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Press:Harpercollins Avon (September 25, 2007)
Publication Date:2007-10
Author Name:Cox, Josephine


Davie Adams wasn't quite an adult the night he lost it all. 
His mother gone forever and his father on the run, Davie knew that he could no longer stay in Blackburn, the only home he'd ever known.
He made his way to London with little more than the shirt on his back, desperate to escape his haunted memories and sure that he could survive anything.But life on his own is not what Davie expects.
His search for his father proves fruitless, and the loneliness eats away at him.
Anxious to reunite with the people he left behind, he returns to his anguished grandfather and his childhood love still pining for him in Blackburn—where he discovers that only his own fears can keep him from learning the truth about what tore his family apart.

About the Author

Josephine Cox lives in Bedfordshire, England, and is the number one bestselling author of nearly three dozen novels.


Literature & Fiction,Women's Fiction,Contemporary Women,Romance,Historical,Contemporary

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  •     At the tender age of fourteen, Davie Adams's life is ripped apart. His mother's loose ways leads to a series of events that leave him homeless after his she dies in his arms. Grief-stricken, Davie makes the decision to leave Blackburn and go in search of his father.Davie could have returned to his grandfather's house but he can't imagine remaining in Blackburn and having to endure the pitying looks and talk about his mother. After his mother's collapse, Davie runs for help and finds Tom Makepeace. They get his mother situated in the back of his wagon and are getting ready to head to the infirmary but she passes away moments later. Immediately afterward Davie jumps from the wagon and runs into the woods. Everyone assumes he'll return. Tom even yells into the woods for Davie to come to his home when he's ready that he's welcome there. Davie has other plans though.He does go to the Makepeace's home but it's only to spend the night in their barn. He hadn't expected anyone to see him but Judy, Tom's daughter and Davie's longtime friend spots him from her window. She goes out to see him and reassures him that his mother's body is taken care of and his grandfather will be just fine. Judy realizes that Davie has to do what he feels is right for him but she also knows that her feelings for him have gone beyond friendship.Davie leaves the following morning with nothing more than the desire to leave his memories behind him. Life on his own isn't everything he thought it would be and his search for his father proves fruitless. For years Davie travels and holds many different jobs but through it all Judy and his life in Blackburn remain firmly at the forefront of his mind.THE LONER is sure to pull at readers' heartstring. Spanning over an eight year time period, you get a lot of insight into the characters' personalities and backgrounds. I love that Josephine Cox doesn't focus solely on Davie and Judy's story, there are many other characters who possess stories of their own which add a feeling of realism to this storyline. Davie's journey of self discovery is the main theme and it's a story you won't want to miss. Josephine Cox is a gifted storyteller who knows how to keep readers engrossed page after page so that the doldrums of winter just disappear.Chrissy Dionne (courtesy of Romance Junkies)
  •     This author was recommended to me by an English lady because of my love for Catherine Cookson books. I was hoping for more, but found the book mediocre and I will not read this author again. The book wasn't awful, I just wasn't into it.
  •     The LonerJosephine Cox - perfer books without the sex and language - but a good plot.

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