Learning Disabilities/ADHD and the Law in Higher Education and Employment

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Press: JKL Communications; 1st edition (February 12, 2007)
Author Name:Latham, Peter S./ Latham, Patricia H.
Edition:1st Edition


This 2007 book covers key legal topics - Who is a person with a disability under the ADA and Rehabilitation Act?  What accommodations are required? What documentation is necessary? How do the ADA and RA apply in higher education and in the workplace? What are the courts deciding? What about state law? How to advocate for your position?


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  •     If you want to know the legal decisions, regulations, and laws related to a specific issue touched by learning disabilities, higher education and employment, read this book. Or search for the matter that concerns you in the Table of Contents. This book starts with the basic constitutional principles of the Commerce Clause, the Spending Cluase and Fourteenth Ammendment. The laws that are specific to civil rights and disability are then discussed.Summaries of specific cases are included for key topics. A person with a learning disability can compare their situation with the cases. Attorneys can use the book to start their research. For example, there is a section about disclosure in the employment section. To illustrate that a person must tell someone in "decision making group" that they have a disability, the book describes a case where a person with mild mental retardation was fired. She marked down a VCR, then bought it herself. She told her coworkers about her disability, but not people in the "decision-making group." The court said she was fired properly. Similarly an employee with manic depression who told her sister she was "falling apart" was not covered.This book fills a major gap in the field of learning disabilitieswhich has many books on special education in the K-12 years. But this is the only one that covers the legal issues of adults. The field is fortunate that it is such a good one.

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