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Press:Thorndike Press Thorndike Press; Lrg edition (March 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-03-04
Author Name:Cindy Gerard


The sexy heroes of Black Ops, Inc., a covert private security team, sizzle in New York Times bestselling author Cindy Gerard's electrifying new romantic suspense series. 
Only two things can compel journalist Jenna McMillan back to Buenos Aires after terrorists held her captive there just months before: a rare interview with a shadowy billionaire and the memory of the dark and dangerous man who saved her....
Bad guys, bombs, and bullets are Gabriel Jones's way of life.
But he'll never forget the brash redhead he rescued not so long ago...or the passionate kiss they shared before he sent her packing....
Now, forced together by a bombing at the National Congress, Jenna and Gabe confront the urgent longings that simmer between them.
But this surprise meeting is no coincidence.
A ruthless enemy stalks them with deadly precision.
The question is...if they make it out alive, will Gabe turn his back on Jenna...again?

About the Author

Cindy Gerard is the critically acclaimed New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the wildly popular Black Ops series,the Bodyguards series,and more than thirty contemporary romance novels. 
Her latest books include the One-Eyed Jacks novels Killing Time, Running Blind, and The Way Home.
Her work has won the prestigious RITA Award for Best Romantic Suspense.
She and her husband live in the Midwest.
Visit her online at

--This text refers to an alternate Hardcover edition.


Romance,Romantic Suspense,Contemporary,Literature & Fiction,United States

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  •     I really enjoy Cindy Gerard's books they are great. The story of Gabe and Jenna was wonderful, exciting you did not want to put it down.
  •     This book features two characters dealing with various emotional scars, who are forced to team up to combat not only external forces, but also their own inner demons.Jenna is a hotshot, globe-trotting reporter who is struggling to come to terms with an event that left her questioning, on very fundamental levels, who is she and if she'll ever be able to reclaim her sense of self.Gabriel is a man scarred both physically and emotionally. A true alpha male in every sense of the term, he is take charge and intensely focused and skilled in matters of combat. He is also dealing with a profound loss, and extreme guilt and anger that have left him closed off emotionally.While less capable authors would take the aforementioned factors and use them to create a novel that is little more than unrelieved melancholy and characters who are (voluntarily or otherwise) self-centered, Gerard allows her characters to be very real, in terms of being simultaneously flawed and honorable, grief-stricken and truly funny and snarky.As Jenna and Gabe grow closer (whether they like it or not), their romance does not in any way take away from the action and danger, and the almost palpable suspense, and the reverse holds true, as well. What the reader is left with, then, is a novel that is equal parts action and romance, which is a rarity this day and age, as all too often authors allow one aspect or the other to languish undeveloped or virtually ignored while the other receives most of the attention.Fortunately, Cindy Gerard has proven that she is adept at handling everything from explosions and gunfights, to passionate love scenes and intensely emotional conversations. This is a very well-written book that is a truly great kickoff to what promises to be a fantastic new series.
  •     Love this series! This is my favorite of the series.
  •     4.5 stars....Love the series!!!
  •     Good story
  •     Great
  •     Tortured and raw. The story of Gabriel and Jenna is a tale of action and honor, love and sacrifice even as the bullets fly.
  •     Show No Mercy has a well crafted plot and a very unexpected, emotion-wrenching twist that I won't give away. It's well worth reading to find out. Gabe is a hard, detached, emotionally drained man who at the novel's commencement appears to really have nothing to live for. He's going through the motions of a very dangerous job as a Black Ops operative. His missions are dangerous and he can die at anytime, which is what he appears to want as we see into his thoughts.Jenna on the other hand is loving, warm, and caring within, so it's a bit surprising that she's so attracted to this very dark and brooding man. But in affairs of the heart, things are always complicated. When she returns to Argentina and is saved by Gabe from being blown away by a bomb, the attraction between them that had ignited months before flares to a rich burn as Jenna ventures to take a chance on this man who seems determined to resist her. Resistance becomes one war that Gabe isn't going to win when he becomes her protector from a sadist whose sole goal is to destroy her. Thrown together now by circumstances, he yields to her allure and Jenna loses her heart, but he won't give his. Taking what she can get, she still fights to understand how he can deny this good thing between them. And when her question is answered, she wishes she'd never asked. Knowing now why earning his love is an illusion, Jenna can't take hers back and still hopes he'll come to love her.In the depths of his heart, Gabe does love her, but he's afraid that he might lose his heart and soul once again if he fails to protect the woman he loves.Strong characters with personality depths; well designed and delivered plot with a major twist; an exciting, suspenseful, and great read is what Show No Mercy is.
  •     Great book
  •     Read it in a day
  •     This is a great series.
  •     i absolutely LOVE Cindy Gerard books and this series is an awesome one. I bought this exact kindle edition (2008) edition in 2011 for $5.99(print price$7.99). I felt that was a fair price for a digitalized edition of a book. I was absolute shocked when I saw the same edition I bout in 2011 for $5.99 is now $16.99!!!! I feel this book is GROSSLY OVERPRICED @$16.99!!!! Every since Amazon settled the lawsuit with the major publishers it seems like digital books have slowly risen.. This is a prime example!! If publishers want readers to continue to by their books, they need to make the prices more reasonable. Now this edition hasn't changed in7yrs, why the $11 increase? It $2 more than the paperback cersion(which I also own). Many books I would by the digital book to go along with the physical version I own. If publishers keep this up, they are going to lose business. I can understand a just released book being expensive, especially when the physical version is only on hardback, this is not such a case. I rate it 5 stars as it's an excellent book and I feel an author should get the recognition for such. If I could rate what I felt about the publishers with the grossly exaggerated pricing it should be negative stars. With an older edition such as this, a used copy can easily be found at a used book resale store or a resale store such as goodwill. I WOULD NEVER PAY $16.99 for an older version of a book such as this and I highly doubt I would pay that much for a just released digital book that is #1 on all the best sellers lists. If this trend continues, people are going to buy independent digital books only. PUBLISHERS BEWARE. I highly recommend Cindy Gerard Black Ops series, this book and others in series. Cindy Gerard is a highly talent author in the romantic suspense/military type romance genre. I highly recommend her books and will continue to read her books whether it ends up being used resale books due to overpriced digital books or not. Authors should also beware that high prices such as this will turn people off yo their works and should consider independent publishing to keep an audience.
  •     Couldn't stop reading. Great book. Lived all the characters. Can't wait to read the rest of the Black Ops series.

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