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Press: Oceanview Pub; 1 edition (May 1, 2009)
Publication Date:2009-8
Author Name:Boehrer, Stephen


What happens when those we trust most commit the most egregious acts of betrayal? It's a scandal that has sent shockwaves throughout the world. 
Sexual abuse committed in the place where we-and our children-should be safe: the church.
As three bishops stand trial in Federal Court, charged with conspiracy for protecting abusive priests, prosecutor William Goulding and defense attorney James Kobs prepare for the trial of a lifetime.
As Goulding presents a litany of damning evidence, Kobs is forced to take an unorthodox route.
But Kobs' toughest battle will be persuading the jury.
From expert testimony about power, aristocracy, narcissism, and addiction, to the innermost thoughts of the trial's spectators and participants, this extraordinary courtroom drama unfolds as Kobs presents his startling case.
An intelligent, provocative story about power and human nature, The Purple Culture is not a book about shame, guilt, finger-pointing, or lurid details.
Part legal thriller, part psychological drama, The Purple Culture demystifies the majestic and intriguing traditions of the Roman Catholic faith.

About the Author

Stephen Boehrer was ordained as a priest in Rome. 
He left the priesthood after 9 1/2 years, and he currently lives with his wife in Wisconsin.


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Comment List (Total:16)

  •     I am almost finished reading this book. Other than editing for spacing words and punctuation, this book gives insight into the hierarchy of the Roman Catholic Church from the Pope down to the priests. This book is about 3 bishops who are on trial for sexual abuse and were moved around to cover up these abuses. I would definitely recommend reading this book for insights about cover-ups in not only the Roman Catholic Church, but how cover-ups occur in all walks of life due to hierarchy.
  •     The Purple Culture was very thought-provoking! Steve Borhrer suggests that many members of the Roman Catholic clergy live and operate within a purpe culture and are somewhat out of touch with reality. His characters are fictional but the situations are very real! His premises are so believable!Marilyn Marzolf
  •     I guess I am one of those Catholics that won't easily admit that this is a reality. I never encountered even a thought that people I knew may be going through something this terrible in there young lives. It breaks my heart to know that all men God has created are not perfect to carry on his work here on earth. We Catholics have always treasured our priest and my generation still has a hard time believing that the crimes were not stomped on by our bishops. Now our church and my fellow Catholics pay the price of their sins.
  •     This author, a former priest, gives some insight as to how the people in charge of the Catholic church think. Although it is fiction you can see that he had first hand knowledge of how things have gone wrong. Absolutely worth a read.
  •     This book provides an inside view of the pedophile crisis in the Catholic Church. It is frightening to read and begin to understand the hierarchy of the church and how it protects...
  •     I read this book because it was recommended to me by a friend but, not being Catholic, I really didn't expect to enjoy it nearly as much as I did. I really learned a lot as well.
  •     Hits the mark on much of the thinking of the hierarchy of the church. Sad but true. Gives insights as to how it is possible for this to happen for so long and continue.
  •     I just received the following note from a priest (Rev. Edward Kearns) who'd read "The Purple Culture": "An interesting book, it is theologically and essentially on the mark as...
  •     Well thought out, challenging. But, such diagnostic insights into the Catholic hierarchy requires that group write the prescription for change.
  •     Finally! Someone is brave enough to tell the truth that Roman Catholic Bishops and Priests have been trying to hid from you for centuries.It is told in the form of a Novel (fiction) but it is all true and I think I could put names to some of the "fictional" characters in the book.Well written and a great read!Shocking to those who are only Sunday Church goes.A confirmation of what we all suspected and whispered about for we who spend most of our lives involved with the Church.Every Catholic should read this book!Maybe the truth will finally set us all free?
  •     Finally read something that helped me understand how the hierarchy of the Church could be so indifferent to the pain of the abused children. It was a novel but so on target.
  •     This novel presents a frightening view of what appears to be a very real set of cultural mores. The hierarchy of the Catholic church has covered their sins to protect their own...
  •     Just finished reading it. I honestly don't understand all the gushing in the other reviews I read here. I bought the book because Amazon suggested I buy it because I had ordered Rembert Weakland's book, "A Pilgrim in a Pilgrim Church." If you want to know the real mindset of the Catholic Bishops, read it!Anyway, back to "Purple Culture." It was written as a novel, but much of it reads like a case study. Mr. Boeher, I think, has an excellent theory about why there was so much cover up of the sexual abuse crisis in the Catholic Church and he probably should have written a case study and not a novel.To me, a good novel has a few diverse characters who we get to know very well and develop feelings for or against. This novel introduces too many different characters and doesn't develop any of them significantly. I found it difficult to get through it, even though it has large print and lots of space between the lines! I felt no anger at the bishops and very little empathy for the victims.I'd suggest to Mr. Boeher that he go back and rewrite four different novels using the characters he introduced in this book and develop them much more fully.There were a few interesting theories and ideas in the book, but as a novel, it just wasn't a good read.
  •     The three Bishops Robert Courteer, Vincent Barieno and Wilbur Sandes stand trial in Federal Court for concealing the pedophile activities of the priests by constantly relocating them before the trouble can surface. The eyes of the world are upon this trial especially victims and their families who want justice in what looks like a sure shot for the prosecution.The lead attorneys from both sides know how the evidence stacks up and who is looking over each of their shoulders. Prosecutor William Goulding has all the proof on his side so will stick to the facts though he plans to make some of the truth melodramatic and emotional. On the other side defense attorney James Kobs knows he must punch holes in the facts that overwhelming goes against his clients as he must find a way to persuade the jury to acquit though everything affirms they are guilty.Although a profound legal thriller that extrapolates from the headlines, THE PURPLE CULTURE is much more. Stephen Boehrer enables his readers to look deep at the motives that drove the three Bishops to conceal the sexual predatory nature of some of their priests towards their flock. The author also provides a glimpse of how the victims have fared as well as their families. However, it is the intense scrutiny that lays bare the souls of the three Bishops that make this a brilliant tale that answers why the cover-up.Harriet Klausner
  •     As a non Catholic, I started reading this book thinking that I would probably go no further than the first chapter. How wrong I was. It held my attention completely. As the case was tried, I began to understand not only why a good lawyer would consider taking a case such as this but also why it happened. Great book.
  •     This story is a real eye-opener. It's a novel that should be non-fiction as it's right on in the analysis of the bishops.

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