Menus and Memories from Punjab: Meals to Nourish Body and Soul (Hippocrene Cookbooks)

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Press: Hippocrene Books (August 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-8
Author Name:Sidhu, Veronica


Arranged in a unique menu format, this cookbook takes the reader on a nostalgic culinary journey through Punjab. 
It features signature village recipes like Buttermilk Stew with Vegetable Pakoras and the famous Saag and Mukke Di Roti (Stewed Mixed Greens with Corn Flatbread), as well as recipes from a Maharajah's table such as a stunning Roast Leg of Lamb and Royal Bread Pudding.
A colorful historical vignette or family anecdote introduces each menu, bringing the culture and cuisine of Punjab alive for readers.

About the Author

Veronica Sidhu spent thirty years at the side of her Punjabi mother-in-law in kitchens and communities in India and the U.S. 
After a busy career as a high-school guidance director and pioneer in the Punjabi Sikh community of New Jersey, Sidhu began teaching Punjabi cooking in order to raise money for scholarships in her grandson's memory.
She resides in Scotch Plains, New Jersey.


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Comment List (Total:17)

  •     Perfectly laid out recipes with tons of stories and history from the author. Highly recommend this if you are interested in learning about Punjabi food.
  •     Definition of SUBLIME! : VERONICA'S CHOCOLATE BURFEERight before a cooking class in Rani's kitchen, I reached across the table and picked up a square of what looked like chocolate fudge....As I put it into my mouth, the chocolate touched my tongue and melted into almonds and cherries and this wonderful mass of sweetness. Ah, heaven!It was my introduction to the Indian sweet Burfee! But how did Veronica come up with this amazing candy? I reached out to take another piece and discovered that half the plate was gone......did I do that? And she made it in only 12 minutes? Impossible! Now how do I take the rest of the plate with me? Veronica seeing the look on my face promised she would make some more for me to take another time.Well, true to her word, one day after a lunch filled with more amazing recipes she had prepared for my welcome, she produced a box of chocolate burfee and told me it would last up to 6 months in my freezer! Hah! Little did she know! It was so delicious that first one piece then another slipped out of the box into my hands and mouth! In less than a week I had promptly eaten everyone in every way possible!I have made fudge in my lifetime but never did it taste "sublime" before. Yes, that recipe is in Rani's cookbook. (My copy is here at last! ) Her mango rice pudding!? I usually hate rice pudding, but after 3 bowlfuls, I promptly and unabashedly asked to take all the leftovers home! Do you get the idea these recipes are amazing!?Yes, this is a cookbook unlike any other....and here I am a simple American girl in love with Rani's Indian cooking. Now all my friends will love these recipes as well. They are simply extraordinary!I urge you to buy this cookbook and I guarantee you will be licking your fingers as you read!
  •     Before I even finished reading my copy, I ordered this book as gifts for friends. One was born in India, but unfamiliar with Punjabi-style cooking. And reading is what I did with this book - it is so much more than a a cookbook. For those who are nervous about cooking with unfamiliar spices, the stories will convince them to try the recipes. Those who find the punjabi seasonings already familiar will find a treasure trove of easy to follow recipes.
  •     made a couple recipes and loved them. my boyfriend is from India and said it tasted like he would have had back home. good explanations on things I have never used and never heard of. made cooking for him a lot easier cause he's so picky.
  •     What a beautiful book and phenomenal recipes. I love the stories and it's very heartfelt with a wonderful look into life in that part of India.
  •     it's a good book for home cooking. it has receipes that it's okay for home or a smal restaurant not for massive produce.
  •     I met the author while on a cruise recently and we became friends. This book tells her story and has very interesting menus.
  •     Books about food usually emphasize either philosophical reflection or practical recipes. This extraordinary volume is outstanding on both fronts, and it is further enriched with...
  •     This is an excellent cookbook! I have had great success following her recipes and have also enjoyed reading her stories throughout the book.
  •     I bought my copy several months ago, and I have been thoroughly enjoying this book. As others have mentioned, it is more than just another cookbook, it captures the spirit of Indian cooking with plenty of recipes set against the backdrop of Veronica's life experiences. One thing that I look for in any good cookbook is detailed recipes that can be reproduced in a home kitchen. The recipes here are clearly described, and can be prepared by someone with little prior experience in learning Indian cooking. I prepared "Cheese Squares in Creamy Gravy, Khoa Paneer" on page 91 for a party at work, and my coworkers simply raved about this recipe.This book makes a great gift, and I recently ordered a copy of this book for my friend who is battling obesity. Although many of the recipes are very flavorful and rich, there are plenty of recipes here for someone who wants to make tasty, healthy food.I looked for a book like this for a long time- I'm delighted I found it, and it carries my highest recommendation.
  •     Well written, easy to follow. Like the stories also. Good job of explaining
  •     Love Indian food.
  •     As everyone has described this is more than a cookbook. i bought this book to cook healthy punjabi meals for my family. what i found was learning about a culture with familiar values. what i learned from Veronica is that she truly lived her life with sikh values of treating all humanity as one .I learned from her more than cooking but about a family a mother in law and daughter in laws beautiful relationship something i share with my own motherinlaw. God Bless you and your family and for all the wonderful recipes and stories.
  •     This is the only modern Punjabi cookbook I own and the only one anybody really needs for hearty, honest, "down-home" Punjabi food. A perfect beginner's book as well as a book full of heartfelt family reminiscences and culturally significant detail, anybody can cook from this book and end up with a dish that tastes as if they had a Punjabi "Auntie" hiding in their pantry who did it for them.Incidentally, I am also perennially fascinated by the ways foods become instruments of cultural cohesion or cultural exclusion. My love for Punjabi food began many years ago when, as a young girl, my friends and I were able to draw simple lines of connection between Punjab and its foodways and some Syrian and Lebanese foods I'd eaten growing up. As a result, so many years later, one particular story having to do with Chicken Paprikash really struck a chord in me! Thanks, Mrs. Sidhu for a really great read!
  •     Just received my copy of "Menus" and couldn't put it down. Read right through Rani's entire memoir as told in conjunction with tempting new-to-me recipes. But this is more than a cookbook. It is the gripping lifestory of a beautiful, innocent American/Irish/Hungarian girl who goes off with her baby son to live with the family of her Sikh husband in rural Punjab, India in the mid-1960s. Learning to cope with the clash of cultures and deeply immersed in the forefront of the Easternization of the Western world movement (still so revalent today), Rani shares her wisdom garnered through a lifetime of travails. In dealing with devastating loss, she shows how to stay in the present, the here and now, that comes from nourishing meals for the heart and tummy. As she says, "A healthy body is integrl to a balanced spiritual life," and vice versa. Now, I'm off with my shopping list of new ingredients needed to satisfy my much anticiipated new taste delights, like Kewrda flavor, fenugreek leaves, rose syrup and the wonderful cardamom spices and lots of other goodies. signed -- [...]
  •     This book contains the recipes that most closely resemble those made in Punjab that I can find. I've tested a few on my Punjabi friends and they agree.
  •     This 'cookbook' reads like a story book. I have never come across anything like it! It is not just about recipes but is the inspiring and courageous story of the author's...

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