ESV Compact Bible (TruTone, Charcoal, Crown Design)

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Press: Crossway; Box Lea Cp edition (June 4, 2009)
Author Name:Not Available (NA)


Ideal for travel, theESV Compact Biblefits perfectly in your pocket or purse. 
It includes features such as a presentation page, double-column format, and a ribbon marker.
This Bible will be a favorite of anyone who likes to take God's Word wherever they go.
Features: Size: 3.9375" x 6" 6-point Lexicon type 1,056 pages Black letter text Double-column, paragraph format Ribbon marker Smyth-sewn binding Lifetime guarantee Packaging: O-wrap

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Now made in the USA with a lighter weight paper! The durability of the Waterproof Bible gives you the freedom to take God's Word with you anywhere - fishing, backpacking, hunting... 
with worry free confidence that your Bible will withstand the test of time.

--This text refers to an out of print or unavailable edition of this title.


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Love the this bible. It's beautiful, lays flat while open and is the perfect size to use at home or take with you.
  •     This review is for the ESV TruTone, Charcoal, Celtic Cross Design, Red Letter Text, Thinline. Amazon combines ALL the reviews together, so make sure you are reading reviews for the bible you are interested in. If you wanted a review for the translation - you could read it for yourself online for free and make your own choice - an online review should be for the things you care about like binding, cover, text size, options and so forth, right?Bearing that in mind, this thinline is going to be the same as ALL the ESV thinlines, but with alternate covers.Binding and cover- Crossway does guarantee their binding, the bibles are stitched, but the cover is not leather or bonded. "Tru-tone" is code for "paper back." Zondervan calls their paperback bibles "Duo-Tone." It's a great look, feels great - but will react the same way all paperbacks react to folding, elements or water damage. It will last you, but just be careful and be aware. If you are buying real leather or bonded leather you'd know - cause the price would be a lot higher.I wanted a good thinline and I was glad I picked this up - it's thin! And I can't imagine the font being much bigger than it is. The paper isn't too thin and there is just enough packed into this bible to make it useful: Tables, weights, concordance and maps. Highly recommended. And like I said, if you want to know more about the translation - look it up and read the reviews from true theologians (not amazon reviewers).
  •     bible cover was upside down please make sure the new one to replace it is right side up with the bible contents, If they are all that way do not send another one. that was creepy
  •     Looks great, I own a KJV as well but its honestly a huge pain in the ass to read. ESV is best for anyone who wants to really study the Biblical texts and absorb what is written.
  •     The Bible arrived, and was not as new as they said it would be. It wasn't even the same bible in the picture.
  •     I'm pleased with the service and the product, which was exactly what I anticipated from the description.
  •     A great piece of fiction. If you like books about incest, violence, and intolerance towards people of other beliefs this book is for you.
  •     I bought 10 of these bibles for a men's prayer bible study group o we could all use the same reference.
  •     I was looking for a decent, non-paperback ESV Bible and this was one of the least expensive and I liked the color and design of the the cover (Trutone, Midnight, Flame). When I got it in the mail I was pretty pleased. It looks and feels nice and I am surprised it is only 11 bucks on Amazon. The pages are easy to read and the typeset looks very clean, simple, and modern. There is even a nice concordance in the back which might be useful for some people. It doesn't have red-lettering but that's why it's so cheap I guess. Also, the size of the Bible is not as compact as some of the pocket Bibles out there, but that's the tradeoff for having easily readable print. As I said, the Trutone cover is nice, but of course won't be as durable as genuine leather. For the money, this Bible has a pretty good value, I like it a lot.
  •     Love it, just wish the writing was a bit larger.
  •     This Bible has all the features listed including the 8-point type. It's a great Bible, but I found the 8-point type a little hard to read.
  •     It us a lot smaller than I thought, since it's called a large print Bibke. The print is actually tiny. Not much bigger than the print on an iPhone, which I am using to write this review. If that is large, it's hard to imagine small print! I do t know I'm picture helps, but it is a tiny, but very beautiful, Bible. I put a quarter on the page in the hopr it will help see the size.
  •     In the last two or three years, I have been steadily returning to an active Christian life. This culmination of this quest was joining a local church last October. During this process I have been re-evaluating Bible translations since many have been released since I last active in church (this was in 1998-99). I settled on the English Standard Version (ESV) after using the second edition of the New Living Translation, Holman Christian Standard Bible and the new Common English Bible. I ended up choosing the ESV because it is faithful to the original manuscripts, has impeccable scholarship, and is responsible in using horizontal gender-sensitive language. This means that if the original is sensitive towards gender, the ESV renders it as such; if it isn't, then the ESV follows suit. Now I had to find a suitable copy for the journey. I had brought ahardcover text editionof the ESV in 2002 and used it for a bit of time, sticking with the New Revised Standard Version. I never liked the layout and the binding was not good. After looking in a brick and mortar bookstore I settled on this thin line edition. Amazon's price was better than other websites and brick and mortar stores in my area. The ESV text used is the 2011 update (I was concerned about ending up with an older text as I wanted this Bible to last; the ESV was originally released in 2001 and underwent some minor revisions in 2007 and 2011).There are several things I like about this edition. The first is the size and binding. The Bible is about an inch thick at the spine, making it easy to carry to church and use for Bible study, general reading and devotions. The font size seems to be a nice 9 point size. I also like the fact there are no cross-references. Personally I find them to be distracting and they clutter up the page. The binding has been improved compared to the hardcover text edition I brought in 2002. That binding was a glued mess. In comparison the binding for this Bible is sewn with premium bonded leather. There is a bookmark ribbon that helps to your place in scripture. The cover is plain black; the back contains the name of the material with the ISBN number.With I like these things, there are a few nitpicks. Let's start with the spine and gilding. The spine contains three references to the ESV. There is an acronym, logo and the name spelled out. This is overkill (see picture below). I have Bibles that have the name of the version listed only once. I don't see why Crossway is doing this. The gilding is pretty nice. However halfway from the bottom from the bottom there is a small spot about the size of a pencil eraser. It is a small blemish, but noticeable (see picture below). Another nitpick concerns the page layout. While I like the font size for the text, the font size for the notes is another matter. It is small to see and hard to read. I wish Crossway would make it a little bigger. The biggest nitpick I have is with the red lettering. In some spots in the gospels it is a nice firebrick red color. In other parts the color is more like pink salmon. This makes it hard to read in church. Crossway should ether switch to a constant color or drop them entirely (I opt for the latter). I was so concerned about this issue that I recently went to a brick and mortar store thinking that maybe Amazon got a bad batch of Bibles. It seems that it appears to be an issue with this Bible generally. (See the pictures below.)Overall this is a nice Bible with a translation that is probably among the best we have. I recommend for personal use and gifting. I also recommend it for those who are interested in learning what this whole Bible thing is about. If Crossway would fix some of the issues outlined above, it would be better. However I tend not to focus on these things; instead I focus on the message it contains. In any case it has become a part of my life since I brought it two years ago. I'm confident this Bible will continue to serve me as I push on towards eternity.The pictures attached to this review show the front and back of the box. The front and back are also shown. Since I got this Bible I have got my name engraved on it. This will not on your copy you order. The spine and the gilding are also pictured. There are also two page samples that show the different red letting colors and the size of the notes. I hope they are helpful.
  •     First I'll say the font size is yet a bit too small for my eyes, affected as they are by inflammation due to autoimmune disease. But this is not the fault of the publishers, so I certainly don't hold it against them. I CAN see to read, but my eyes get tired after 30 minutes or so.This is a really beautiful Bible. The typeface is clear, and since there is nothing in the center margin and no references (other than a few inconspicuous ones at the bottom of the pages), it's uncluttered looking. I think that would be important for most of us with deteriorating vision.The pages are actually pretty thick, for onion leaf type pages, and they're r-e-a-l-l-y white. The ink is dark enough against the white pages to be very well seen. There may be ghosting when holding a page apart from the rest, but honestly, I don't see any when reading normally.The overall effect is quite nice. The clear Word of God, plain and beautiful. The ESV is a nice translation I've come to late in life, having always read the NASB for pleasure, and I'm enjoying it's simplicity.I read all the reviews, and took the negatives into consideration. Then I remembered Amazon's excellent return policy and chose to try it. I'm SO glad I did. Although it's hard to read for long periods (and that's just me), this is a definite keeper.
  •     My favorite translation. Excellent quality build.

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