The Hidden Message in the Bible

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Press: Malonia (January 2, 2008)
Author Name:Halloum, Ammar D.


Christians, Jews, and Muslims differ about Jesus. 
Muslims took the middle of the road belief in Jesus, while the Jews and the Christians took two extreme sides about Jesus.
The Jews rejected Jesus and considered him as a false prophet, and considered Virgin Mary as a fornicator and that Jesus was born as a bastard.
The early Christians including the twelve disciples believed in Jesus as a great Prophet and submitted to God the Creator as One God, which in essence is the Muslim's belief.
There are messages in the Bible about the coming of Prophet Mohammad and Islam, and that all people should believe in the Creator as One God.
So, Christians and Jews need to read their scriptures on their own to find out the clear commands of God.
There are also clear messages in the Bible that Jesus was not God, or the son of God, but only a prophet who delivered God's message.


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