 2nd edition was printed in letter format for a good reason. this format is ruined on the e-Book version.
  •     Straightforward, easy to understand, and answers most of the questions regarding how to construct a spec and a shooting screenplay and prepare them for submission.

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