882 1/2 Amazing Answers to Your Questions About the Titanic

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Author Name:Brewster, Hugh/ Coulter, Laurie/ Marschall, Ken (ILT)


Questions and answers present information about the building, passengers, launching, sailing, sinking, and rediscovery of the Titanic. 
Includes illustrations, archival images, and step-by-step diagrams.

About the Author

Hugh Brewster has written several books for children and young adults. 
You can visit him at www.hughbrewster.com.Laurie Coulter is a children's book author who specializes in historical nonfiction.
She lives with her husband in Toronto.
You can learn more about her at www.lauriecoulter.net.Ken Marschall is a painter who is best known as the world's foremost creator of Titanic artwork.
You can see more of his paintings at www.kenmarschall.com.


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  •     For kids or adults, for the nominally curious or the Titanic buff alike, "888 1/2 Amazing Answers..." will give you all you need to know about the ill-fated Titanic... plus one-half extra.Though it's not quite as thick as I thought it'd be (I figured, maybe, 888 pages? Try under a hundred~), this book is chock full of all the trivia and little known facts about anything you could possibly want to know in regards to the Titanic. It's mostly aimed at kids, what with its grade-school presentation and low quality paper cover, but it's fairly witty and smart enough to wow even those of us over the suggested age of "8 and up".Considering I can't even name even 8 things about the Titanic that don't involve James Cameron or an actress with old lady makeup all over her face, a trivia book with 888 or so actual, verifiable facts is a pretty good deal for under $10!
  •     My 9 year old is obsessed with anything and everything pertaining to the Titanic and was spending a lot of time on youtube learning about it. She loves learning facts about what happened, how and why so i thought this would be great for her. When she got it she was screaming and crying because she was so excited. She read the whole book in four days and would come to be with wowing facts that she was so thrilled to learn. I often still catch her reading it and i still see her little eyes light up with amazement while doing so. I am so glad i bought this for her. If you are interested in learning about the everything pertaining to The Titanic you should not pass up on this book.
  •     The seller we got this book from was awful about shipping it out - we ordered it on the 9th of Dec and it didn't even get here until after the new year! :( I had ordered it as a Christmas present for my 11yo son, so that was a total bummer. However, the book itself was a treasure of information that my kid just eats up! He spends hours reading through all the information in this book and has honestly enjoyed the tar out of it. A fantastic find for the Titanic lover as the information within is written in a great format of interesting paragraphs rather than simple (boring) Q&A.
  •     Grandson is obsessed with this ship. Great gift
  •     Great resource well laid out
  •     Very informative book for all ages
  •     I liked it, and it DID answer all of my questions, it was interesting and almost seems surreal.
  •     I saw this book at the exhibit in Pigeon Forge when we toured and kept thinking about it after we left so upon our arrival home, I decided that it really would be a good book to...
  •     I love this book, but then again I'm a Titanic enthusiast. It's really interesting!
  •     got this for our 8 year old grandson who loves Titanic anything.
  •     The best, best Titanic book we've gotten. My son is almost 8 and he loves fact books, this has had him well entertained. Very informative and tons of photography I had never seen. Highly recommend to anyone wanting to know more about the Titanic!
  •     I love this book so much.
  •     Amazing!
  •     Last year, we took our 6-year-old to the Titanic Museum in TN. When the guides learned that he is a big Titanic buff, some of them quizzed him on Titanic facts. He ALWAYS knew the right answer, thanks to this book! One of the guides told me that if I were to get one book about the Titanic, it should be this one. I told him, "We already have it -- how do you think my boy knows all these answers?"What's great about this book, for adults and children alike, is that it's well-researched, doesn't repeat old myths, and has a very easy-to-approach format. Kids can get overwhelmed by the sheer amount of background, history, and narrative in the Titanic story. This book breaks the story down into interesting, accurate, bite-sized facts that allow kids to put the pieces of the story in place by themselves. Besides, kids love to show off their knowledge of trivia tidbits!Of all the many Titanic books my boy has, he returns to this one again and again. Although now, thanks to other Titanic books, he will correct the title -- the Titanic has been variously cited as 882.75 and 882.9 feet long. I told him that, with all that riveted steel, it certainly expanded and contracted by an inch or two depending on temperature inside and outside the hull, and whether it was in dry dock or in the water. That seems to satisfy him that it's not quite wrong to say it was 882-1/2 feet long.Highly, highly recommended for any young -- or even not-so-young -- Titanic aficionado.
  •     My son has recently become infatuated with the Titanic. Anything that makes him want to learn is a win in my book because it means he'll want to read about it. And until recently, reading was his kryptonite.He requested a few different books about the ship, and I happened to find this one along the way. And I'm so glad I did. It had information in it that he hadn't yet learned.It's a good sized book, maybe a bit heavy for a 10 year old to be carrying to school, but chock full of information and a high quality printing.
  •     882 1/2 AMAZING ANSWERS TO YOUR QUESTIONS ABOUT THE TITANIC is just what the title implies: a trivia book. It's primarily aimed at pre-ads but trivia buffs in general should enjoy it. I was especially struck by the careful attention the book paid to the difference in breakfast offerings between first-class and the lower orders; despite the large gap I certainly could have managed on "second-class" fare during that opulent era! Recommended.
  •     My son was so excited to get this book. He is 12 and loves anything about the titanic.
  •     Entertaining and educational book, very recommended.

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