.hack// G.U. (novel) Volume 1: The Terror of Death

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Press:TokyoPop TokyoPop (February 10, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-02-10
Author Name:Tatsuya Hamazaki


The odds are against them, the numbers are against them, and the entire 'world' may be at risk. 
But good will prevail...won't it? In the next exciting installment in the hack universe, the hack/G.U.
novels retell the tale of an Adept Rogue named Haseo, known infamously as 'The Terror of Death', and his hunt for the enigmatic PKer known as Tri-Edge.


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  •     I love everything .hack. A late comer to the series, I enjoy the anticipation of what's going to happen next, even though I already know!
  •     That's not just the G.U. history in novel style. The facts happen in different ways, some chats are longer and more intense and even the famous Avatars are far from what you know about them. The novel tells more about the player than the character, abot what happens in real world, the player's feelings and a lot of other thecnical stuff, that make you feel like The World really exists.Reccoment for every dot hack fans.
  •     If you've played the games, you'll find the short novels disappointing. A lot of the story is cut out or not elaborated on and everything just sort of happens out of the blue, without any buildup. Your best bet is to watch the anime (.hack//ROOTS) and then play the games in order, (Rebirth, Reminisce, Redemption) and you'll have yourself a good time. Don't waste your time with these novels.
  •     This light novel serviceably adapts the .hack//G.U. story to the printed page but can't be said to do much else.The story itself is extremely strong and the novel, written by Tatsuya Hamazaki who is the original scenario designer for the game, draws not from the game itself but from the storyboards and background used to create the game. The novel tends to provide additional detail when compared to the game, but omits certain nuances of the story that are conveyed in the games.Ultimately what drags this light novel down is the clumsy and awkward prose. Hamazaki is clearly not a novelist, or at least not a very good one, as much of his phrasing is stylistically off-putting and at times difficult to follow. This could be an element of the translation, but such an explanation doesn't make the novel read any better. Understandably, the novel also omits a great deal of imagery, opting for minimalistic descriptions which may leave those who haven't played the games scratching their heads.The book is certainly page turning due to it's fantastic, engaging, and mysterious plot but there are plenty of stylistic marks against it which raise the question if this light novel is truly the best format to engage with the .hack//G.U. story. It is still definitely worth a read, but infinitely more for .hack fans in general, and even more so as a companion to the games.
  •     Came on time and great read. I will recomend to most of my friends that enjoy the series as well.

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