Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice

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Press: Aspen Publishers; 4 edition (November 24, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-11
Author Name:Sullivan, Charles A./ Walter, Lauren M.
Edition:4th Edition


Employment Discrimination: Law & Practice, Fourth Edition provides  lucid discussion of difficult and complex legal problems. 
This timely resource explains laws, rulings, and requirements and delivers thorough legal analysis plus tried and tested practice materials.
Moreover, it shows you actual discrimination litigation solutions to difficult and ambiguous problems.
You will find comprehensive coverage of topics such as: Disability Law Developments Sexual Harassment Religious Discrimination Continuing Violations How discrimination is defined What is the duty of "reasonable accommodation" in disability discrimination How to successfully talk to, understand, and cross-examine a statistical proof of discrimination expert witness With this all inclusive, practical two-volume set you will learn: How to prove and defend against sexual harassment claims How to recognize the distinguishing theories and methods of proof Who counts as disabled for purposes of the ADA And much more! Employment Discrimination: Law and Practice has been updated to include coverage of the latest developments, including: Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009, modifying the strict limitations periods for all antidiscrimination statutes for adverse actions that affect employee compensation Gross v.
FBL Financial Services, radically revising the standard of causation for ADEA cases by reinstating the determinative factor test Ricci v.
DeStefano, redrawing the boundaries between the disparate treatments and disparate impact theories, thereby rendering employers at greater risk for liability under one or the other theory Meacham v.
Knolls Atomic Power, substituting Reasonable Factors Other than Age analysis for the more traditional business necessity/job relation standard in ADEA disparate impact cases Crawford v.
Metropolitan Government, expanding the notion of protected conduct under the antidiscrimination laws to bar retaliation for participation in internal employer investigations


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