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Press: DK Preschool; Act Nov edition (September 29, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-10
Author Name:Dorling Kindersley, Inc. (COR)


Crumbs Bakeshop in a Box is a unique kit that promotes reading and baking together as a family. 
This kit introduces of a new picture book series about the lovable character, Lolly LaCrumb and her many sweet tooth adventures.
With cupcake decorating stencils, measuring cups and toddler safe -in-the-kitchen recipes; Crumbs Bakeshop in a Box is the perfect activity for those special afternoons a child can share with friends, parents or grandparents.
AUTHOR BIO: The simple instruction wipe-clean recipe cards and measuring cups help make baking with a young child trouble-free.
Lolly's adventure is brought to life in kitchen with the use of the cupcake decorating stencils inspired by characters in the story.
Simply hold a stencil over a fresh baked cupcake and let little bakers enjoy sprinkling a favorite topping to create their own perfect cupcake! Crumbs Bake Shop in a Box was developed by Mia Bauer, founder of CRUMBS(r) and first time author of Lolly LaCrumb's Cupcake Adventure.
Adults and chidren will enyoy baking everything from cupcakes to pies to brownies and cookies-each guaranteed to deliver the tasty magic only a CRUMBS' creation can offer!


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  •     Do not be fooled by the pretty book, pink cover, and happy children. The CRUMBS Bake Shops chain do not deliver cakes as ordered and do not take responsibility for their own mess-ups. This book is advertising for a product that isn't worth the money it costs. Don't buy the book and don't buy from Crumbs Bake shops. Don't waste your money. Buy beware!
  •     I bought this book for my brother's children, after learning about Crumbs Bake Shops in NYC. The kids loved the book and it provided a fun activity.
  •     My assistant introduced to me to Crumbs Bake shop and have been a fan ever since. She absolutely adores cupcakes and baking so I thought this would be an ideal gift for her for the holidays. I hope she loves it.
  •     What a fantastic idea. A well written, gorgeously illustrated story book and then a bonus!!!! Recipe cards and measuring spoons... all in a magnetic closure box for storage! This is a gorgeous gift for a young baker. Everyone knows CRUMBS for their fantastic treats and the owner Mia Bauer has outdid herself! The price-point is right on (come on... under $15 how can you go wrong!) I love this item!!! Perfect holiday/birthday gift!
  •     My sweet mom bought this gift for her 4 year old grand-daughter for Christmas, and we have all three been disappointed with it for various reasons:The book was missing (probably no big loss as I'm sure it contains spelling and grammar mistakes).Every recipe that we have tried to make together has had discrepancies between the ingredients list and the directions. For example, Lyle's Lemon cookies call for baking soda in the directions, yet there is no soda in the ingredients list. Several recipes have this problem. The recipe for the birthday cupcake and the crumbs cupcake is exactly the same. Directions are badly written.It comes with pink measuring spoons which are flimsy and one of which is a one-half tablespoon measure...wha?While it's supposedly marketed to little girls, following the recipes included with this product includes the use of a double-boiler, knowing how to separate eggs, etc.It has the potential to be cute, but because of the insultingly poor quality it ends up just being a big disappointment. [...]
  •     Works Great!
  •     I have had Crumbs cupcakes several times and was excited to have the recipe. I have to say that the recipe was not reminicent of the actual Crumbs cupcakes. I doubt the recipe was even tested. The recipe for the "Crumbs" cupcake had salt listed as an ingredient yet it wasn't included on the back of the card in the directions for making the cupcakes. The card said it makes 6 large cupcakes. I used the largest muffin papers and pan I could find and it made more than 1 dozen of the largest cupcakes I've ever seen. The recipe for the cream cheese topping wound up topping 13 cupcakes very generously and I still threw away enough to cover probably another half dozen or more. The recipe is very wasteful. As I said, I highly doubt they even tested the recipe.

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