Douay-Rheims & Clementina Vulgata (English and Latin Edition)

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Press:Baronius Press Baronius Press; 4th edition (October 1, 2013)
Publication Date:2008
Language:English, Latin


The Latin Vulgate of St. 
Jerome, in the edition of Pope Clement VIII (Clementina Vulgata) was proclaimed the official Latin Bible of the Roman Catholic Church after the Reformation.
From St.
Jerome's time, through the Middle Ages, until vernacular editions were introduced, educated Catholics throughout the world were familiar with the Vulgate.
Those familiar with the Douay-Rheims Bible will know that it is one of the most beautiful and accurate Bible translations in English available today, it being a word for word translation of the Clementine Vulgate.
Having both Bibles side by side allows us to see exactly where the vernacular translation comes from.
Even those with limited Latin skills will be able to follow along, using the Douay-Rheims translation as an aid.
The result is a beautiful, captivating read.
Size: 8.5 x 11.5

About the Author

Included in this Bible are Challoner's notes, and the texts found in the appendix to the Vulgate, namely 3 and 4 Esdras and the prayer of Manasses (in Latin with an English translation). 
This makes the Bible totally comprehensive and ideal for theology students.
Owning a copy of this beautiful Bible will give you great pleasure each time you read it, and ensure that your family is familiar with sacred scripture in Latin as well as English.
Bound in leather with ornate gold blocked cover and spine.
Gilded page edges, head and tail bands and two satin ribbons.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     This is by far the most beautiful and useful bible I have ever purchased! The English-Latin side by side is very useful for study, particularly trying to determine where words have come from, such as the English word for Hell. The English of this translation could be called that of the King James for Catholics, even if it is apparently largely based on an 1899 revision for the United States. It is bound with great care and thus sturdy. It is also large a bit heavy (~5 pounds) with an ornate and dignified hard cover. I actually miss it and hope to have it on my shelf and desk again some day if I ever retrieve from my parent's house. A student, a seminarian and teachers, certainly the laity, would all find this volume a welcome edition to their Catholic or Biblical library. I can't say enough about the wonderful work Baronius Press has done with this volume, let alone the other texts they publish.
  •     Superb printing. The Latin lives through these pages. This is the original translation which can easily be evidensed in Gen 3:21 with the use of 'Heva'. Worth noting is that Challoner's notations are in the English translation, but the Vulgate is intact.This Bilia Sacra is a must have for students of Scripture. More importantly, this edition is conducive with the canonical law and protocols associated with the Rituale Romanum.
  •     I have just received my Douay-Rheims Bible and I am so very pleased with it. It came in way ahead of my requested shipment date!! And it came sealed nicely in plastic and double-boxed! It is a most beautiful Bible that will last so many generations. Thank you!!!
  •     Product is great but understand what you are getting is not the typical study bible.
  •     This is a beautiful Bible. The edition I have is the fourth impression, being printed in the Philippines in 2013.
  •     excellent
  •     This is one of the most unique bibles I have now. I've skimmed over several chapters and this book is a solid fresh, Outstanding
  •     So happy o have received this!! It looks just like the pictures and is a nice heavy vulgate.
  •     I am so excited to finally own a copy of this most amazing example of sacred scripture. Not only is it absolutely gorgeous in every way but it’s been undeniably essential for me as I advance in my study of Latin. This is by far my favorite Bible. I own around 8 or so copies of differing translations. This one I must say appears to be the closest and most correct translation by comparison and I am having a blast reading from it each day. What a lovely treasure! I recently had it blessed and I hope to have this divine tome always.
  •     Great bible! The best English translation with the original Latin right next to it!
  •     Now THIS is a beautiful bible! This is what a holy bible should look like. Simply stunning. No one can look at this bible and not be in awe at how beautiful it is
  •     It's a large book, as you would expect for what is effectively two complete Bibles.It is very nice looking, inside and out. The print is a reasonable size in a nice font, and the paper appears fairly high quality, though it is as thin as you might expect. It has two built in book-marks, appropriately placed for using one in the OT and one in the New. There are not a lot of foot/margin notes, not nearly as many as a good NASB version would have. Those notes it does have have been useful so far.The biggest knock, for now, is that the binding doesn't appear to be particularly sturdy, and while I might be pleasantly surprised over time, it doesn't look or feel like I can expect it to hold up to regular daily use and carrying around. It's much more a "set in one regular place on a table" or "pull down occasionally" sort of book (which is OK for my purposes at this time).
  •     This is a stunning Bible and I'm thrilled to have it. Merry Christmas to me! It is very well done. I speak English and French and have an absolute love of Latin (which comes semi-naturally due to my knowledge of French, a Latin-derived language). I particularly like the way this book is type-set: namely, each line is numbered and the lines are kept adjacent throughout. For those familiar with daily missals, often the prayers or readings are side-by-side however the difference between the languages can mean that the translations do not match up with the original language. As a result, it can be difficult to follow. Not so here: lines 1 are together, lines 2, lines 3, etc. etc. It doesn't matter how long one language may be relative to the other, they are always set in parallel so it is extremely easy to compare the two. It is perfectly done in my opinion. This will--no doubt--become my go-to bible for everything. It IS LARGE, so you won't be carting this around everywhere, but for any serious study, it is a must have. For any musicians looking to compose liturgical music in Latin, this will become your new best friend.
  •     Amazing Bible for the devout Catholic or for those like myself who love the history of the Bible and genuinely appreciate beautiful craftsmanship in presenting the Word of God in all of its requisite splendor and reverence. Heirloom quality in every aspect. The two-column English and Latin format is surprisingly accessible providing quick associated familiarity with little understanding of the Latin text.
  •     This is a formidable addition to any library collection.

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