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Press:Berkley Pub Group Berkley (August 3, 2004)
Publication Date:2004-8
Author Name:Roberts, Nora


#1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts presents three of her favorite Irish stories—together in one volume for the first time.SPELLBOUNDA bewitchingly beautiful lady casts a thousand-year love spell on the man of her dreams—and unleashes a nightmare that only true love can conquer...EVER AFTERAn ancient star pendant sends an enchanting woman to an otherwordly land—where she introduces a skeptical stranger to the magical powers of love...IN DREAMSA beautiful young woman is drawn to a castle in the forests of Ireland and becomes the link to a stranger’s past—and the curse that has trapped him forever in the eternity of his own dreams..."Spellbound" previously appeared in Once Upon a Castle"Ever After" previously appeared in Once Upon a Star"In Dreams" previously appeared in Once Upon a Dream 

About the Author

Nora Roberts is the #1 New York Times bestselling author of more than 200 novels. 
She is also the author of the bestselling In Death series written under the pen name J.
There are more than 500 million copies of her books in print.


Romance,Gothic,Anthologies,Literature & Fiction,Short Stories & Anthologies

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  •     This is to address those who are complaining about the reprints and not knowing that they are reprints. I could be wrong, but I do believe that the cover says "Includes three of her favorite Irish stories: Spellbound, Ever After and In Dreams." So...if you've already read these titles, you should know that this book has nothing new to offer you. For those who have not read these titles, you get three books for the price of one. What more could you ask for?
  •     I liked all of the stories in the original "Once upon..." series but if you have already read that series than you aren't getting anything new in this book.
  •     A little bit of magic has three Nora Roberts stories together for the first time all set in Ireland. This alone makes this a must own for any Roberts fan. Than the stories come in!Spellbound is about Calin after many sleepless nights he realizes he has to travel to ireland there he comes face to face with a women who is so familar it's scary. Bryna says she's loved Calin forever and he needs his help to fight an evil that could keep them apart. Calin doesn't know what to beleve but he knows he wants Bryna.Ever After is my favorite Allena can't do anything right. The family screw up she somehow ends up in trouble. Trying to make it back to her job she ends up shipwrecked on island with Conal. Conals knows that Allena is there because she's his destiny but can he face his fears so that there future will be together?And Finally In Dreams--Kayleen finds herself alone with a man who can only have her for awhile and In dreams3 Great Stories that celebrate Love and a Little Magic!
  •     This book needs more meat. The stories are so short that the characters never get a chance to really develop. It's like reading a short story in a magazine. It can be entertaining, but it's not like reading a typical Nora Robert's novel. I was disappointed.
  •     Romance, magic and love, the woman knows how to write about it all. I can't wait to read her upcoming books.
  •     Great book. 3 stories in 1 book. Makes you believe in the magic of love. Nora Roberts is such a clever story teller.
  •     love her stories
  •     I love Nora Roberts, but these three mini stories had very little meat to them. It's hard to fall in love with a book when you're still getting to know the characters as you...
  •     I loved this story when I first read it years ago.Upon re-reading, it wasn't what I remembered.
  •     ok
  •     The stories were very good when they were first printed in various books, but it would have been a lot better if there had been a notification that these stories were reprints. Since I've already read them, it makes you feel gipped that they were listed as a new book.
  •     Not up to Nora's usual standards ...
  •     Have always enjoyed her work
  •     All of these stories are good!!! However, if you have read her Once Upon a ... Anthology series don't get this book. These stories are consolidated from those books. A Little Fate which is about to be released is the same way!!!! I am a fairly detail-oriented person and still I only noticed a second before I bought it.
  •     "A Little Magic" by Nora Roberts contains three enchanting tales of magic and love. These stories are quick and easy reads, and are perfect for brightening up a gloomy day!"Spellbound" tells the story of Calin Farrell, a successful photographer who travels to Ireland on a whim. He ends up drawn to the ruins of a once grand castle, and there meets the beautiful Bryna in her storybook cottage. What Calin doesn't know yet is that he and Bryna are part of a thousand year spell that can only be conquered by true love. Calin must give his heart freely to Bryna, or the evil wizard Alasdair will triumph, and Bryna will become his. This is a lovely, fanciful tale, with lovable characters and an exciting storyline.In "Ever After" we meet the absent-minded Allena, who can't seem to find her place in the world. She is drawn to an island with a little help from some magic, where she meets Conal, a handsome recluse. Allena is swept away by her feelings for Conal and falls madly in love. But Conal, who has been told that it is his destiny to pledge his devotion to his one true love on the shortest night of the year, refuses to accept his feelings for Allena. Conal refuses to have fate control his life, and in the process may be throwing away his one chance at happiness! Conal and Allena are both vivid, rich characters, and their tale of magic and destiny is sure to please readers."In Dreams" is my favourite of the three stories. Flynn has been sentenced to an eternity trapped in a half world of dreams, with only one week every century in which to live. Five hundred years into his sentence, when his week is just beginning, Kayleen Brennan, the dark-haired beauty who haunts his dreams, shows up at his door in the middle of a storm. Flynn brings her in and tends to her, and as the two spend time together, the ever-sensible Kayleen begins to see that there really is magic in the world. The romance these two share is both passionate and tender, and will surely warm readers' hearts. At the end of his week will Flynn trap Kayleen in his half world just to keep her with him, or does he love her enough to set her free? Read it and find out - you won't regret it!This anthology is a truly enjoyable read. It brings a little bit of fun and fantasy into a world that is often far too serious. I highly recommend this book, because sometimes all our lives really need is A LITTLE MAGIC!
  •     I read all three of these stories and enjoyed all of them. They were true Nora Roberts- romance, magic, a hint of mystery or some wierd problem. These are not formula romances by a long shot.Truly fun to read. In the first story, Calin travels to Ireland with no real reason as to why. When he sees Brynna, he realizes why he came. As they learn to work together and as they fall in love they face many problems that most couple don't face.The second story, which was my favorite of the three, Conal is a loner and likes it that way until Allena gets lost and shows up at his home. An enjoyable story with magic and love and more.The third story was my least favorite of the three, but any Nora Roberts book at it's worst is better than many romance books at their best. Kayleen must learn to love a man who can only have her 'in dreams' and how to conquer this unusual problem.Enjoy.
  •     A great book by Nora Roberts as always. This one contains 3 short stories that are all captivating and keep you reading.
  •     Enjoyable, but not as adventurous as usual. Yet, I will always be a die hard Nora Roberts fan.

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