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Press:Sterling Pub Co Inc Sterling; 1st edition (October 3, 2005)
Author Name:Foreman, Jonathan


What does it mean to be a patriot? This U.S companion to the runaway British blockbuster, The Pocket Book of Patriotism, will tap into our national pride. 
Written by distinguished journalist and historian Jonathan Foreman along with George Courtauld, the author of the original, this small but richly informative timeline highlights key moments in U.S history, and simultaneous happenings abroad.
More than just a list of important dates, it provides memorable quotes and speeches from major figures, excerpts from patriotic songs, and specific U.S.
facts and trivia.
From the Revolutionary War to Ground Zero, from "Give me liberty or give me death" to "I have a dream," The Pocket Book of Patriotism is instructional and inspirational for every citizen.


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  •     This book contains a lot of the basics, from our founding documents to important speeches. It serves as a compact quick reference for folks who are already familiar with American...
  •     This is the best book on our country and its boiled down to an hours reading- exceptional quality and information.
  •     According to the book jacket, this book "retells the thrilling story of America from an unabashedly traditional, proudly patriotic point of view." The book contains speeches, songs, poems, and more that were written in honor of the country. The book bills itself as being "free of political correctness of any stripe," and it does deliver on that promise. As far as retelling the history of America, it falls a bit short. This is a short book, and it cannot contain all the speeches and documents from American history. I just was disappointed in some that were left out.Washington's farewell address to his men? Not in there. Reagan's "Tear Down This Wall" speech? Nope. Jefferson's "Wall of Separation" letter to the Virginia Baptists? Absent.The Declaration of Independence is included, though it is only excerpted. It's really not that long a document-I'd have liked to have seen the whole thing. Surely there was room. The entire Star Spangled Banner is not included, either-just the first verse. Nobody remembers the rest of the poem anymore.But the hazard of doing a short book like this is that things will be left out, and everyone will be upset about some document or song that is not included. I did really appreciate the timeline of American history, with events in US history listed alongside what was going on in the rest of the world. I think that is a valuable resource, and one that many Americans would do well to pay attention to. The flag code and etiquette is also something that many forget about, so its inclusion is appreciated-I just wish that the history of the flag had been included in the book, rather than just having selected flags appear on the frontispiece.On the whole, this is a good book. I think that anyone who is studying American history will appreciate the things that are included in the book, and those who are looking for a basic book on American patriotism will not be disappointed.
  •     This is a compact "encyclopedia" of American History and a great gift item for history buffs or just to keep as a quick reference book.
  •     We use this book DAILY in our homeschool! This book is actaully a very thorough timeline of world history, not just American history.
  •     In 2005, The Harris Poll conducted a survey that showed less than a quarter of American citizens had a basic--and I do mean basic--understanding of how the federal government is...
  •     This book is a breath of fresh air in a time when it seems everyone is publishing a book on patriotism that is actually just a thinly disguised xenophobic and often inaccurate...
  •     After visiting my sister and reading her copy, decided it was one we had to have in our library. I recommend it to anyone who is remotely interested in our history and for any student who is studying American History. Excellent book and a great gift idea.
  •     Parents, are you concerned that your children are not being taught the valuable lessons of patriotism and the rich history of America?
  •     I really wanted to like this book; I truly did. At a time when too many Americans define patriotism to include encouraging our enemies to defeat our troops in battle so they can...
  •     At the end of 2008, I attended a public lecture by the former US Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O'Connor at a local college. One concern she raised in her speech was the fact that Americans are more and more ignorant of civics. She referred to a survey that revealed that a large number of Americans, including college graduates, could not name one of the sitting US Supreme Court justices. However, an equal or greater number knew the names of the judges on American Idol. The audience burst into a loud applause in agreement.The Pocket Book of Patriotism is a tribute to America's "contributions to humanity, the eternal optimism and energy of her people, [and the ideals] ... in which successive generations of Americans have placed their faith" (p.5). It lists important dates and events that define America from the pre-colonial times to the present. The list is interspersed with memorable quotes from different American personalities. I enjoyed learning little facts such as that a Haitian immigrant founded Chicago and that Morocco was the first country to official recognize American Independence. The former fact makes one think of how fortunes have reversed for Haiti; the latter is rather surprising given the current air of mutual suspicion between the Muslim world and the West, including the USA.As a matter of organization, the book has two parts. The first part chronicles American and world history. Part 2 reproduces, in whole or in part, texts essential to American life. Together the two parts represent a significant and good civic lesson, especially for young native-born and/or new immigrants. Highly recommended.Amavilah, AuthorModeling Determinants of Income in Embedded EconomiesISBN: 1600210465
  •     I actually had one of the books already, but one of the Senior girls, who attended Girls State in California, was going off to Cornell University and I wanted her to have this book for references, she is going to study Political Science. This is a wonderful book, so full of information and I just wish that there would be a reprint so I could give more of them to young people. I used to be the Editor of a local party newsletter and found this book invaluable to my work. I am the Chairman of the Girls State Program in my local American Legion Auxiliary, in Valley Springs, California. Unit #102Thank you for good service. Kirsten Anderson.
  •     This thin book's compact brevity is its strength, and its weakness.As the title indicates, it's a "pocket" book. The thirty pages of quotations of speeches and documents ("Patriotic Texts and Essentials") from the Magna Carta to President Bush's "Forward Policy of Freedom" have been edited and trimmed down to the most inspirational passages. It's thin gruel compared to anthologies such as Caroline Kennedy's "A Patriot's Handbook" and Leon and Amy Kass's "What So Proudly We Hail," but it crisply delivers highlights.The book opens with 57 pages of chronology, paralleling events in American and world history. The 31 pages of documents follow. Readers should not skip the editor's short opening essay that usefully distinguishes between "patriotism" and "nationalism." Foreman challenges those who think that patriotism undermines a wider understanding of humanity, making the telling point that "love of your own country and countrymen is a prerequisite to genuine affection for foreign people and places."-30-

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