The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook: A Master Baker's 300 Favorite Recipes for Perfect-Every-Time Bread-From Every Kind of Machine

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Press:Natl Book Network Harvard Common Press (July 24, 2000)
Author Name:Hensperger, Beth


Can the incomparable taste and texture of handcrafted bread from a neighborhood bakery be reproduced in a bread machine?

From Library Journal

Hensperger's smaller quick breads book includes 100 recipes from her earlier Art of Quick Breads, now out of print, as well as 50 new ones. 
In addition to quick loaves, both sweet and savory, there are waffles, dumplings, biscuits, popovers, and a variety of other easy baked goods, along with some tasty accompaniments, such as the Fruit Salsa for her Hopi Blue Corn Hotcakes.
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From Booklist

Electronically controlled bread machines made a big splash when first introduced, and they seemed destined to be as ubiquitous as the Cuisinart. 
But many home bakers lost interest quickly when they tired of the same loaves popping out of the machines each day.
Hensperger isn't so quick to dismiss these kitchen devices, and she insists that with a thoughtful, professional approach, bread machines can both save labor and provide more bread varieties than expected.
Hensperger analyzes these machines and explains how different models work.
Most important, she shows how to vary the machine's processes to take greatest advantage of its labor savings and yet produce loaves of varying shape, flavor, and texture.
In many cases, recipes call for removing the kneaded dough from the machine for some manual shaping and for baking in a conventional oven.
Anyone who loves bread but has let one of these machines gather dust will find rejuvenated inspiration from the possibilities this book offers.
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A very comprehensive book that will appeal to the novice baker . 
as well as a seasoned pro.
--The Austin ChronicleIn The Bread Lover's Bread Machine Cookbook, Beth Hensperger has explained, with a master's touch, the simple techniques of making delicious bread in a bread machine.
--Chuck Williams, founder of Williams-SonomaMay just be the only collection of bread recipes you'll ever need.
It's that complete and thorough.
-- --Arizona Daily Star

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.

From the Back Cover

-- 300 tested and perfected recipes for making superior loaves of bread at home using an automatic bread machine-- Basic sandwich breads as well as innovative loaves using nuts, fruits, spices, herbs, grains, and other special ingredients-- American and international breads, everyday and holiday breads, savory and dessert breads, quick breads, and toppings-- Shares with home cooks the professional bakers' secrets to high rising breads with great crust, crumb, aroma, and flavor-- Fresh bread at the touch of a button; also doughs to shape by hand and make baguettes, pizza, focaccia, and more-- Includes jams and spreads, as well as stuffings and recipes to make use of fresh or leftover bread

--This text refers to the Paperback edition.

About the Author

A prolific food writer and educator, Beth Hensperger has authored more than twenty cookbooks, including titles in the best-selling "Not Your Mother's" series and The Ultimate Rice Cooker Cookbook. 
She is also the author of The Bread Bible, winner of a James Beard Book Award, and has been nominated twice for an IACP Cookbook Award.
Hensperger writes a James Beard Award nominated food column, "Baking with the Seasons," for the San Jose Mercury News.
She is a contributor to dozens of national and online cooking and lifestyle magazines.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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  •     never ordered this item
  •     Flour-splattered, dog-eared, and loved- this book is IT for bread bakers and makers. I have neglected to write a review of this book because I'm too busy using it. A fantastic cookbook for those who will never be gluten-free. I'm a bread lover and view it as 'The staff of life" just as my grandmother called it. I use my bread maker a minimum 2 times a week for both loaves baked in the machine and its dough cycle for baked in the oven. Beth Hensperger's detailed, accessible, and well-crafted book provides reliable and exciting recipes to mix up your bread-machine recipe rut. Several of the wheat and white bread recipes have already become old standbys and I love the sampler loaf section which allows you to experiment with smaller batches of a new recipe. I'm going to be taking a deep dive and working with bigas (starter dough) for artisan loaves next. I've always shied away from these recipes (too complicated, too much timing, too time-intensive) but Beth Hensperger has made it sound accessible and interesting. I'm in!
  •     Some recipes are very good.
  •     The only thing that would make this book better: measurements given in grams instead of cups. I've been using this bread machine cookbook since it was published, which means I've...
  •     We have had this book for over 8 years now, and it is the go-to book for bread recipes for us. Very easy to read and understand with a wealth of information about the different...
  •     Very good book on the subject, unless you are married to gluten free nonsense. All the recipes here, more or less, demand more, not less, gluten.
  •     Great book with lots of recipes. Only complaint is the brown ink the words are printed in. Too light for me.
  •     Perfect
  •     This cookbook has made me a successful breadmaker in quick order. I made 2 recipes that came with my Oster breadmaker recipe book, but when I received this book, I've only used recipes from it. It is 600+ pages of recipes & info necessary for successful breadmaking, even at 8500 ft where I live. The author talks about bread machines, ingredients, techniques, she walks you thru your 1st loaf, using a starter, delay timer, high altitude baking, troubleshooting & how to fix problems.The recipes are arranged as: Daily Breads: White & Egg Breads; Earth's Bounty: Whole Wheat, Whole Grain & Specialty Flour Breads; Traditional Loaves: Country & Sourdough Breads; All Kinds of Flavors: Made with Garden Produce, Orchard & Dairy; Pizzas & other Flatbreads; Sweet Loaves: Chocolate, Fruit & Other; No-Yeast Quick Breads; Jams, Preserves & Chutneys; Appendix 1: Crumbs, Croutons, Crostini & Toasted Appetizers; Appendix 2: Spreads, Butters, Cheeses & Veggies to eat with your Bread! How's that for all-encompassing!The tabs I've put in my book for quick access (I haven't bought bread since I got my machine & this book a month ago):Cuban bread, Burger/Hotdog buns, Pasta, 3-Seed WW, Pretzels, Whole Grains, Sennebec Bread, Sourdough, Pizza, Flatbread, Breakfast, Holiday, Portuguese, Quick, Cranberry Tea Bread. Favorite recipes are 9-Grain Honey Bread, Pizza dough, Portuguese Sweet Bread which I've given as gifts, whole wheat dinner rolls (my favorite for texture & flavor), Pumpkin Challah, Morning Sicky Buns (cinnamon rolls), Rose Rolls (to die for), I could go on & on.Since I'm at high altitude, I use a little more gluten, more or less yeast depending on other ingredients (read the book), & sub a lot of whole wheat flour & oat bran for health. A few recipes I won't make again: Banana Oatmeal bread tasted like sandwich bread w/hint of banana (good but not what expected), Zucchini Bread, also good dinner bread but not for dessert, & Irish Potato Brown bread was bland. But many more recipes I tried I put 4 1/2 or 5 stars next to & I'm looking forward to trying so many more.
  •     I find this book really helpful. As someone new to baking bread with a bread machine, I find the many recipes and general information in this book give me confidence.
  •     Very satisfied!
  •     There are so many easy to bake bread recipes. EEasy to read and understand
  •     To be honest I haven't tried any recipes from this book yet, and will likely update my review accordingly once I do, but I wanted to write a quick review warning people of some very confusing information about yeast in this book.I got a bread machine and all the basic ingredients for it and made a couple loafs of bread from the instruction manual, so I got this book to make some more interesting breads. The first recipe I looked at said I had to use X amount of SAF yeast or Y amount of bread machine yeast. The yeast I had been using was Red Star active dry yeast. I looked up yeast in the appendix to see what SAF (a brand) yeast was equivalent to, and, to my dismay, found a section in the book saying that active dry yeast and fresh yeast should NEVER be used in a bread machine. This was extremely confusing as active dry yeast was the yeast that my bread machine's manual said I should use for all settings except express bake.Further searching through the cookbook led me to the introductory section about yeast and it's various forms. Hensperger claims there are five varieties of yeast: active dry, fresh cake, fast-acting/instant, bread machine, and quick-rise. After extensive internet research, I have determined that this information is WRONG. fast-acting/instant, bread machine, and quick-rise are all different names for the fastest acting form of yeast. Active dry yeast is what Hensperger refers to as SAF yeast (I think she maybe got confused because most of the labelling on SAF packaging is in French?), and can be used in a bread machine perfectly fine. The only kind of yeast you shouldn't use in a bread machine is fresh cake yeast.Hopefully this information helps other readers.EDIT: I tried a number of simpler recipes from this book. I found that with my Oster bread machine the bread always came out much larger and heavier than expected from the recipe amount, as in the 1.5 lbs loaf would overflow my 2 lbs bread machine. The recipes are tasty enough, but I find it difficult to get the density right.
  •     I bought the paperback. I agree with the reviewer who complained about the font and ink. The font is too small, probably to fit in all the extraneous stuff into 643 pages. To add insult to injury, the ink is light brown. The ingredient lists are in the same typeface on a very green background. It is very difficult to read and use. I am surprised a professional cookbook writer would allow a book like this to be published, it is not user friendly. I am not sure if I even want to try any recipes after reading some of the reviews.

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