God in Search of Man : A Philosophy of Judaism

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Press:Farrar, Straus and Giroux Farrar, Straus and Giroux; Reprint edition (June 1, 1976)
Publication Date:1976-6-1
Author Name:Abraham Joshua Heschel


Abraham Joshua Heschel was one of the most revered religious leaders of the 20th century, and God in Search of Man and its companion volume, Man Is Not Alone, two of his most important books, are classics of modern Jewish theology. 
God in Search of Man combines scholarship with lucidity, reverence, and compassion as Dr.
Heschel discusses not man's search for God but God's for man--the notion of a Chosen People, an idea which, he writes, "signifies not a quality inherent in the people but a relationship between the people and God." It is an extraordinary description of the nature of Biblical thought, and how that thought becomes faith.


“One of the most compelling books about being human that has been written in this century.” ―The Boston Globe“Prose that sings and soars in the warm, intuitive tradition of the great 18th-century Hasidic leaders from whom [Heschel] is descended . 
God in Search of Man is subtitled 'A Philosophy of Judaism,' but it speaks to all those for whom the Bible is a holy book.” ―Time

About the Author

Abraham Joshua Heschel (1907-72) was internationally known as a scholar, author, activist, and theologian. 
he was Professor of Ethics and Mysticism at the Jewish Theological Seminary of America.


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  •     Rabbi Heschel was a friend of Martin Luther King Jr. and an activist as well as an outstanding teacher and Judaic philosopher. This book is excellent and I recommend it to anyone who wants to learn about Judaism, learn more about Judaism, or is interested in philosophy in general.
  •     Abraham Heschel's writing reminds us of the mistake Christians made when they totally separated from Jewish tradition; the Talmud, Mishnah, etc. I am a Christian believer in my core, and I experience this writing on God, Revelation, and Human Response inspiring spiritual reading. It not only shows me what I have lost in my separation from the Jewish tradition, but it connects me with its deep spiritual base. I highly recommend this to all descendants of Abraham. Donald Conroy
  •     This book is a beautiful poem to our awe of God. It awakens our awareness and appreciation of a loving God. Reading and meditating on the words here lifted my spirit and connection with God. What could be more important than that?
  •     I'm really only about 80 pages in, but already I'm surprised to learn about the passion, joy and depth of the Jewish faith ... and it's renewing my sense of wonder, joy and the sublime. Heschel is a deep fellow, so this isn't a quick read. My path has me following Christ and we'd diverge there, however we share the same God of Abraham and Isaac. His writings are incredibly full of grace while drawing clear differences between Jewish thought and other systems in the world. It doesn't read like a textbook as the title might imply. It's very engaging and should cause any thoughtful person to stop and, well ... think. I'm already planning to read it again when I get to end.
  •     Thank you!!!!
  •     I recomend
  •     Basic, solid, good.
  •     A classic.
  •     If you have any interest in a deeper understanding of the Jewishness of Jesus, then this book will be worth your time.
  •     I love Heschel. My first foray into his works was "The Sabbath" which I immediately fell in love with. His bigger works were a little bit more daunting, but I read Man is Not Alone (which was awesome) and this one, which is known to be some kind of companion volume to Man is Not Alone. I loved them both.Heschel has a kind of writing that is very apparently typical of continental philosophers of his time. My friend, an analytic philosopher, didn't take too well to it, but his style resounded in my soul. the language is reflective, thoughtful, and pensive. It's as though you are sitting at the feet of a mystic and he is expounding his knowledge to you: not systematically, not analytically, not dogmatically, but kindly, lovingly, and experientially.I liked Man is Not Alone a little better, since it can relate to a broader audience, but there is something about Judaism that as a Christian, I am fascinated by. Knowing more about the roots of Christianity, what the people in the time of Jesus (and Jesus himself) might have believed is a big draw for me. As a Christian, I was blessed by this book and would recommend it to others. It however is not light reading, fairly thick, and definitely requires commitment. It pays off, though!
  •     If you only read one book, EVER, this is the one. The insights, the knowledge and, well it's not that difficult to read, if you apply your mind to it.
  •     This was a gift for my husband and he likes it very much.
  •     A rabbi told his students at Torah study about this book that changed his life. This book is exceptional, and is a must read for anyone who desires to see God in most thought provoking ways. Absolutely beautiful. I am so thankful to have this book and it is one you will want to pick up and read over and over.
  •     This was my first experience with Heschel and Jewish philosophy...kind of like diving into the deep end before learning to swim...but I thoroughly enjoyed his insights and greatly appreciated his facility to condense profound ideas into understandable, pithy sound bites. As a Christ follower, I think I came away with a deeper respect for the Jewish way of looking at God's word, life and history. Perhaps more importantly, I have a more informed empathy for their complex spiritual journey.Completing God in Search of Man will take endurance. It is not only lengthy but thought-provoking. Don't rush through it but savor it's wisdom and allow it to enrich your personal perspective.
  •     Abraham Joshua Heschel emerges as man whose every thought or action is viewed as it affects his relation to God and his view of God's commandments. While it is not my view, but it is interesting to see how a man of faith and justice is guided by that view and leads to a life of exemplary service to all humanity.
  •     I underlined almost all of it though it is missing the acknowledgment of the ultimate truth the Jewish Messiah, Yeshua.
  •     Complex and often frustrating but good enough to make it worth it

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