The Heart Way: A Journey from Corporate to Care

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Press:Orren Stewart Pr Orren Stewart Press; 1 edition (February 28, 2006)
Author Name:Ingram, Shannon


Millions of baby-boomers now or will soon face the challenge Shannon Ingram confronts in this book about her struggle to cope with aging parents. 
This drama is being played out in homes across America, where 35.9 million people were over age 65 at the end of 2004.
On the corporate fast track for decades, Ingram put her career on hold in 2002 when it became clear her elderly parents needed her help.
The Heart Way is a deeply personal recounting of Ingram’s adventure in eldercare and her inner battle to let go of her marketing career with all of its perks.
She takes the reader along the humorous, authentic and enlightening path, leaving eight “footprints” – qualities that served her well on the journey – that anyone can follow when faced with similar challenges integrating business and family issues.
Chuck Martin, best-selling author of several business books including "Net Future" and "Tough Management," says, “This personal journey is highly entertaining and informative for successful corporate achievers who are transitioning into caring for elderly parents…Surely many others will be facing this same type of journey and this book can prepare them for what may lie ahead.”


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  •     It is so hard to think of our parents not beeing able to do the things that they use to. Shannons book made me feel like I'm not the only one going through this. Her story is a story that is real, true life experiences, and what life is all about. You get to know Shannon and her family, that they are just like me and my family.I loved the inspirational quotes and the Eldercare resources.
  •     The Heart Way, A Journey from Corporate to Care is filling a big need for information about care giving solutions for our parents and loved ones in the autumn of their lives. With an engaging, humorus style, the author takes us on her pathway of callenging decisions met with sensitivity and compassion. It seems that for her parents Marianne and Jack, as well as Shannon and her husband, this turned out to be a "win, win, win, win" journey. And, for the reader, the book is a big "WIN" as well!
  •     Shannon writes about a very serious subject with great ease and delightful dollops of humor, which is most necessary when dealing with the task at hand. The greatest thing a mother can do is to be able to stay home and raise her children so isn't it wonderful to be able to reverse the rolls and take care of our parents in their "Golden Years" What a concept! Shannon writes with a huge heart. There is a special something in this book for everyone.
  •     I was up until the wee hours reading this book - Shannon's story is very moving and entertaining, to boot. It is a well-written account of a life-changing experience that many of us are going through and will continue to go through. I found it a source of comfort in dealing with my own parents and I highly recommend it to anyone who may be in the same situation.
  •     This book is meaningful and relevant to anyone with aging parents. Shannon Ingram relates her personal experiences with humor and is dedicated to protecting her parents health...
  •     Shannon gives a heart felt and very practical perspective of not just caring for aging parents, but also caring for herself as she did so. How could she have possibly done so much for her parents otherwise? Her descriptions of the emotions she went through as she left a high energy, demanding corporate world and went to the even more demanding role of caring for others are detailed and moving. And the stories of the up and down path her ego took are told with delightful humor. This is an easy read about a difficult subject. Read it, learn and laugh.
  •     A great life tale--we all have one--told from the author's heart to my own. This is wisdom at its finest, frankest, and funniest.
  •     I kept telling myself that's me. Even though my life situation is not the same, the sentiments and advice touched me.
  •     I've been fortunate to have worked with Shannon Ingram. I watched her become an outstanding, highly- respected editor and executive. Then, when needed by her family, she switched to being a loving, caring and efficient care-giver. Everyone can learn from Shannon's book about how to adapt our lives and more importantly - how to face life's challenges with love, courage and strength. Her writing is a text book on caring and success in business and family.
  •     Shannon is such a gifted and clever writer that her captivating book is hard to put down. She shares, in a humorous and heartfut way, the difficult decision to follow the guidance of her heart and release the comfort and security of "corporate life". Shannon's journey is a journey that every person on the road of conscious and compassionate living experiences, in one way or another, when we have to give up the life we have to live more authentically and in alignment with the calling of our heart. Thank you Shannon for paving the way to heartfelt living and giving us the "footprints" to follow to do the same.
  •     I've added a previous review, but the Amazon system changed my ranking from 5 stars to one star, so I write now to clarify:THIS IS AN EXCELLENT BOOK THAT TRULY ADDRESSES THE TOPIC. Shannon wrote the book with true purpose, and chapter after chapter reflects that.Most of us will one day find ourselves in a similar situation. This book provides the insights (with humor) to help us address the challenge of caring for our parents while we carry on our own lives.

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