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Press:Andrews McMeel Pub Andrews McMeel Publishing (April 2, 2003)
Publication Date:2003-4
Author Name:Regan, Patrick/ Kelly, Becky (ILT)/ Wilson-Kelly, Becky


Imagine magical scenes where nature embraces wee critters, soft light fliters through enchanged forests, and ethereal fairies doze on dew-dappled leaves. 
Welcome to the watercolor world of artist Becky Kelly.Some believe that fairies are all around us, if we only have the eyes to see the.
Watercolor artist Becky Kelly shares her fairy world with us in her gift book Fairy Kisses.
In this uplifting verse, readers are encouraged to "believe in what you cannot see ...
and maybe then you'll see it." That's the power that the fairies give to us ...
the power to believe whole-heartedly in what we can't see.
What are some of the magical things that fairies do?"; They paint the grass with morning dew and light the stars at night"; just for starters.
Loads of kisses and wishes come your way in this charming little book.


Arts & Photography,Painting,Watercolor,Self-Help,Personal Transformation,Religion & Spirituality,New Age & Spirituality

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Comment List (Total:9)

  •     ...part of a series of little books. Love the simplicity in the words and the wonderful illustrations. Happy to have found this to add to the others!
  •     This book is a children's book and ideal for any little girl who loves fairies. Becky Kelly's illustrations are charming and seem so right for children. The cover of the book I had was green with a centering of fairies amidst the center. If your looking for a book that you can wrap and just make that simple gesture with silver wrapping and a pink bow, then this is the right book for that. It is a very pretty book andthe illustrations are those children would love.
  •     The illustrations are delightful, precious, enchanting... But the text is not written for very young kids.Example:"Perhaps it's that we've grown too old to welcome mystery. We've grown to trust our eyes too well, and forgotten what's behind..."I don't think my 4-year-old niece will get much out of that.
  •     Darling book with super cute illustrations, my daughter loves to stare at the fairies sweet faces.
  •     This whimsical book is so sweet, and so glorious. If you like the enchanting world of faeires, or you enjoy her beautiful work with watercolors, this is a must have for you, and everyone on your gift list!!
  •     Great
  •     I thought this would be a children's book, and though I'm certain some children would enjoy it, it seems better suited for older children and adults who once upon a time loved the fair folk."Why do we find it so hard to believeIn things we cannot see?Perhaps it's that we've grown too oldTo welcome mystery."And I happen to be one of those adults. When I was a child I loved fairies--I drew them, dreamt of them, and planned to become one when I grew up. Over time, however, that passion waned. Reading this sweet poem, coupled with the lovely complementary and simply styled watercolor illustrations (image on left with two lines of verse on right), rekindled that passion.One thing to note is that this book speaks to the truly young fairy lover inside as it doesn't in any way touch on the fair folk's darker proclivities. Still, it's a wonderful dose of nostalgia.
  •     Recentl read this one at a friends office. The art work alone is worth the price of the book. The author/artist presents her subject as it should be presented, innocent, nice and, well...just pretty. I was particularly impressed with the author's presentation of various wild flowers..granted, they are an artist's impression, but are actually quite accurate. This is just a nice, sweet book, well illustrated and well written. Good for young and old alike and a great message. Recommend this one highly.
  •     Fairy KissesI love this book. I've looked at many books on the subject but most were the artist's idea of fantasy. Becky suggests they may actually co-exist with us. I purchased it for my grandsons to re-introduce them to the wonderful world of fairies. My wish is that their minds may stay open to the belief that we share our world with many creatures, whether we see them or not. They love it. The book is truly magical.

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