The Original Amazing Trivia Facts Page-A-Day Calendar 2010 (Page-A-Day Calendars)

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Press: Workman Publishing Company; Pag edition (July 30, 2009)
Author Name:Workman Publishing Company (EDT)


Science trivia: How frequently does the human stomach produce a new lining? Geography trivia: What California town is named for President Zachary Taylor? Entertainment trivia: What future movie star's delivery in an Atlanta hospital was paid for by Coretta Scott King, wife of Martin Luther King Jr.? This is the essential calendar for trivia buffs, packed with a surprising and entertaining factoid for every day. 
Give it your best shot!


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  •     My hubby is a trivia lover and this is what he asks for every single year. He amuses people at his office with his vast knowledge of trivia.
  •     We love these yearly calendars with some amazing trivia knowledge! Throw out the sports ones, we are not interested or active in sports!! jwa
  •     This is a staple for me.I get one every year.It is full of great trivia!.It covers every topic you can thibk of!.If you love trivia like I do,then I highly reccommend this calendar for you!
  •     I purchased this Amazing Trivia calendar as a Christmas gift for a trivia buff. He said he liked it.
  •     Not sure what I would do without my desk calendar. I've purchased one the last 4 or 5 years and share the Amazing! information with friends and family.
  •     Have had the trivia page-a-day calendar for the past 3 years and absolutely love it. Fun, educational facts to share with teenagers, too. Also love the opportunity to subscribe to another online page-a-day product.
  •     I ordered "The Original Amazing Trivia Facts Page-A-Day Calendar for 2010. I ordered this for my 15 year old son who will definitely love it. He is all about trivia and participated on his school's Brain Game team who goes on TV to answer questions geared toward high school students. This will be one more way he can study for that. He currently has the Mensa Page-A-Day calendar and the two of us enjoy competing to see who can get the answer right first. I highly recommend any of the Page-A-Day calendars to anyone who enjoys learning or trivia.
  •     I write trivia for a living and for someone who doesn't get to play trivia that much it's a fun way to start the day. And, as a writer, it's great for ideas, even if I don't use the question. Regardless, gets the brain working in the morning and a good conversation piece!

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