Bionicle #1: Rise of the Toa Nuva (Bionicle Graphic Novels)

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Press: Papercutz (June 10, 2008)
Author Name:Farshtey, Greg/ D'Anda, Carlos (ILT)


Six mighty heroes – the Toa – arrive on a tropical island to find a land under siege. 
The Great Spirit Mata Nui has been cast into an unending sleep by the evil Makuta.
Now Makuta is attacking the island's Matoran villagers with vicious Rahi beasts.
The Toa must combine their skills and elemental and mask powers to defeat Makuta and restore peace to the island.
In the second story, The Toa return to the island named for Mata Nui to find it is being overrun by mechanical insects called Bohrok.
These Bohrok have been unleashed by Makuta and are rapidly destroying trees, mountains, rivers, villages and anything else in their path.
After a long, difficult battle, the Toa are able to defeat the queens of the swarms and end the Bohrok threat … for now.
During the fight, the heroes are transformed into Toa Nuva, with new armor, new weapons, and new Masks of Power.

From Booklist

The arrival in graphic format of the Bionicle series, Lego’s massive saga of cyborgs who defend a tropical island from evil, is sure to be hailed by its fan base as the second coming, which wouldn’t be inappropriate given the book’s themes. 
With its mind-tangling twist of religio-mythical cosmology, painfully complex Maori-based names, and an array of characters with nearly indistinguishable personalities, no Bionicle installment is recommended for the uninitiated, and this is far from an exception.
This mixture of furious action and dialogue is so ripe with portent that nonfans might actually be turned off from ever reading again, but the undeniable appeal for boys between the ages of 7 and 12 makes this a must-have for the libraries that serve them.
Originally printed for the Bionicle Club, the book’s combination of specialized vocabulary and bursts of action makes for an irresistible invitation to that group of classically reluctant readers.
Not that the readership will particularly care, but the small format hampers the exceptionally precise and vibrant art.
Grades 3-6.
--Jesse Karp


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Comment List (Total:13)

  •     My 5 year old son loves it.Who wouldn't like a nicely illustrated book full of robots action? :)Recommended.
  •     I made the mistake of not reading some of the other reviews; don't do the same! The binding falls apart in one to two days. This is a total shame. The kids love these books and I didn't pay attention to which ones were paperback and which were hardback. The one hardback that I purchased (book #9) seems to be holding up well, and I wish I had purchased all of them as hardbacks. In fact I consider the lost money as a lesson in reading reviews and item descriptions. The kids love these books so much, I have since purchased them again but in hardback of course. In summary, do not buy the paperback!
  •     good book for boys. my son loves the heroes factory toys, and the book stimulates his creativity and build the toys in different ways.
  •     Love the origin.
  •     We ordered this and had to return it because it completely fell apart. Amazon exchanged it for us, but the new one fell apart as well.
  •     Who doesn't have a young teen boy these days that hasn't heard the words "Toa Nuva", "Bionicle", and "Masks" in the same sentence?
  •     I bought this item for my son's birthday and after reading through it once, the glue on the binding fell apart and all of the pages fell out.
  •     After looking almost everywhere, I finally found the Bionicle Comics that I always wanted.The pages do start to fall out shortly after first going through it, but if you hold it carefully it really doesn't matter. The artwork sure brings memories of this wonderful saga. I recommend it for any Bionicle fan.
  •     Ever imagined a world of robots? I did too, and it was certainly for me! In this book there is a world of robots who are small and are called Matoran.
  •     I got this book for some younger friends of my son we were going to visit after a 12 month absence, and was embarrassed to see the book disintegrate into pieces over our 2-day...
  •     8-year old liked it a lot.
  •     I bought and received this graphic novel around two weeks ago and I love it! I used to read these comics as a small child and it was great to revisit Mata Nui and all its inhabitants after so many years. The hardcover edition is small enough to fit in a backpack or good-sized purse, and the artwork is fantastic! I found that the story, particularly the ending, was not as amazing as I remembered it to be, but that's okay. These comics are meant for entertainment and promotion of the Bionicle products, not to be as deep as Watchmen, Superman: Earth One or other big-time comics. If you can, buy the hardcover edition. I've read several other reviews of this and its subsequent volumes that the paperback editions don't have very good binding and fall apart easily (the hardcovers are not that much more expensive anyways). A total must have for any Bionicle fan!! 4/5!!
  •     I've been a Bionicle fan since I was very young, and I kept all of the comics from 2003 onward. This reprint series is a fantastic way to fill in the gaps of your collection, or even replace it all with hardcovers in fewer volumes at almost the same size as the original!

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