Be an Outrageous Older Woman

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Press:Harpercollins William Morrow Paperbacks; Revised edition (August 23, 1997)
Publication Date:1997-10
Author Name:Jacobs, Ruth H.


In a society that worships youth and relegates its seniors to second-class citizen status, many elderly women end up ignored, mourning their lost youth. 
It doesn't have to be that way, says Dr.
Ruth Harriet Jacobs, Remarkable Aging Smart Person and self-proclaimed troublemaker.
Her solution: Be An Outrageous Older Woman.
A unique guide to living it up in the senior years, this feisty book addresses the many issues faced by older women in a sassy, humorous and yes, even outrageous way.
Drawing from her personal experience and from years of meticulous research, Dr.
Jacobs covers such areas as: Sexuality: an A-to-Z list of different ways to keep the fires of passion burning Reinventing yourself Having fun on a tight budget Fostering relationships and social groups Being outrageous with your descendants The benefits and bonuses of aging -- the most freedom since puberty Much, much more Filled with practical advice and innovative ideas, Be an Outrageous Older Woman gives readers the knowledge and inspiration they need to live as first-class citizens and make their golden years shine.


Health, Fitness & Dieting,Aging,Politics & Social Sciences,Social Sciences,Gender Studies,Women's Studies

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Comment List (Total:18)

  •     While the book contains some helpful information and could be uplifting to women challenged by transition to their mature years, it was written in 1997 although the e-book edition was not released until 2010. There is much in the book that is out of date now. It appears to be a Harper Collins publication. However, there are so many typos -- some so garbled that the sense of sentences is unclear -- that I wonder if the author (or someone) made edits to the e-book without professional proofreading. The author is deceased now (since 2013). This could be such a helpful ongoing readable reference book if references and links were kept as current as possible.
  •     This is a ridiculous outdated book. Editing is needed, it is like poorly written high school project. Outrageous women do not necessarily sport "soft gray hair" or use "long distance" and letters in the mail to communicate. Both the Internet and hair color have been invented. Pretty useless, more disturbing than inspirational
  •     The book had a lot of good ideas if you could get by the fact no I re-read what they were writing but depended on spell check. The words were actual words but did not always make sense in the context of the sentence. It was hard to read because of this.. if you struggle thru you will get worth while ideas.
  •     Nothing humorous or outrageous about this book. Total waste of time and I can't even count the number of typos....don't they proof read any more?
  •     Nice to know that life should to be enjoyed no matter what your age.
  •     Never received
  •     Thoroughly enjoyed it.
  •     Totally enjoying the read!
  •     Tired old jokes. Very poor.
  •     I'm sorry I wasted my money on this book. Editing is non-existent and the many errors are extremely distracting. I'm not a lover of poetry so found much of the book of no interest.
  •     Interesting.
  •     A jewel, my motto!
  •     I really would like to give this more points,, but whether it is just kindle edition. The spelling mistakes are appaling, for someone who rather brags about going to college at a mature age, and who specialises in literature. One has to wonder if the writer is dyslexic. If this is the case WHY was there not better editing. I found her poems rather irritating in the end and started to skip them. There are some quite interesting ideas and advice in the book. But it is spoiled by shoddy careless work in the spelling, grammar and editing...pity
  •     No woman in her fifties or sixties will be able to relate much to the content of this book. No mention of the internet AT ALL! Two chapters dealing with mother guilt and issues with daughters -- and that last one seemed to almost never end. I have two sons, no daughters so was able to blow right past that. Suggested activities show the original publication date of 1991 so clearly it's sad.While I agree there might be a place today for a book along these lines, this is NOT the book unless you're in your 80s. I'm sure it was relevant in 1991 but 25 years is a long, long time in this day and age.
  •     I enjoyed the context of this book very much and the number of stars is gave it was for content only. I almost didn't finish it because of the obvious lack of careful editing.. words that were repeatedly spelled wrong... lack of punctuation which made understanding a sentence difficult.... I find it difficult to believe that in this incredible world of technology this carelessness was allowed to go into print!
  •     not what I hought it would be
  •     Disappointing

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