Bad Childhood---Good Life: How to Blossom and Thrive in Spite of an Unhappy Childhood

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Press:Harpercollins Harper; 1st edition (January 3, 2006)
Publication Date:2006-1
Author Name:Schlessinger, Laura C.


In this important book, Dr. 
Laura Schlessinger shows men and women that they can have a Good Life no matter how Bad their Childhood.For each of us, there is a connection between our early family dynamics and experiences and our current attitudes and decisions.
Many of the people Dr.
Laura has helped did not realize how their histories impacted their adult lives, or how their choices in people, repetitive situations, and decisions -- even their emotional reactions -- were connected to those early negative experiences, playing a major role in their current unhappiness.For these people and millions like them, too much time is dedicated to repeating the ugly dynamics of childhood in a vain attempt to repair or cope with deep hurt and longings.
Too often they use their emotional pain to control others or excuse their own inappropriate and destructive behaviors.
Some turn to therapy, only to find themselves trapped in their self-pitying victim mode, robbed of optimism, confidence, and growth.Dr.
Laura will help you realize that no matter what circumstances you came from or currently live in, you are ultimately responsible for how you react to them.
The acceptance of this basic truth is the source of your power to secure the Good Life you long for.
In her signature straightforward style, with real-life examples, Dr.
Laura shows you what you will gain by not being satisfied with an identity as a victim, or even as a survivor -- but striving to be a victor!In Bad Childhood -- Good Life, Dr.
Laura will guide you to accept the truth of the assaults on your psyche and soul, understand your unique coping style and how it impacts your daily thoughts and actions, and help you embrace a life of more peace and happiness.Bad Childhood -- Good Life comes from a compassionate and personal place.
Laura also reveals some of her own experiences with a difficult childhood and what efforts it took to attain a Good Life.
She writes, "My resilience has paid off, and I'm doing the best I can with what I've got." Now you can, too.

From Publishers Weekly

Tis the season, right? For childhood issues to flare up just in time for the trip home for the holidays. 
Instead of resolving to lose those pesky 10 pounds, 2006 may be the perfect time to stop letting a bad childhood ruin another year, says Schlessinger, author of seven New York Times bestsellers and host of an internationally syndicated radio talk show.
Schlessinger uses radio listeners' call-ins, her own stories and a little help from Carly Simon to help adults stuck in the past break free from destructive patterns and move peaceably forward.
"The truth is that there is always a battle between the history and the present," she writes.
Schlessinger tailors her advice staples (take charge, get tough, be positive, live for something other than yourself) toward securing victory over childhood traumas by admonishing readers against thinking emotionally about emotional subjects, advocating black and white reasoning (one listener's mother is deemed "evil") and proposing an amoeba-brainless and unthinking-constitutes a workable decision making model.
Readers already of the Schlessinger school will find much here to appreciate, though it's doubtful this will win her any new fans.
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From Booklist

Schlessinger is, of course, a recognized name as an internationally syndicated radio talk-show host and author of seven previous best-sellers. 
Her latest book will no doubt hit the best-seller lists as well.
And like its predecessors, this one is based on her research, in other words, the calls and letters that came into her radio show.
Her point here is to guide readers in getting past any emotional damage they suffered at the hands of their parents so they may lead productive, happy lives.
But, as Schlessinger admits, it "sounds obvious.
So why isn't it that simple?" She starts with acknowledging that many people don't realize that childhood history can indeed have an impact on the way adults lead their lives.
On the other hand--and this is the premise of her book--keeping yourself in a perpetual state of victimhood because of childhood pain ensures you will experience little or no movement toward a nondestructive, loving, secure adulthood.
Schlessinger offers advice on the best steps to take to move in that direction and, truthfully, there is something in this book for everyone to benefit from.
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About the Author

Laura Schlessinger, a licensed marriage and family therapist, is one of the most popular talk-show hosts in radio history and the only woman to win the prestigious Marconi Award for syndicated radio.
She is the author of twelve New York Times bestsellers, writes a daily blog, and is a regular Newsmax columnist.
She is heard daily on Sirius/XM Channel 155 live, and her program is streamed and podcast on
Schlessinger has her own YouTube Channel (
She is also the skipper and driver of a racing sailboat program that won the 2010 international race from Newport Beach to Cabo San Lucas.
She and her husband live in Southern California.


Self-Help,Personal Transformation

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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Very wonderful! I bought this book for myself long ago and now buying it for my cousin. It is a very good book. Helpful!
  •     This book saved my life, and when I say that I am not over emphasizing. I was headed into self destruction, and was given this book. It had given me the tools to deal with all of the past I didn't know how to handle, and she's so tough and straight forward it really got through. I am not one for self help books but this book was amazing, purchased it for several others since. There were times when I opened the book and threw it after reading because she was right. I couldn't help but continue to pick it back up and finish because I was finally getting through what needed to heal. It took me 2 very long years to finish it only because of what I needed to deal with, but it gave me myself back and helped me to live outside of the trauma I had experienced! It has stopped defining me, I highly recommend it.
  •     My youngest child wanted to read it and learned volumes from it...I read the first Chapter and had to stop...reality hit
  •     Extremely well written and to the point. Would highly recommend to everyone. Even for those who had a good childhood, it can provide a deeper understanding of the behaviors and patterns of those we love and believe in.
  •     given as gift. I've heard good things about the book and I've been listening to Dr. Laura for 20+ years.
  •     Life changing
  •     insightful perspective on the need to accept and tolerate difficult and painful feelings associated with childhood failings
  •     Great advice book. I hope I can do what it says!
  •     I've not finished reading it but I've enjoyed what I read so far.
  •     Although I still ruminate when I am idle, I learned that staying busy with positive things lessens my opportunity to look backward. I intend to buy several copies of this in hard copy and gift them to family members who are stuck. This is a wonderful reminder that life is not always fun but more often a daily challenge. When you can see yourself having met the challenge and having survived, your fear of being inadequate lessens. I am a wounded healer who has spent a lifetime trying to teach others how to accept their past for what it was and to use those life lessens to create something more beautiful than what once was. Excellent book!
  •     Always a good read!
  •     Honest great book
  •     This book helped me understand and work through my history - I live happier freer and fuller now because of this book.
  •     I really liked this book, I only read it because I was curious. As many people here, I too have had a bad childhood. Abandoned in a catholic orphanage at age 3 until 11....then in an abusive foster family. As a child I really never knew what it would be like to be loved and belong to a family. But I am now 62 and have my own family. It is amazing how wonderful my children have turned out. I have had a counselor tell me that lit is not possible to have a wonderful family after a childhood like mine. But I will say "Through Him anything is possible" I have been married for 40 years. I have to say I put many of these principles from this book to work. I never had a victim mentality. I decided at 18 after I left the foster family, that I would not look back and I am now in charge of my own life. But I was angry with God for allowing me to go through that type of childhood. Now looking back I can see how He was there for me. I will not get into detail. But the book has many good ideas that I can honestly look back and say I did that and things worked out for me. If you had a bad childhood I would highly recommend it.
  •     I have battled to understand the symptoms of Bad Childhood in those closest to me for years without realising the underlying cause. This book clearly articulates the situations giving rise to these patterns of behaviours, and how they go on to manifest in adult life, as the wounded child facilitates the intergenerational transferrance of the pain onto the innocent parties surrounding them. This book has been a godsend to me, and I trust will be similarly to others. It is a revelation which has allowed me to discover that I am not insane, as I previously imagined myself to be.
  •     I bought this for someone who really found it helpful
  •     This is a poorly written book. It is full of filler and childhood antidotes. *Barf* The fact that this is a best seller really shows how far down the bar is.

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