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Press: Dafina (December 1, 2008)
Publication Date:2008-12
Author Name:Banks, L. A./ Due, Tananarive/ Massey, Brandon


Some evils are so great that they transcend death.
In Brandon Massey's "The Patriarch," a young writer travels to the hushed backwoods of Mississippi, where dangerous secrets surface as a generations-old feud comes to bone-chilling new life.
The souls of the mistreated always find a way to be heard.
In L.A.
Banks's "Ev'ry Shut Eye Ain't Sleep," violent visions haunt a man--until he's handed an opportunity to right the wrongs of the past and prevent unspeakable acts from occurring once again.
When horrors are covered up and lost, our ancestors must find a way--even in death--to tell their tales.
In Tananarive Due's "Ghost Summer," ancestors haunt the nights of two children.
And when a grisly discovery is made, these ancestors will make their mark on both the dead and the living.
"Massey ventures into areas unexplored by most other black novelists.
The result is artful and stunning." --Chicago Tribune "Tananarive Due is creating classics." --Tina McElroy Ansa "Banks's writing is lush and detailed, fully bringing her characters to life (or unlife), weaving a complex world of Good vs.
Evil with its own intricate hierarchy." --Fangoria Magazine

From Booklist

Three well-known thriller writers employ the novella to depict people learning more about their roots than any sane person would want to know. 
The undertone all three share is cautionary: listen to your elders before you try anything to the slightest degree dubious.
In Banks’ Ev’ry Shut Eye Ain’t Sleep, a young attorney prepares to dispose of his grandmother’s property, only to discover that it was much more valuable and necessary than she could have imagined.
In Brandon’s Massey’s Patriarch, a young writer returns to the family home in Mississippi to find an old feud coming back to life and to learn that not all of his forebears were fully human.
In Tananarive Due’s Ghost Summer, ancestors haunt the nights of two children, which leads to the revelation of an old wrong.
Fun to read and good models for nascent genre practitioners.
--Frieda Murray


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Comment List (Total:15)

  •     Definitely the writing style I've come to love. I only wish the stories were longer. I was left wanting more.
  •     Three great stories that keep you glued to your seat and anxious to turn the page. Many new twist and turns in stories leaving you breathless until you get to the stories' resolutions. I was left want more.
  •     I was very lost. I am so sorry i didn't like this book at all. I wouldn't recommend it to anyone.
  •     One of the Best Writers of this generation.
  •     The stories were ok. I was a little disappointed in it. I expected more especially since I'm a Brandon Massey fan.
  •     I couldn't really follow the first stories but it was still entertaining. The entire book would be great for older teens and adults.
  •     I read reviews that peaked my interest plus I've read other works by these authors. I did enjoy these stories & it was time well spent.
  •     was am interesting read.
  •     I loved this book, I am already an avid fan of LA Banks & Tananarive Due and read almost everything they write. I have recently begun reading selections by Brandon Massey. These three writer epitomize the Black experience in this book with their influences of African American folk beliefs. Plus, they were damn good stories. I appreciate a good sci fi/fantasy/horror story that doesn't insult my intelligence and makes me want to do research on folk religions & past beliefs.
  •     This trio of stories from African American authors doesn’t exactly deal with the sins of the fathers but focuses, instead, on their legacies -those who come after, and their...
  •     very good
  •     This sister can write my book club have read every book she put out ,waiting for the next book Mrs. Due.
  •     I am a huge fan of Tananarive Due and L.A. Banks! Mr. Massey has just became a go to guy when I'm looking for a sci-fi book that won't fail me!The Ancestors! Wow, is all I can say! T. Due captured the imagination of a young boy and his sister so vividly in this story! I felt as if I became a part of their journey! I was simply spell bound from the beginning! An absolute joy! If you do read this, get ready to go on a supernatural journey because she brings it!Tananarive Due and L.A. Banks are amazing authors! In each of their books I've always been able to touch, smell, taste and feel every character or emotion in their books! I can't get enough of them!You will not be disappointed by either authors!
  •     Far too many details and over the top tales w/poor closure. You had to read nearly 100 pages of the first story to get to the plot. The ending was absolutely ridiculous. Definitely not a book I'd recommend anyone to read.
  •     The Ancestors

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