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Press:Grand Central Publishing Grand Central Publishing; 1st Printing edition (July 1, 1988)
Publication Date:1988-07-01
Author Name:Matthew White,Jaffer Ali


It is called, with deceptive simplicity, The Village. 
It is the world of tomorrow, or today.
A man known only as Number 6 enters its storybook-like confines.
He will learn, over and over again, that inside it there is no freedom, and from it there is no escape.
He is without defenses, except for one invisible weapon: his uncrushable spirit.


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     the book reveals a lot.
  •     Written in the 1990's, this companion guide to the TV series "The Prisoner" is a must. Well written, with lots of keen insight into each episode. Not only summarizes each episode but also interprets meaning behind the plot action, symbolism, and more. One of the best!
  •     Saw original TV show in 60s,AUSTRALIA,always thought related to Danger Man. Interresting to see insights to show, how rover came about, and the "futuristic thoughts" of the day. An interresting read full of what ifs! yet still clear as mud answers to base line of show.
  •     Awesome book to have for any Prisoner fan. This book is better than the new mini series.
  •     That he had problems with intimacy on the set of his tv show The Prisoner. He never did kiss any pretty lady on the mouth on his tv show.
  •     For thsoe who liked the series and want to know a littlle more about it this book is it. But it is not to much more than a reference book in my opinion and can put you asleep if...
  •     The late 1960's television series "The Prisoner" was something of a cult classic at the time, and is still selling in its DVD incarnation.
  •     The book breaks down each episode so if you've seen the complete series then you can skip about 2/3 of the book. The remainder of the book gives an analysis of themes that are repeated in the series: defiance, escape, and even Number 6 being seen as a Savior of the village and society. Neat read if you want to read more into the series.
  •     Superb TV series in the day and absolutely great to be able to revisit it in full. A timeless classic!
  •     a book explaining the making of the British TeleVision series of a spy sent to a retirment island only the same spy stuff keeps right on happening and how he deals with it and the...
  •     This has been a favorite book of mine, as it is a comprehensive study of the series. It was necessary to order a new copy, as the original was lost on an airplane; the copy arrived in excellent condition. The series is one of the most provocative to ever air on television anywhere, and this book includes discussions on the debates and issues that have been a part of this series in one way or the other.
  •     If you're a new Prisoner fan this is the best basic text available. Its where you should start your Prisoner appreciation journey. (If you're an old prisoner fan you already own it and must be terrifically bored to be reading this review.) With new fans in mind this is your beginners Prisoner Bible. You start with the series itself and branch out from there. This should be your first info volume. With a synopsis of each episode, trivia, script insights and information, lots of good photos, lists of cast and crew, an interview with Patrick McGoohan, and more its both interesting and an uncomplicated, pleasurable read. You won't be disappointed with it, with out it you'll be at a disadvantage if you try gathering facts on your own. Why reinvent the wheel? Its simply a must have for all Prisoner aficionados. And its a cost efficient way to get your feet wet before spending more money on things that aren't nearly as informative and that you might well be disappointed with.
  •     Interesting book about The Prisoner and some of the possible meanings of the allegorical aspects of the show .

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